Daniela G.: I read in Dietmar Fergers book “Jungbrunnenwasser” (Fountain of Youth Water) that it is not recommended “to drink alkaline activated water at the beginning of a pregnancy, as it can possibly lead to acid surges in the body from the detoxification effect which can harm the foetus”. On the other hand, it is “ideal if a pregnant woman begins at least 6 months before her pregnancy to drink alkaline activated water for the health of the adolescent foetus”.


Amalgam poisoning

Again and again alkaline activated water is brought in connection with the subject of detoxifying. There however, this connection should not be made and you should not be surprised if experts shake their heads at alkaline activated water to which such absurd effects are attributed.

Dietmar Ferger is an author who has written a long time about activated water. Next to Dr. Walter Irlacher and myself is he a coauthor of the first edition of the 2008 published book “Drink Yourself Alkaline”. The there worded statements I can sign today. On this issue however, I have a different opinion.

Many websites and books falsely claim that toxins can be flushed out by bases as well as acids. But for example, highly toxic heavy metals are even so called base builders. They can by no means be released with the help of alkali, but rather require special acids, so-called chelating agents such as EDTA or DMPS, which make heavy metals soluble in water and can be excreted in urine.


Alkaline water can, with the scope of its mineral buffering – deacidify. It cannot detoxify in the toxicological sense, unless there are poisons that are acidic in nature. These would be everyday toxins such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The topic detoxification is nowadays a playground on the Internet for amateurs who can not distinguish a poisoning from acidosis and recommend deacidification agents for detoxification.

Mercury, one of the worst poisons lurking in amalgam dental fillings slowly seeps out as a cation through acidic saliva and acidic foods. Amalgam also passes through the air, due to smoking and by improper drilling out of amalgam fillings through the intestines and the olfactory nerve to the brain.

Toxicology is a clear matter in medicine. That within this field charlatans can romp around is because very few people are actually poisoned, it is only suggested to them. Such “imaginary invalids” are also very easy to detoxify, if they take a Cat’s claw remedy, administer electric shocks or they can swallow anything magical.

Particularly popular are bio-resonance or the kinesiological box of tricks with which you can apparently documenting every healing, especially with burdens which by the same method were used before to convince the patient of being ill.

The widespread internet claims about the detoxification effect of chlorella algae are well known to me. I wonder why a living being that – as we are, unfortunately – absorb heavy metals, should also do this with a powdered preserve? Is there not rather a risk that it is contaminated precisely because it also absorbs?
Heavy metals after the uptake phase are stored in target organs and play a very minor part in the metabolism. Heavy metals are even stored in hair. The elimination there is so low that the half-life of the expulsion takes decades. I am not familiar with an investigation in which a hair analysis or a tissue sample from target organs would have improved the alleged detoxification effect by taking algae preparations or other oral agents.

About Hulda Clark’s methods of detoxification: Her basic theses of parasitism in her thick books are more than questionable. Dr. W. Irlacher does per year, more than 1,000 vital blood tests and finds more than 30-40 with parasite infections, as shown below. Mrs Clark claims the fact that almost everyone is affected. I think that is targeted scaremongering.
Nevertheless, we continue to find numerous “detoxification testimonials” in the reports of active water drinkers, which in my opinion materialised because the producers of water ionizers in their manuals suggest these as potential reactions (placebo effect).


Parasite infection blood cells

An example of such a reaction: “It looks as if an extreme detox started, even more strongly than I have experienced it when I switched to raw food years ago.” Obviously alkaline activated water has a certain “raw food” effect, because it rejuvenates aged or denatured foods.
This is not a detoxifying effect in the true sense, but the experience of converting to, because of hydrogen, an electron rich and alkaline rich intake which these water dispensers offer: Those who deacidify and energize can cope much more easily with a detoxification!
Fergers statement “that this can lead to acid flooding” when drinking alkaline activated water is likely to be more of an advertising ploy in favour of water ionizers. From the technical perspective it is in fact illogical: How should an alkaline trigger an acid tide? An alkaline can always mobilize only as many acids as it can neutralize.
Due to the low buffering of alkaline activated water no alkaline flooding in the body is to be expected, even if – what is not to be expected – all acids were neutralized, which is impossible.



Breast feeding

Now to the strange statement that one should not start by drinking alkaline activated water during pregnancy: It is known and evident that pregnant women with the additional metabolism of the foetus have a significantly higher acid load than non pregnant women. Finally, the acid residues of two organ systems must be discharged by a single disposal system. That is why it can be very useful in my opinion, even during pregnancy to begin drinking alkaline activated water. Of course, also applied here is the Drinking Water Ordinance with a maximum pH value of 9.5 (in some countries, pH 9) as the measure of all things, which should also apply in pregnancy.
It can be assumed that the electron excess of the alkaline activated water affects pregnant women and foetuses more positively than negatively. Most other drinks are oxidative and may increase in pregnant women the already existing oxidative stress.


What I can report from my own experiments is a transfer of a negative redox potential, so antioxidant hydrogen, after birth to the mother’s milk. I measured breastmilk with values between -5 mV and -70 mV. When I gave a breastfeeding mother 2 liters of alkaline activated water (pH 9.5, ORP -280 mV), the negative redox potential of her breastmilk doubled within 24 hours. More electrons for the baby!

By storing breast milk in a breast pump it loses its negative redox potential. After keeping it for about 12 hours it has the same values as baby milk powder and becomes oxidative.

Baby milk powder can have almost the same values as high quality breast milk if mixed with fresh, alkaline activated water. Read more under the heading: milk.

In terms of food quality, according to Prof. Hoffmann this could be interpreted as improving product quality. Because of my small database, these tests would have to be reviewed by a university research institute for the methodology and reproducibility and I would, at most, currently voice a private recommendation.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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