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Yesim D.: I'm confused about whether I'm drinking the right water because your statement is different than the manufacturer's. Back then it was said that you start with level 1 and after a few weeks you go to level 2 and later to level 3. Level 4 should only be used for cooking water.

  • Where you start depends less on the level you choose and more on your taste. The level is also never the benchmark unless a competent professional has properly adjusted the water ionizer to your water, including the water flow.
  • To make the situation clear to you, here is an example: If you set your device in Aachen to level 2 with a flow of 3 liters/minute, alkaline activated water with a pH of 10 comes out. If you do the same in Würzburg, the pH will be 8,5. The result always depends on the starting water, the water flow and the selected level.
  • For this reason, the symbols attached by some manufacturers next to the control buttons, such as cooking pots, drinking glasses, dough bowls, etc., are absolutely misleading, because only the actual pH value achieved provides information about the intended use of the water. Since most manufacturers don't care about the European market, these annoying images, which are tailored to Japanese and Korean soft water conditions, are an absolute nuisance and stupidity for customers.
FAQ pH value drinking recommendation
  • In order to really know what is coming out of the water ionizer, the included indicator drops are available —>pH measurement a very important utensil after the initial assembly. You can use this to determine how your water reacts to the device at which level and at what flow.
  • A value between pH 8,5 and 9,5 is generally recommended for the electrolysis of drinking water. As a rule, normal drinking water has a pH of approx. 7,5. If you raise it to pH 8,5 it is 10x more basic (10x more OH ions), at pH 9,5 it is 100x more basic.
  • Sometimes the tap water only has pH 6,5 or already pH 8,5. This does exist in some areas, but it is due to the mineral composition and not to water ionization.
  • That's why you should always measure your tap water at the same time to compare it with the drops. 90 percent of people will be thrilled if they start drinking 2 color levels higher than the water they previously drank. 10% are more sensitive and prefer to drink only 1 color level difference at the beginning. At the beginning, let your sense of taste decide where to start. But never drink activated water above pH 9,5 without a doctor's recommendation because this is not suitable as drinking water.

For the question of cooking, please read under the keyword —>Cooking.

Excerpt from the book by Karl Heinz Asenbaum: “Electro-activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential. Water ionizers from A – Z”
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