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Marcus S.: For 4 months I have been using an ionizer to produce alkaline activated water. While using this appliance, I measured strong electric fields directly at the device (approx. 1500V/m). Does this E-Smog have any negative impacts on the activated water? Since water can store information, I assume that a large quantity of the exposure goes into the treated water and therefore reverses its positive health aspects. On you website, you wrote the following (excerpt): In addition, they produce “electric smog”, where its effects on the water have been discussed inconclusively. A measurable difference in the produced activated water in terms of power supplies is not apparent.
Are there any new discoveries? Are there devices that do not generate any high and low frequencies during the operation?


I talked about this question briefly generally in part 1 of this book. Since the electric fields radiated by built-in transformers in the device were much weaker than whatever prevails at the interfaces of the electrodes, it seems likely, that they won’t have any influence on the activated water. So far, there has been no difference in the resulted water.

In the German market, for example, the appliances of Kangen, Aquion, Nexus and Ionquell are equipped with transformer power supplies. I have measured around 1 Gauss magnetic field in some. The modern appliances on the other hand are supplied with switching power supplies and therefore no magnetic field can be measured. If in doubt, these device structures are preferable, especially since they also consume less power.

The opinions about electric smog are controversial, however, there is mutual agreement, at least among scientists, that only a permanent exposure of electromagnetic alternating fields can be debatable as the cause of negative physiological effects. Since the water ionizer will be used only for a short time, the operation risk of devices with transformers compared to other household appliances, are almost not available.

In order to make the esoterics also happy, a company sells a so-called electric smog protector for your devices, but shows no effect at all according to my measurements. These “effects” were “confirmed” by using a kinesiology method, which allows you to “prove” anything you want in my opinion. Thus, my advice is not to buy any of those pseudo devices.

The information storage capacity of water is mainly restricted to temperatures between 0 and 4 degree Celsius and certain interface zones of hydrophilic neighbours, where water prepares itself with exclusion-dissolved salts to the freezing phase or separates itself from foreign particles. In the meanwhile, crystal-like structures are being formed, where basically information can be stored.

In particular, according to the researches of Gerald Pollack about the area of hydrophilic interfaces, there are also exclusion zones in normal water that are powered by radiation in the infrared range with crystallization energy required for this purpose. These floating-like crystals constructed exclusive zones have ice-like hexagonal structures, but differ clearly in the structure of the layers.

Under boundary surfaces Pollack understands interface structures, meaning a kind of adapter that the water develops, in order to interact with  different kinds of matter. Only in the area of the surface and at the edges of the container where the water is (which may be the size of a mocca cup up or up to the size of an ocean) there are actually “surfaces”. In this respect, the term “boundaries” of Pollack is somewhat unfortunately selected because many in water-dissolved substances are surrounded by – in this case – rather spheroidal exclusion zones.

As fascinating the research on exclusion zones (“EZ-water”) at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius is: It is only a vanishingly small amount of water in relation to the ever-restructuring mass of water lapping and generating the exclusion zones (” bulk water “).

It is also by no means clear whether the by Pollack illustrated EZ-water phenomena can derive their energy exclusively by infrared radiation. Pollack has only demonstrated that infrared radiation represents one of many ways to allow the water to separate when dealing with other matters.

Through pressure, resonance, sound waves and / or strong electromagnetic fields or a number of other technical measures, one can create such structures temporarily also in high temperature ranges, which is being discussed in the basic research of information science, but is not yet on the technology threshold.

One thing is certain: None of these hexagonal states dominated the physical condition of drinking water that we consume. Especially because the water drinkers in the moment of drinking, have a much stronger infrared emitter compared to its surroundings and thus the size and number of exclusive zones radically changed with every sip. Liquid water can depict “information” in very fragile and tiny structures. But each water drinkers is a much stronger eraser than anything that could be stored previously in flowing crystalline mini structures.

Incidentally, the absolute super-eraser got involved even before drinking electro-activated water: Because there is hardly a more suitable method for deletion of information in the water than electrolysis, in which all the structures that are responsible for storing information are completely torn. Think about formatting a hard disk, which only takes seconds compared to describing it. One can describe water from a water ionizer as completely cleared of information with certainty. Derive a homeopathic preparation through an electrolytic cell – if it still works then, you have to tell me why!

The health aspects of alkaline activated water are attributed to the impact of H, H2 and OH as well as the anion emigration and cation immigration during electrolysis in the cathode chamber. None of these 5 factors is influenced by external electromagnetic fields in the range of transformer radiation since, as already explained above, the field forces are incomparably higher in the electrolytic cell. A minimal interference would only theoretically be possible whilst filling up the water, however, the field forces of transformer power supplies through the distance are already so low that they are being under –and overlaid with our natural and technical fields of our unseen environment. Details about this topic and the underlying laws of nature can be found, for example, in the still fundamental book “Unsichtbare Welt ” or “Elektrischer Strom als Umweltfaktor,” both by Prof. Herbert L. König.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016 

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