Hildgard F.-K.: I want two weeks of fasting for purification. As well as alkaline water should I also take Glauber’s salt or any dietary supplement?


You should check with the doctor or therapist who monitors your fasting period. Only he or she can tell you whether laxatives such as Glauber’s salt or food supplements are useful for you, if you want to detoxify. I can only give you general advice here.

The term “detox” is a broad term used by experts which can be quite probably controversial. Some mean a colon cleansing, others include, for example, a haemodialysis as a dialysis, others even consider it esoteric nonsense (See

The fasting Doctor Buchinger introduced the term whilst fasting. He probably came into connection with alkaline activated water with Dietmar Fergers translation of Sang Whangs book “Reverse Aging”, in German “Der Weg zurück in die Jugend”. Ferger translates the term “acidic waste” to “acidic slags”.

In our joint book “Drink Yourself Alkaline” (with to Eng. Dietmar Ferger and co-author Dr. Walter Irlacher) we have in the chapter “From acidosis to slagging” coined the term “De-acidification waste” which to me still appears to be the best term because Whang’s term “acidic waste” actually doesn’t means acid, but a more or less a neutral salt which is an acid that has arisen from a buffered alkaline. However, we also expect a uric acid crystal which has arisen from a mineral buffering of uric acid, or an atherosclerotic plaque in which amino acids and fatty acids have combined with calcium to form a solid structure this also belongs to de-acidification waste. Even stone formations such as kidney, bladder, gall bladder or faecal stones can be expected depending on their composition for this de-acidification waste.

Following the lack of food intake during fasting, the low sugar supplies of the liver are rapidly depleted. After that, necessary calories for the functioning of the body are obtained by from combusting body substance, i.e.: from muscles and the fat supply. As early as the second day of fasting is fat combustion outweighed.

By abundant drinking of alkaline activated water is the degradation of acids generally supported. We have documented in “Drink Yourself Alkaline” why there are fewer “fasting crises”.

If you have generated with Glauber’s salt, enemas and similar procedures an artificial diarrhea, you have probably lost not only a lot of water, but also a large part of your friendly roommate in the intestine . Since these “good” bacteria of the colon appreciate a low redox potential, is the drinking of alkaline activated water along with a balanced intestinal flora an excellent starting point for their resettlement and the development of a healthy immune system. At least in my laboratory experiments these cheap, intestinal Omniflora cultures grew in alkaline activated water much faster than in normal tap water. If these thereby survive the passage through the stomach better, is still to be researched.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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