Gastric acid

Hendrik L.: My medical practitioner says that as soon as alkaline activated water comes into contact with the stomach acid, it is immediately neutralized and is ineffective and that due to alkaline water the stomach acidifies even more and as a result the entire intestine becomes over-acidified as well. Please shed some light on these statements.


Gastric acid

Some naturopaths read the magazine “Nexus” and in this regard are unsettled by an article by the Australian pharmacist Jan Roberts, who has made these claims. Please read more in detail under this link.

The fact is that neither the gastric pH is significantly reduced by drinking alkaline activated water in the recommended pH 9.5 range nor is the pH window for the effectiveness of digestive enzymes out of range.

Also contrary to Sang Whangs allegations, no additional acid production is boosted. The latter can, however, occur at pH values above 10.5, which Sang Whang has inexplicably recommended. This is completely contrary to alkaline activated water and is outside natural pH ranges, as is reflected by the drinking water regulations.

A so-called acid rebound, a provocation of gastric acid, on the other hand happens very quickly in case of prolonged ingestion of mineral-based alkali powders.

When alkaline water enters an empty stomach, it virtually doesn’t react. Instead the water glides away over the so-called gastric canal – quickly through the pylorus into the duodenum, where it largely arrives unmixed with the gastric juice.

Only a part of the negative redox potential is transmitted to the gastric juice.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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