Hunza water

Marianne S.: The Hunza people are ancient – ​​although they almost only drink mineral-poor glacier water. Do you really believe that mineral-rich alkaline activated water is better?

Hunza people

Hunza Rajah and tribesmen

Yes, because I stick to the facts. The high average age of Pakistan's Hunza people has not been documented anywhere. The myth comes from an ancient book written by the son of the Swiss muesli inventor Bircher entitled: “Hunza – The people who know no disease”. In fact, there is a rather early mortality there. Child mortality is extremely high, with a death rate of 30% before the age of 10, and 10% of adults die before the age of 40. (Source: Ensminger, A., Concise Encyclopedia of Foods and Nutrition. 2nd ed. 1995, p. 619)

Precisely because the Hunza at 2500 m above sea level do not have good mineral-rich water, but mainly melt water, they have become known for their relatively high-quality Himalayan crystal salt, which they consume together with the water in order to survive.

Since this mainly consists of table salt (sodium chloride) and trace elements, minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium are missing. Possibly a reason for the low life expectancy.

Excerpt from the book by Karl Heinz Asenbaum: “Electro-activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential. Water ionizers from A – Z”
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