Increased calcium content


Is there an increased calcium content in alkaline water?

Eberhard P.: In your video presentation “The Redox-Revolution” you speak of an increased calcium content in alkaline activated water. You also see this in the bottles when after some time a white sediment settles. I am really convinced about drinking activated water but is there a danger of arteriosclerosis if I drink it constantly?

  • Iron is good for the blood, but you can also make cannons from it and go to war. It is the same with calcium. You can build houses with it or prisons. The police is not to blame for the crime. In our body we have the “wonder weapon” calcium: calcium is a butter soft earth alkaline metal, that just loves to bond with acid, so it practically isn’t seen pure.
  • Limestone (CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate), for example, is a bond of calcium with carbon dioxide. When carbon acid rain seeps through limestone, it dissolves and releases, among other things, calcium into the water. The most limestone in our surroundings comes from the coral of the prehistoric seas. We do not need to buy coral calcium from Okinawa island. Coral calcium is already found in our tap water. Please note: Just because it comes from coral does it not mean that it is an organic or bio-calcium! The nature of minerals have and always will be inorganic.
  • Calcium ions build, together with phosphate ions, our skeleton or regulate the nerve signals. Calcium ions are vital. In our body we have roughly 1 kg of calcium. Calcium is the mineral that we need the most, for in a house without walls you cannot place any furniture. This is why in the drinking water supply there is no top limit. If there is too little calcium in the water, the water works are obliged to add calcium.
  • Calcium ions are also our most powerful reserve troop against the Lord of acidity. It saves the vital alkaline body environment, when the much smaller infantry division of potassium and magnesium is exhausted. To eliminate excesses of acidity, capture it with your electric ion power. But what to do with all these prisoners, if the capacity of the prison camps is no longer enough because of the year long war with hyperacidity? Each organism deals with this differently.
  • Fatty acids and amino acids captured by the calcium can contract the blood vessels, (arteriosclerosis) or lead to growths (f.e.: shoulder calcification). The fault is the over accumulation of protein and fat in the blood. In an emergency it can only be reduced with a buffer substance. The biggest one at hand as a buffer substance is calcium. So over acidity consequences are perceived mostly because of a calcium slag.
  • Calcium captured by uric acid can develop gallstones. Usually the fault from alcohol misuse or certain blood pressure sinkers is preventing the passing of uric acid, not the calcium.
  • Only when you remove the bound acids, does the calcium become a free ion and can be, in the watery solution, a wonder weapon put to good use for the body. Because of this and many other reasons 100 million people drink alkaline activated water.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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