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Sigrun F.: Should anyone use alkaline activated water for intestinal cleansing (enemas) as well?


With respect to the redox potential in the colon, there is a Russian research paper (Vorobjeva, N., Selective stimulation of the growth of anaerobic microflora in the human intestinal tract by electrolysed reduced water, Med Hyp 2005. 64 (3), pp 543-546 ), an indication that anaerobic intestinal bacteria multiply only in a potential window from -97 to -197 mV ORP. In an imbalance of the colon bacteria (too many aerobes), alkaline activated water is recommended, to drink for sure. This seems even more practical, because with a direct introduction into the colon as with a Colon-Hydromat, it is likely that only alkaline activated water with a Redox value between -97 and -197 mV will be used. The precise control of these values is likely to be as difficult as the heating process of the water, since the customary colonic hydromats do not have the redox potential friendly heating options.

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Most studies deal with the positive effect of drinking alkaline activated water on bowel functioning. There is also a Russian therapy program for the treatment of ulcerative colitis using alkaline activated water (Prilutsky / Bakhir. P.123).

Intestinal cleansing affects the environment of the colon, which at the end is always still alkaline. Upon entering the large intestine, the stool has an average pH of 5.5, so still acidic. In “advanced” countries the stool reaches then in the rectum even values just above pH 7 (average pH 6.5). Here are measurement examples from my laboratory:

Stool from (human meat eaters): pH 7.16
Stool from (human vegetarians): pH 6.45
Stool from (human omnivores with 4 Actimel® Probiotica vial: pH 6.30

For what reason should the intestinal cleansing with alkaline activated water cause the pH environment in the entire colon to rise? A premature increase of the pH value in the colon passage promotes the growth of undesirable spoilage bacteria, particularly in meat-eaters. Whose growth is effectively inhibited by the presence of acidifying Bifidobacterium. Therefore, I also dissuade from enemas with alkaline water. Water for the intestinal cleansing should be neutral in my opinion, in order to not disturb the delicate environment of the bacteria.

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In our book “Service Manual Human” Dr. Irlacher and I consider the “ad Füssinger intestinal villi bath as the best method for bowel cleansing. Rinsing and cleansing is carried out with neutral water and oxygen. The oxygen disables the anaerobic decay of bacteria most effectively. Alkaline activated water is drunk, which comes through the small intestine and not from the rectum like with an enema. With these favourable redox conditions you create a balanced germ mix, optimal for living and multiplying. To the delight of the immune system!


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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