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Ulrich K.: Japanese ionizers are usually much more expensive than Korean or Chinese ones. Are they better, because the Japanese have much more experience making water ionizers?

  • Similar to Germany, Japan is a high-wage country so the production costs in Japan are higher than in South Korea and even Taiwan, China or Malasia, where these devices are manufactured. The final assembly occurs only because of image reasons in Japan.
  • Decisive is not the production, but the engineering. Even though the Japanese manufacturers are older than the Korean ones, no technological breakthrough has been seen so far. Quite the opposite: The most expensive Japanese domestic device available in Europe in 2013, from the traditional company called Enagic® (Leveluk SD 501), has a technical feature missing; the flow through rate indicator, which is very necessary for the adequate running of a water ionizer. Also, there is no modern Flow-Change to decalcify, because in Japan they hardly have hard water.
  • Also the connection technology of Japan’s high-end device Leveluk SD 501 is for European kitchen design too primitive. There are devices from China, Taiwan or Malaysia that have modern features.
  • Also the legendary durability of Japanese devices has, in my opinion, fallen back because of the overall industrial trends. The German distribution has granted the devices of the South Korean company AlkamediTM up to 15 years guarantee, where as the competition from other countries can only offer 2 – 7 years guarantee. (Since August 2013)

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Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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