Sandra P.: On the webpage www.misterwater.eu I had 3 “secret water reports” sent to me. In the third part of the secret report it advises heavily against drinking alkaline activated water. Besides it I also found a 10 page report about ionized alkaline water, which dissuades heavily from drinking it.

  • Such exclusive information freebies can have various reasons for being sent, for example, to gain addresses of potential clients, avoiding the publications of forbidden healing statements of own products and unpunished defamation of the competition. The website belongs to the EM water technology GmbH, which is represented by the manager Erich Meidert. In the aforementioned secret report 3 it is about the evaluation of water filters. The company philosophy of Misterwater reveals itself on page 32. The company doesn’t sell a ready made filter system, but rather configures one from different filter components after the requirements needed on site.  This is also done by water ionizer suppliers.

An optimum drinking water according to Misterwater needs:

  1. Germ immunity
  2. High oscillation energy
  3. Neutral to lightly alkaline pH-values
  4. Oxygen-rich
  5. Low mineralisation availability to cells
  6. Highest chemical purity
  7. Freedom of physical contaminant information
  • On page 33 of his secret report, Meidert speaks of the improvement of the redox potential, yet doesn’t claim, how this occurs. This can be ascertained on the webpage. There we see:
  • The offered filter systems are called “Futura with organic energy”, “Futura with Joana Energy”, “Cortesia with organic energy”, “Direct Flow New Generation”, “Bio Energie”, specifically “Joana Energy” and costs (published July 2013) between 1595 € and 3199 € without installation fees. The filter change flatrate is between 179 and 219 €. Along with the filter system with a germ barrier and a separate withdrawal pipe, the systems also receives an “energy-module for subtle preparation according to homeopathy” as well as a “water Alchimator device for optimal mineralization”.
  • In addition Misterwater offers products named “Frequator”, frequency carriers between 830 € and 11.400 €, which in the shape of rings are laid around the water mains and frequency carriers in the shape of the symbol “flower of life” painted coasters made of aluminium-silicon called “Vivalisator” for 100 € to 209,25 €. Quote: “The Vivalisator can bring life back into your food and drinks, prolong its shelf life and make it an intensive taste experience”. “It transfers the stored natural and vitalising information to all drinks and foods that come into contact with it”. Since this might sound a bit odd to those who are not usually bustling through an esoteric trade fair, in the small print you can read that the facts are not accurate: “that the effect of the Vivalisator according to scientific criteria cannot be measured.” Audacious is the claim: “Foods can store more biophotons”, for biophotons are very scientifically measurable. Such a measurement is not put forward by Misterwater for the Vivalisator.
  • On the webpage http://www.misterwater.eu/allgemein/so-wird-aus-einer-trueben-bruehe-klares-wasser.html is the application of, for example, with dialysis machines a usual super fine filtration described and then executed: “The generated water and its purity can only be compared to very few natural springs”. I have to contend that. Not one natural spring has such technically pure water. Also, what for?
  • The “preparation of subtle materials” takes place with theories from Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger and George Lakhovsky, documented by water crystal photos in the style of Masaru Emoto. Water crystals don’t actually exist – they are called ice crystals – but one could have the idea that ice is completely different to drinking water. To illustrate this better please read under the article heading Töth, Ewald. Luckily here objective evidence is not missing, that none of the preparation methods lead to measurable scientific effects.
  • On the page another of his pages, now not online any longer (http://www.misterwater.eu/datenblaetter/alchimatorwasser.pdf)  you discover how the redox potential of water is meant to change with a device called the Alchimator. The Alchimator is a device in which water is swirled into a funnel shape, similar to a device called the Twister, which we have described in another section. It looks like a household blender which swirls water likewisely. Performance numbers like revolutions/minute etc. are not published. By swirling hexagonal structures, which are made up of 6 symmetrically arranged water molecules. About that Misterwater claims: “and exactly these structures are the ones that pass best through the water channels – aquaporins – of the cells.” (Page 11). This is a fairytale. Magically shown by Masaru Emoto’s pretty 6 edge ice crystal photos, the author seems to have completely overlooked that such a 6 edge cluster, which is a sign of very cold water, would be too large for the water channels in cells.
  • These water channels, which Misterwater means, so called —>aquaporins, measuring 0,3 nano metres, are so fine, that only single water cells can pass through. They don’t give —> water clusters any kind of chance and dissolve hydrogen bonds in the water, to singularly channel the water molecules in an aligned electromagnetic field into the cell.
  • On page 23 it would be: “The Alchimator delivers a neutral to alkaline water, which is still soft. The minerals, which the water absorbs during the Alchimation with the mineral ring, are big and indigestible like minerals from tap, mineral or alkaline water, instead because of the transformation of the swirling at high speeds they are small, alive and energetic.” The water swirler, as well as the swirling motion, adds minerals to the water with a mineral ring. Misterwater doesn’t specify which minerals are being dealt with and especially, why these are “big and indigestible” like “minerals from tap, mineral or alkaline water”. One would rather like to believe that water, which has worked longer than the 6 – 8 minutes in the swirler with the solution of minerals in anions and cations – natural water has had weeks to millions of years – has rather few minerals, for the full solution of minerals in water takes a substantially long time. Why certain minerals are “indigestible”, and others not, is not stated by Misterwater. Minerals are by definition a non organic material and it makes absolutely no sense to speak of indigestiblity in these terms. (Please see also Organic availability).
  • On page 19 he speaks of a correlation with chelating and believes, with bioavailability the chelating of minerals is meant. Yet chelating is a method that makes non soluble materials, like heavy metals, soluble. Alkalinous and alkalines earth minerals are, as a general rule, completely soluble and therefore appear as an ionized form in water. They do not have to be chelated at all. They are already maximally bio-available, because they already exist in an ionized form!
  • The proof, that Misterwater-Alchimator water fulfills the complete conditions of the drinking water regulations, is not delivered. Yet it is very unlikely, that in the aforementioned ultra filtered water, that from swirling with mineral rings so many minerals are continuously absorbed so as to reach the requisites of the drinking water norm. How many minerals dissolve when the swirler of the Alchimator is running for 2 minutes, what is to be expected with 8 minutes activity? Since minerals dissolve with varying speeds in water: Which ones are used first, which ones last? Is the Alchimator germ safe with its mineral rings? How does the Alchimator stay sterile? Misterwater still owes us these answers.
  • You have learnt something of the principles of the offers from Misterwater. Neither micro filtration nor swirling is new. Water vitalization from esoteric sources have a mere entertainment value and a fairytale character. One can transmit, theoretically, binary and analogue information with water, for very short intervals it can be stored in hydrogen bonds, but definitely not in the framework of drinking water.
  • Also post mineralisation for highly filtered water is very frequent. On the following webpage from Misterwater, ionized alkaline water is described as harmful: (published 28.7.2013)  http://www.misterwater.eu/datenblaetter/ionisiertes_basisches_wasser_schaedlich.pdf. The cited arguements lead to Misterwater-Alchimie, yet are polemic, illusory and the main point is based on a magical world view.
  • Next to the picture of a desperate looking man, sitting on the lavatory, Misterwater writes: “The Japanese health authorities, which recently still recommended drinking alkaline water from water ionizing devices, have distanced themselves from this recommendation, after many stomach and intestine problems arose from drinking this artificial and extremely treated water. “This is in all sorts of ways untrue. The Japanese health authorities have never recommended the drinking of alkaline activated water, this would be a highly partial statement in contrast to the rivaling pharmaceutical industry. Yet with extensive safety tests for treatment for stomach and intestine complaints it was permitted, not recommended. (Source: Bulletin of the Monitoring and Guidance Dept. of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, Pharmaceutical Monitoring Vol. 57, issued on October 19, 1992)
  • This water for medical treatment, for which doctors in Japan are still responsible, after another regulation, devices have to be produced by a certified medicinal device manufacturer. That is why most water ionizer manufacturers, at least in Japan and Korea, have the certification and produce the devices according to the determined norms and consumer protection. About the qualification history of water ionizers in Japan, please see: http://www.3aaa.gr.jp/english/alkali/hs.html or in my book “Activated Water – an invention with extraordinary potential”. In Germany activated water was named Hydropuryl® already in 1938 and was entered in the Gehes code of pharmaceutical specialities.
  • The Hydropuryl® Water was not only available in the 80’s as neutral and demineralized water but also as acidic and alkaline (base) activated water from the factory of the inventor Alfons Natterer. It’s effect was for a long time in Germany categorically analyzed and well known, before Soviet, Japanese and Korean researchers started to thoroughly go over this subject. In the USA until today no scientific explanation took place with the German invention and the activated water only found approval with Doctor Fra Albertus, who in the 60’s already tried to contact Alfons Natterer.
  • On page 3 Misterwater repeats the same fairytale of the alkaline acting lemon and fantasizes with the trend of the esoteric scene about organic minerals. (Alkaline acting foods). On page 4 Misterwater plays with the term chelation. Chelation means to make water-insoluble substances with certain chemicals water soluble. Mineral substances have to be absorbed by the body yet don’t have to be made soluble, since they already are from the beginning. Also the minerals from our organic food are not dissolved by chelation, but rather by the water in the food itself. In water, minerals are the easiest and have the least digestion effort for absorbtion, because water is the main mineral transporter. So when Misterwater writes (on page 3): “Humans are designed according to their digestive system, minerals are meant to be obtained from food and not from their drinking water”, this can only be referred to as absurd.
  • On pages 4/5 Misterwater presents chemical specialist terms: “In this alkaline water you have bonds like calcium hydroxide (= limestone… its main application is normally for mortar in the building industry or for its corrosive effect as a fungicide in fruit farming…), sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), potassium hydroxide (caustic potash), magnesium hydroxide (used medicinally for neutralising the stomach acids and as a laxative)”. Lay persons are astonished, yet the specialist is not surprised , for these substances are found in nearly all drinking water. However Misterwater did forget to include the abbreviation “(aq)”, with which you refer to substances not as salt, but rather are present in an aqueous solution and are therefore completely normal and harmless, even health promoting. Withheld is the main feature of alkaline activated water, namely the existence of an abnormal redox potential outside of the thermodynamic balance. –> Relaxation period.
  • Caustic soda and caustic potash, according to Misterwater’s strong statement on page 5, tend to “store themselves in the tissue and joints”. A truly interesting pathology, which seems to have come from the script writer of a CSI episode, yet has nothing to do with the physiology of humans.
  • From page 6 onwards the talk is about juice and weak water instead of the electron richness. This water can evoke cardiac muscle damage. The background to this I have explain under the keywords: Jan Roberts.
  • Incomprehensible is the reference of Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, a Japanese doctor and water researcher, who through his clear articles has contributed a lot to the dissemination of alkaline activated water. His work was taken on in Germany by Dietmar Ferger and extensively featured in his book “Jungbrunnenwasser” (Fountain of Youth Water, 2011).
  • The well known advocate of the exclusive reverse osmosis scene, the Frenchman L. Vincent, has unsustainable theories about water hardness, which are linked to Misterwater with a theory about the disruption of “celular redox signaling molecules”. This is based on the network marketing of ASEATM and “redox signaling molecules” is a scientifically unheard of, invented term.
  • Point 8 on page 9 is, in the light of Misterwater’s filter product range, naturally no surprise. The internal filters of water ionizers are completely insuficient with over 2000 potential contaminants. This is, first of all, pure scaremongering, for potential contaminants dont harm you, only real ones and in Germany and central Europe they are more controlled than anywhere else in the world. Secondly, when in demand of a filter you can, at any time, choose a special filter or switch beforehand. The pre filter issue is an inappropriate criticism of water ionizers. Real and more detailed filter problems I have described under the keyword —> Filter. A complete con is Misterwater’s sentence: “Exactly like with the activated carbon filters, with ionizer devices the ppm values are too high.” Briefly: There are no “too high ppm values”. The extended version of this is under the keyword —> Conductance. The faked equation of ppm values with contaminants is a typical feature of —>reverse osmosis sales persons.
  • Misterwater’s statements are in the German language the most fierce attacks on alkaline activated water. In English there are pages, which might have served as a model, for many, which so far were sales people for reverse osmosis devices and similar devices, are in the meantime have changed sides to water ionizers. There is also a battle between the manufacturers of such different systems. There they often roll up ones sleeves. Yet I have never seen an argument that starts with a man with his trousers down sitting on the loo.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016 

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