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The incorporated indicator drops that come with a water ionizer are too imprecise for me. Which electric pH-metre do you recommend?

  • Hardly any manufacturer gives the consumer more than the pH measuring drops. Strictly speaking these are adequate. To display the effect of ionization, you only have to observe the difference between the coloured tap water and the alkaline activated water with the different colour indicator. It doesn’t depend on the absolute pH value after the decimal point, instead, that the difference amounts to maximally 2 colour levels, depending on how strong you want your water. Tap water is mostly green, light alkaline activated water is blue and the stronger one is purple.
  • Teststrips are relatively expensive, since you cannot use normal indicator paper. It has to be coated so that when pulling the strip out of the water the result is not distorted by the air.
  • Electric pH-metres are cheaper and available for 20 €. With today’s guarantee rules it is not given as an accessory, since they would survive few measurements of activated water, especially in the hands of amateurs. This is the case with expensive as well as cheap pH-metres. The electrodes break quickly in activated water and they can only be exchanged in the expensive metres.
  • If you can cope with the maintenance efforts, storage in special liquids and calibrating with every use in new calibration liquid, because you want to measure exactly: you need at any rate a calibrable device with an exchangeable electrode. I have already worn out hundreds of them.
  • Never buy a combination device with a redox measurer if the redox electrode cannot be calibrated.
  • Buy plenty of bags with calibration liquid and with storage liquid and don’t forget that you always need distilled or deionized water for cleaning.
  • The best option is to buy the metre in a specialised aquarium shop nearby, where you can buy the necessary accessories again and where you have experts who are informed should there ever be a problem.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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