Stagnant water from the ionizer


Heinz O.: We have a water ionizer with a Flow-Change-System, where you can obtain alkaline activated water immediately. Sadly, first it comes out of the device warm. I want to let the water flow for a while until it is cold. Should I unplug it for this or can I let it ionize beforehand?

  • You should let the stagnant water flow out until it is cool. For stagnant water doesn’t only have more pollutants from the piping system but also stores, due to its higher temperature, fewer electrons in its redox potential. If you want to unplug it or leave it running for 1 minute, this is merely an ecological or economic question, since you might waste a bit of electricity. I would not advise to waste 1 – 2 litres of water. You can use the stagnant water for cleaning or to water the plants. I would not give it to pets. That would be mean. When flushing the toilet you waste 4 -9 litres of water. Why should you not treat yourself to optimally prepared water by “wasting” 1 – 3 litres?
  • Warm stagnant water should drain better. But for how long? That depends on the housing situation, if you live on the first or fifth floor. You can recognise the fresh water because it is noticeably cooler than the stagnant water. So just hold your finger under the tap.
  • Another possibility to reduce stagnant water, is to shower in the morning or to use the toilet flush. If you also want to let water flow through the ionizer, then it only has to flow for a short time – then you are rid of the stagnant water, which is still in the connecting pipes. You will recognise this because it is again cooler.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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