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Uli S.: Can it be that at some point, if all acid is flushed out, that the urine should transition to alkaline?


The dead do not pee. Without acid excretion I would be seriously worried about you. Acid in the urine is a very complex issue. You could, for example, be highly acidic and still have an alkaline urine.

Not all acids get to the kidney. Therefore, the urine test for the acidic diagnosis  is less useful than generally claimed. The saliva test would be wiser, although it does not show the overall situation, it only indicates a section which has manifested in the interstitial fluid. After all, a large amount of liquid and more than that little urine.

There are urine interpreters in Internet forums, that claim that a glass of alkaline activated water makes the urine even as antioxidant as a serving of broccoli. Never have I measured an antioxidant value in the many urine tests I have done, although I have been drinking activated water for 10 years. This seems to me absurd. Why should the body flush electrons voluntarily into the toilet?

The measured urinary tests ranged between +6 and 91 mV (CSE). The single antioxidant human body excretion according to my measurements were breast milk and semen, with values between -27 mV and – 78 mV. Here the electron donation makes sense, since it is addressed to their own offspring.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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