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Joachim M.: How large are the water clusters for each water ionizer you recommend?

  • The hotter you are, the larger the water clusters within you become. Because it is only you, based on your thermal energy, who determines the size of the water clusters you drink. What happened to it in the water ionizer and shown in the manufacturer's photos or graphics only lasted a terasecond and is long gone by the time you drink the water. It's very simple: As the temperature increases, the water clusters become larger until they break into their individual parts as they evaporate. Conversely, this means: up to the freezing point they become smaller and stop at the well-known hexagonal shape of snowflakes and ice crystals.
  • You have the best water cluster reduction machine constantly working in each of your body cells. Please read the keyword: Aquaporins.
  • In more detail: Water clusters (water molecule clumps, heaps, ordered collections) are geometrically ordered water molecule associations formed by hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds last about a trillionth of a second. Therefore, measurements of cluster sizes are only snapshots without any information about different hydrogenation, which one may naively imagine as smaller clusters.

FAQ Water Clusters

  • Basic activated water that emerges from a water ionizer is subject to numerous relaxation processes in which, for example, hydrogen gas escapes.
    These turbulent turbulences may contribute to the fact that basic activated water oscillates at lower frequencies than normal water during nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.
    Stable or even useful cluster structures cannot be derived from this.
  • The hydrogenation of cells does not occur through water clusters, but rather through individual water molecules via aquaporins.
    Merely freezing water results in a random snapshot of water clusters, which is why each snowflake looks different.
    However, since frozen water has no physiological occurrence, the structure of ice crystals cannot say anything about a physiological effect or even about the “memory” of water.

FAQ Water Cluster Graph

In my opinion, the faster absorption of alkaline active water into the body fluids, which can be demonstrated by thermography, is not due to the small cluster size, but rather because the alkaline active water has an excess of electrons (-100 to -350 mV CSE) compared to the body fluids (negative —>Redox potential – 7 mV to -100 mV CSE), while normal drinking water has a severe electron deficiency (+80 mV to + 350 mV CSE).

Excerpt from the book by Karl Heinz Asenbaum: “Electro-activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential. Water ionizers from A – Z”
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