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Joachim M.: How big are the water clusters in the individual water ionizers recommended by you?


Water cluster

In the electrolytic cell of each water ionizer large and small water clusters are torn by the prevailing forces inevitably apart, because only individual water molecules and not clusters participate in electrolysis. Individual water molecules are torn out of existing hydrogen bonds when they come into the vicinity of the cathode. The overall analysis for residual water in the electrolytic cell thanks to the magnetic resonance representation can ascertain that the overall cluster size is reduced when the water comes out of the electrolytic cell. When water runs out of the outlet of the ionizer do the normal rules apply: Immediately after electrolysis can mostly smaller clusters be measured, because the bigger ones still need to form. But larger ones form in a fraction of a second, before you can drink the water. Because the changing in teraseconds of the cluster structure of water molecules depends primarily on the temperature. The warmer you are when you drink alkaline activated water, the bigger the water clusters become inside you. For only you determine, because of your thermal energy, the size of the water clusters you have drunk.


What occurred in the water ionizer and is depicted in the photos or graphics of the manufacturer, took only a terasecond and is long gone when you drink the water. It’s easy: with increasing temperature, the water clusters are getting bigger, until they disintegrate into their component parts during evaporation. Conversely, this means that up to the freezing point, they are smaller and stop at the well-known hexagonal shape of snowflakes and ice crystals.

Of course I know that you ask me this because a water ionizer salesperson told you the ionizer would provide particularly small water clusters and this water would be good for you because it can be absorbed better. I regret to say that this seller is completely incompetent, because the smaller cluster size of water molecules would reduce the absorption of water more.
It is not so, as Dr. Robert Young, an American de-acidification author has stated: “The smaller the cluster, the better they can slip into the cells.” The opposite is the case! That is why our body functions at an operating temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius. Only at the prevailing higher temperature do large water clusters ensure a good water supply to the body. I still reproach this today, that I have so uncritically cited Dr. Young’s completely false statements in the book: “Drink Yourself Alkaline”. Here Dr. Young is unfortunately, completely wrong. The still not eradicated statement, that small water clusters are one reason for the positive effect of alkaline activated water, is in scientific terms still far below the statement that the earth is flat. Why?

The best water cluster reduction machine is working constantly in every one of your body’s cells. Please look up the keyword: Aquaporins.

Aquaporins are the sluice systems that transport water exclusively as a single molecule, and never as a chunk (cluster), to the cells of our body. Why should aquaporins take water molecules from small water clusters, if very large and loose water clusters at higher temperatures are available, which require less of a force to extract individual molecules?
This is simple physics! With larger water clusters less energy is required to detach a single water molecule. Smaller water clusters, that due to the laws of nature would not find their way from the ionizer to the body anyway, would be highly unbeneficial for hydrogenation.

That alkaline activated water hydrogenates cells better, is not yet a proven fact. I could thermographically show that it promotes better blood circulation compared to an excellent mineral water, but an increased blood flow does not mean better hydrogenation of cells outside of the blood. But very plausible theories could be set up:

1. First: cluster sizes play no role in the absorption of water into the blood, since prior to absorption by the blood the temperature is increased to body temperature and thus the clusters also have a temperature-dependent identical cluster structure.

2. Alkaline activated water is better absorbed by the blood compared to other aqueous solutions because it is more alkaline than blood and thus the blood and the whole organism welcomes it. It can push minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium to the impoverished organs. An argument against that, that the mineral buffering of alkaline activated water is relatively low. But it is at least twice as high as that of tap water with a total hardness of dH 16, as I was also able to show in experiments.

3. Alkaline activated water is absorbed so much better than any other aqueous solutions because the redox potential is much closer to blood (-5 to -120 mV (CSE) according to our measurements from the vein) than any other beverage. In general, the redox potential of alkaline activated water is even 100 to 300 mV lower than that of the absorbing blood. It brings a significant electron asset with it.

4. Alkaline activated water carries dissolved hydrogen gas with it. This is the absolutely indisputable minimum consensus. Japanese researchers around S. Shirahata also postulate even the existence of atomic hydrogen. Both are maximum effective antioxidants, which the body has a constant need of due to its aerobic metabolism, which is not adequately covered in many health crises and diseases.

Point 4 does not mean that water penetrates faster into the cells. For “carried on” hydrogen is much faster than the aqueous solution, to which it hangs on to in a very volatile adhesion, according to current theories of Shirahata (“Mineral colloids”). It rushes through the body much faster than water itself, which in this case one should correctly name: “waste alkaline water” because it has lost its “active component”. After all, this “residue”, which consists of an excess of hydroxide ions in the body, is more welcome than any acidic aqueous solution, which is the standard model of our current world-wide drinking culture.


Chart alkaline ionized water for water clusters

Therefore, I oppose both convincing studies discussing hydrogen supplements from the molecular-hydrogen-foundation:

1. H2 enriched saline solutions for infusion, as discussed by the, since 2007, published  work on “Hydrogen as a healing gas”. They bring no alkaline advantage and are therefore of limited use.

2. H2 inhalation applications. Because the lung is a major excretory organ for non-consumed hydrogen, as it is exhaled especially by anaerobic bacteria excess in the colon (immune system). The lung is less geared to take in hydrogen. The intestine can achieve much more here. Therefore, hydrogen-rich water is more useful there than in the lungs.

I want to again express my very important answer to your question.

More detailed: Water clusters (water molecule chunks, heaps, ordered collections) thanks to hydrogen bonds are geometrically ordered water molecule associations. Hydrogen bonds need about a trillionth of a second.


Therefore, measurements of cluster sizes are only snapshots without any kind of claim of a different kind of hydrogenation, which can be naively imagined with smaller clusters.

Alkaline activated water pouring from a water ionizer is still subject to numerous relaxation processes in which i.e.: Hydrogen gas escapes. These turbulent swirls may contribute to alkaline activated water vibrating in lower frequencies than normal water in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Stable or even useful cluster structures are not derivable.

Hydrogenation of cells does not take place because of water clusters, but because of individual water molecules passing through aquaporins. Merely freezing water leads to a permanent snapshot of water clusters, which is why every snowflake looks different. But since frozen water has no physiological occurrence, the structure of ice crystals may also not have a physiological effect or even a “memory” of water. Water, to use a statement from an earlier presentation of mine, is: “the whore of the universe”, having imposed on every event in the Milky Way. With the help of electrolysis we can force water to stay on Earth.

That’s just a picture, and some will not like it. But before I continue to reflect alone for another 12 years on how to improve this world with water, I prefer to find provocative statements. If you think something is wrong with my theory: I would love to go into detail. Here you can reach me.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016 

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