What does Microsiemens mean?

  • PPM means Parts Per Million. With a conductivity metre you can measure the number of all dissolved particles. Often the conductance is also shown in microsiemens. He says something about the amount, not the quality of the water components. 5 ppm lead, quicksilver, uranium or cadmium can be catastrophic, 1000 ppm calcium in comparison is perfect! Whoever wants to judge the quality of water with a measurement of conductance, is either completely uninformed or purposefully does not tell the truth, for to advertise —> reverse osmosis, I refer to this in another section.
  • Where does the increase in ppm come from, even though the water before electrolysis is filtered and like that the contaminants are removed? In the cathode chamber minerals build up from 2 litres of water in 1 litre alkaline activated water. Aside from some filters also adding —> calcium, because it is good for us and for the buffering of activated water. That is why it has mostly more ppm, yet fewer contaminants, which can be measured in alkaline activated water.
  • Last but not least I have to point out that with the conductance solely electrolyte, hence ions can be measured in the water, electrically neutral atoms cannot.
  • Furthermore you should consider, that the very bad contaminants like lead, quicksilver or uranium, also hormones and antibiotics in minimal amounts are very harmful. Heavy metals are measured in micrograms, whilst the good metals like calcium, magnesium or potassium are measured in milligrams, so the order of magnitude is a thousandth bigger. If a filter can remove ppm from the water, it does not mean by a long way that the “evil” ones were removed.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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