Which salt should I add to my water ionizer?


Which salt should I add to my salt shaft in my water ionizer to have the redox potential boosted optimally?

  • Whilst producing alkaline activated water you should ask yourself if you really want that. Except for people who have an extremely poor sodium diet, most of us have a sodium excess from their diet. So why add sodium chloride (salt) to the water?
  • Please also check beforehand if your drinking water provider doesn’t use an ion exchanger, which changes sodium for calcium ions, to make the water softer. Also a glance at the drinking water analysis of your water provider wont harm at all. Is there already more than 50 mg/l of sodium in the water? If that is the case, then the activated alkaline water will not really taste good with the salt addition.
  • In most cases the salt addition only to create acidic, hygienic Function water (Anolyte) is useful, which is not apt for drinking. Also you don’t need a special salt. Table salt, bath salt, mill salt or sea salt is enough. Chloride is in everything and after electrolysis works as a strong hypochloride acid which disinfects. It would be senseless to waste gourmet salts like Fleur du Sel or Himalaya salt on this.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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