Focused coaching by Dr. John Bergman | Bacteria in the small and big intestine, candida, fungus, etc.

Dr. John Bergman | Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth | Solutions for Candida and other Fungal Infections

In my opinion is Dr. John Bergman a very impressive doctor from the U.S. He has produced many similar educational videos and presents these on Youtube.

I am very happy to have bumped into these educational videos, now I am able to see and understand many health issues and their background much better. I don’t have to think anymore about these issues and am able to progress onto the next topic.

Since research on alkaline activated water is now in full swing, Mr. Asenbaum has written another book on the “Organisms in the small and big intestine” which play a crucial role. If you would like to explain the function of hydrogen in the body, then you will not be able to avoid the subject of micro-organisms in the intestine.

With this in mind, I wish you a happy intestinal flora, your Yasin Akgün.

Concernant Yasin Akgün

Yasin Akgün, origine Turque, était né à Munich en date du 22 Mai 1977. Après avoir été diplômé de Lion-Feuchtwanger-Gymnasium, il a étudié l’ingénierie mécanique dans l’université Technique de Munich (TUM). lire la suite en Biographie
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