High Intensity Training (HIT) | Dr. Mike VanDerschelden

High Intensity Interval Training with Dr. Mike VanDerschelden

Because it really fits have I placed this video presentation on the website, for it fully corresponds with my philosophy, even if I have seldomly applied it.

In my opinion I also train like this, even if rarely, I perform this training once every 1-2 weeks, yet it seems to work. I feel really fit and am nearly 40 years old.

Therefor, sport will not be the death of you, there is something to it. Short time training, for 30 seconds a day, that is a properly exerted, natural and for my part an “organic sport”.
With this in mind, I hope this presentation is as enlightening for you as it was for me. All the best from the Aqua Headquarters Yasin.

Concernant Yasin Akgün

Yasin Akgün, origine Turque, était né à Munich en date du 22 Mai 1977. Après avoir été diplômé de Lion-Feuchtwanger-Gymnasium, il a étudié l’ingénierie mécanique dans l’université Technique de Munich (TUM). lire la suite en Biographie
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