Ketogenic Diet & Cancer | Dr. Michael VanDerschelden & Dr. John Bergman

Two important presentations in one video | Dr. Michael VanDerschelden & Dr. John Bergman talk about the ketogenic diet and cancer

No bread (no flour products alltogether), no noodles, no sugar or sugary foods, but therefor a lot of fat. For whoever want to become quickly healthy or just wants to loose weight, even athletes switch over to the ketogenic diet. Especially those with cancer, epilepsy and alzheimers, in my opinion will this natural diet be beneficial to them.
The ketogenic diet eliminates water and reduces fat.

This fat-diet not only promotes the efficiency of athletes.

The body attains its energy especially from glucose and carbohydrates. This turns into glucose, which is also a form of sugar. Fat is dealt with later.

This video contains two separate presentations, one after the other. The second presentation is by Dr. John Bergman.

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