Say no to (plastic) water bottles!

Collection of reasons as to why you should not use plastic water bottles, even glass water bottles. Must this really be when it is so easy and cheap to filter almost every water?

With this post I would like to collect on site the water treatment possibilities before drinking to all people interested.

It really makes no sense to drink bottled water since so much effort is required:

  • Bottle production, cleaning, filling, transport.
  • Transport of these bottles to your home or office. Storage space for these bottles.
  • The quality of water, for water should always be flowing and not stagnant.
  • In time many more points will be listed on this post, this is just the beginning. Since the video has not motivated me in a great way I hope to start an initiative on my website.

Concernant Yasin Akgün

Yasin Akgün, origine Turque, était né à Munich en date du 22 Mai 1977. Après avoir été diplômé de Lion-Feuchtwanger-Gymnasium, il a étudié l’ingénierie mécanique dans l’université Technique de Munich (TUM). lire la suite en Biographie
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