Aquaphor filter cartridge K7, K7B with germ barrier or K5P (sediment filter)

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  • Aquaphor K7B and K7
  • Germ protection thanks to the hollow fiber membrane (0.1 micron)
  • 0,8μm activated carbon block filter cartridge with patented technology Aqualen®
  • Quickchange system Plug-in/Plug-out
  • Life expectancy: 3600-5000 liters or after 6 months (DIN standard)
  • Flow: Max 4 to 5 liters / min at about 4,0bar, (58 psi)
  • Weight: 0.53 kg
  • Material: White PP
  • Filter Dimension: Diameter 78 mm, Height: 308 mm

Types de filtre:

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  • FE_K7B
      Aquaphor filter cartridge K7 (only with the activated carbon) or
Informations sur le produit "Aquaphor filter cartridge K7, K7B with germ barrier or K5P (sediment filter)"

Aquaphor filter cartridge K7 (only with the activated carbon) or K7B with patented Aqualen® activated carbon incl. Germ barrier or K5P with sediment filter


The Aquaphor K7 water filter is for many experts and users probably the most popular water filter. Whether at home, on the move, in a caravan or a boat. The very high quality, the filter performance, the good taste and the ease of use is greatly appreciated. Because Aquaphor filters have something that other activated carbon filters don’t have: Aqualen® technology. We present to you right here exactly why this is, in our opinion, the best water filter on the filter market.


What is Aqualen®?

Developed and patented in Russia by about 70 researchers and scientists, the Aqualen® filter material is characterized by its particular synergetic structure and very high filtering performance. The very fine Aqualen® granular activated carbon in solid block form has very high absorbability. The granular activated carbon is 4x finer than normal activated carbon filters and therefore has a very large contact surface, so it can free the water, at top speed, from pollutants that it may contain. In addition, the activated carbon of Aquaphor is crisscrossed with special fibers containing “anti heavy metal” chelators and activated silver. This synergy will help to rid heavy metals and germs from the water. The tap water which flows into the filter must first flow through the solid, fine-pored activated carbon block, which does not yield to the water pressure.

Therefore, the water flows through very evenly and there is no channeling, which is what happens with cheap activated carbon filters, where the water is filtered less.


Common Activated Carbon vs. Aqualen® Activated Carbon


The advantages at a glance:

  • Strong structure & protection against pollutants
    The Aqualen® structure filters the water evenly
  • No water channeling in filter cartridge
    Aqualen® activated carbon does not loose its structure
  • Long perseverance
    The Aquaphor filters, according to the manufacturer,live up to 5000 liters
  • Strong combination of filtering mechanisms
    No other filter has this combined power

Aquaphor activated carbon filter with Aqualen® technology + germ barrier

  • Filters pollutants, dirt and chlorine from the water
    Activated carbon-block filter with Aqualen® ion exchange
  • Removes heavy metals from the water completely
    Aqualen® ion exchange fibers with modified chelating groups
  • Guaranteed protection against bacteria thanks to the germ barrier
    The hollow fiber membrane (germ barrier) intercepts biological micro particles
  • Protects activated carbon additionally against germ infestation - no silver escapes
    Contains silver in active ion form (silver doped)


The most effective filter against heavy metals in tap water

Aqualen® is extremely effective in capturing and eliminating heavy metals in the water. Heavy metals have an 800 times greater affinity with the complex, chelated ion exchangers in filters with Aqualen®, compared to calcium and magnesium in conventional filters. This means Aqualen® detects and absorbs heavy metals at every level of water hardness.

The amount of compounds of the ion exchangers in Aqualen® is approximately 10X higher than the same amount present in conventional exchangers.

The chelators contained in Aqualen® are very effective against heavy metals because they bind the molecules and do not release them.

Thus, Aquaphor’s Aqualen® is probably one of the most effective means against heavy metals in drinking water.


Double protection against germs & bacteria in the water


Hollow fiber membrane under the microscope

Hollow fiber membrane with E-Coli Bacteria

Hollow fiber membrane with E-Coli Bacteria

Activated silver in Aquaphor filter kills germs

The activated silver particles contained in Aqualen® in ionized form are a strong antibacterial agent, because silver is known to kill germs. The activated silver is also much more effective. It is directly interwoven in the activated carbon of Aquaphor, therefore bacteria and germs have no basis for life and are immediately killed on contact with this silver.

This makes the classic danger of germs in this filter almost impossible to happen.

Note: According to the manufacturer, the silver does not leak out of the filter.

The germ protection barrier, the Hollow Fibre Membrane

But even more important is the terminal germ barrier against germs and bacteria, since this keeps 99.9999% of all bacteria away. Due to their size, they simply do not fit through this capillary-like hollow fibre membrane, which has a size of 0.1 µm (see picture).


Easy filter change with the Quickchange System


Hygienic filter change

The integrated plug-in/plug-out system makes filter changes particularly easy. These water filters from Aquaphor consist of a filter head and a filter cartridge.

They offer a maximum of hygienic safety. When the filter medium is changed, the filter housing is also automatically replaced, as both form a single unit. Cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the housing is no longer necessary. Also, no germs can enter the interior of the system during the filter change.

The user also no longer comes into contact with the used or new filter medium. This represents a considerable advantage for hygiene. You can get the Aquaphor filter cartridge head here. This is required to use the filter cartridges. Changing a Quickchange cartridge takes only a few seconds.


Summary – the strongest synergy in a water filter


The Aquaphor water filter with Aqualen® and hollow fibre membrane has the strongest known synergetic effect of a single filter cartridge.

If you should find a better single filter cartridge with even more performance on the Internet, let us know. We have already tried and researched for a long time, so you may save yourself the time, because you will soon have the opportunity to have this high performance filter installed in your home and to take advantage of all the benefits and be on the safe side when it comes to your drinking water.

Alternatively, you can also reinforce this filter by combining it with other Aquaphor products.


It is also possible to have a 2-4 times series connection with an Aquaphor filter K7 as a pre-filter. With this way, you shall increase the effectiveness once again and can be sure of almost the same costs per year. Because you will get the Aquaphor filter K7 for less than half the price and you can change the K7B filter e.g. only 1x per year, while you change the K7 2x per year. This option is used by some customers on their own responsibility, because according to the DIN standard in Germany, filters should generally be changed after 6 months at the latest.

Our tip:

The Aquaphor double filter set consisting of the filters K7+K7B.

You can also use the Aquaphor water filter as a pre-filter for your water ionizer. Thus you can have a strong additional protection.

You can find a pollutant retention analysis of Aquaphor filters in the tab Downloads.

With the Aquaphor filter system you are guaranteed to be on the safe side.

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Technical dataplus

Specifications for the Aquaphor K7B Filter

  • Applied Technology (s): activated carbon block filter, terminal germ barrier by hollow fiber membrane
  • Working medium: Tap water
  • Diameter ∅: 78 mm or 7.8 cm
  • Colour: White
  • Filter costs per liter of treated water: ≤ 0.019 Euro or ≤ 0.2 Cent / Liter
  • Height: 308 mm or 30.8 cm
  • Line pressure: 4 bar
  • Material: Housing: Polypropylene, Content: Silver-steamed activated carbon granules
  • pH values ​​at 2 l / min, 14-18 ° dH: No change
  • ORP or Redox potentials at 2 l / min, 14-18 ° dH: No change
  • Flow range: 4 – 5 liters / min, optimally 3 liters / min
  • Power consumption: No electricity, only line pressure required
  • Ambient temperature: 4 ° C – 40 ° C
  • Temperature input water: 4 ° C – 30 ° C

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Also please take a look at the Media Library and our Videos.
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We will gladly answer all your remaining questions, your Yasin Akgün (Biography)


Do you have any further Questions?

Check out the FAQ and SAQ for more Information.
Also please take a look at the Media Library and our Videos.
For additional questions please write us:

We will gladly answer all your remaining questions, your Yasin Akgün (Biography)

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