Aquaphor® Mono Filter head

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  • Filter head for receiving a QuickChange Filters
  • Standard connections quick coupling 6.35mm [1/4 ‘]
  • Shown with optional external thread adapter
  • Light plug-in and plug-out filter change
  • Different filter media available
  • With integrated wall bracket
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      Aquaphor® Filterseries-Base | Der MONO Filter Head
Informations sur le produit "Aquaphor® Mono Filter head"

Aquaphor® Filterseries-Base | Der MONO Filter Head


The QuickChange filter system enable a filter change in a few seconds at optimal hygiene.
The housing forms a unit with the filter medium and is therefore renewed with each filter change.
That’s usually not common in water filter systems.

QuickChange filters consist of a filter head and a filter cartridge. They provide a minimal footprint utmost hygienic safety. When changing the filter medium also water-bearing contact surfaces is exchanged automatically, because both form a unit.

The disinfection or cleaning the inside of the housing or the grease of seal rings, as in classical systems, is eliminated.
The user also is no longer in contact with the used or new filter medium, which is a significant advantage for hygiene. It can also allow any germs during the filter replacement in the interior of the filter.

Benefits of the Aquaphor® Quick-Change (QC) Filterseries

  • Very compact by patented filter head design
  • Safety locking button
  • Light plug-in and plug-out filter change (see Fig. Below)
  • Different filter media available
  • Minimal pressure drop through the filter head
  • Filter head easy to disinfect
  • With integrated wall mount the filter head
  • From individual ‘stand-alone’ filter up to Analgen with multiple filter stages everything is available
  • Bridging adapters are available (see below)
  • Different solutions for the use of the rising and setting table up to outdoor systems

Aquaphor Mono Filterkopf mit Steckverbinder

Easy filter replacement

Expansion of a filter cartridge:

  • The water supply or Turn off the water pressure at the upstream tee
  • Press lock button. Remove 1/4 – turn to the left. Remove the filter downward.

Inserting a filter cartridge:

  • If there is a filter cap on the QuickChange filters, pull it upwards.
  • Remove to a 1/4 turn to the left just added into the right angle.
  • Top just push in the filter head, until it locks in.
  • Remove 1/4 – turn clockwise until it clicks audibly.
  • If necessary open the water supply again

You want more than just chemicals and heavy metals filters, i.e. sediments or nitrate, not an issue, put a second mono filter head before. It is modularly expandable.


Aquaphor Blindstopfen ueberbrueckung mono filterkopf

Bridging a QuickChange filter by blind stoppers

Very useful for testing purposes, disinfection purposes, or rinsing and activation processes.

The disinfectant is gespu through the entire filter head?
lt to flow through without the appropriate filter media.

Finely porous or sensitive to coarser particles filter media (micro- and ultrafiltration, osmosis and other membrane) can be easily bypassed when connected ahead, new filters (such as activated carbon blocks, mineralization or other granules) are flushed and conditioned.

Here initial falls always on a larger particle load, the subsequent, higher-quality filter media is not an additional burden with this method.


The filler plugs (PLUG) is not intended for continuous operation!
If you need a filler plugs, but do not, you are welcome to request one via email.

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10 juil. 2015

A filter head that will change the world. Really well thought out, and very many different filter media available. If the filter system, then by Aquaphor, trust me there please. It comes with no filter media in contact, and has many other benefits. All the best with the research, just sometimes seenden an email, is often faster, Yasin

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