Pitcher filter Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L

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  • Aquaphor pitcher filter with patented Aqualentechnology;
  • Pitcher filter including 1 filter cartridge, 2,8 Liter, from Aquaphor
  • Aqualen active carbon filter composite and ion exchanger (limescale protection)
  • Cartridge exchange display, best test results, LGA, NSF and TÜV certified
  • Similar to the Brita filter, efficient filtering of pollutants
  • Made in Europe

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Informations sur le produit "Pitcher filter Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L"

Aquaphor pitcher filter with AQUALEN® Technology for safe heavy metal elimination

When preparing tea, coffee or foods is the drinking water quality of the upmost importance. The optimum pH value for tea or coffee water lies at 7.

The taste of drinking water depends on many factors. The Aquaphor filter removes pollutants which can be found in water. Water hardeners are also reduced, like this the water is slightly softer.

The pH value should be least affected with filtration. With the combination of active carbon, AQUALEN® fibres and the HARZ ion exchange is the pH value reduced less than with comparable products.


Aquaphor pitcher filter performance – video

AQUALEN® active carbon block

In the video you can see a traditional filter cartridge with a loose filling (no bond) made of activated carbon and a harz ion exchanger. In the Aquaphor filter you see a special structure. A cation and anion exchange results due to the additional use of the modified AQUALEN® fibres. A significant increase of the filter efficiency is reached like this

In addition following advantages compared to normal pitcher filters

  • Raw materials for the active carbon are coconut shells
  • Innovative filter medium made of active carbon with AQUALEN®
  • Especially effective against heavy metals
  • Works against germ growth with silver doping
  • Container made of safe SAN plastic
  • The shape makes for a substantial increase of the filter efficiency
  • Big cartridge (B 100-5): Drinking water up to 300 Liters

Performance spectrum of the filter

PH value

The combination of active carbon and ion exchange resin AQUALEN ® also avoids the disadvantage of the pH value shifting to the “strong” acidic range below pH 6

Examples of emission reduction: (orientation values)
Chlorine: 99%

Organic substances:
Phenol to 99.5%,
Benzene to 99%,
Chloroform to 99.5%

Hormones ***
Ethinyl estradiol 99%

Pesticides *:
Atrazine 84.5%
Isoproturon 89,1%
Terbuthylazine 89.3%
Sebuthylazin 88.3%

Heavy metal ions **:
Lead 98.4%
Copper 99.2%
Cadmium 99.7%
Nickel 99.1%

* Tests in accordance with EN ISO 11369 F12
** Tests in accordance with EN ISO 11885 E22
*** 17 -? – Ethinyl estradiol test by Aquaphor R & D Lab in 2013


First use and cartridge exchange

Remove the protective film

Before using please clean the pitcher (lid, funnel and container) with warm drinking water and a mild washing up liquid.
Then rinse thoroughly with drinking water.

Do not use an abrasive cleaner or sponge, this would roughen the surface of the pitcher. Place the filter cartridge in the round funnel until the stop. Set the timer by moving the triangle in the display to the according month. Fill the pitcher two times and empty two times. This removes the active carbon dust. Now you can use the pitcher filter.

Important information

When exchanging the cartridge please clean the pitcher, the lid, and container with warm drinking water and a mild washing up liquid. Always ensure optimal hygiene when using the pitcher. It is generally recommended to boil tap water for people with a weak immune system and babies.

Traces of silver can be found in the filtered water. The WHO has no limit to the amount of silver in drinking water. Pay attention to the expiry date of the filter cartridges. Should it have run out, then you can dispose of the cartridge in the residual waste bin.

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