AQuator Silver | Batch ionizer | Alkaline, acidic and colloidal silver water

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  • This device allows you to make alkaline, hydrogen rich alkaline water, acidic and disinfecting water
  • With the delivered silver electrodes is silver water (colloidal water) also produced
  • Ideal for the small household, up to 2-3 people
  • Volume 3 L
  • The electrodes are made of titanium and ruthenium
  • Timer function with automatic switch-off
  • No need to install, just plug in
  • aQuator silver user manual
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      The following products you will obtain automatically when you
Informations sur le produit "AQuator Silver | Batch ionizer | Alkaline, acidic and colloidal silver water"

The following products you will obtain automatically when you buy the aQuator Silver Batch Ionizer:


aQuator Silver | basisches Wasser und kolloidales Wasserselber herstellen

Schon in ca.4 Minuten erzeugen Sie 2,7L basisches Wasser und 0,3 Liter saures Wasser. Anders rum ist auch möglich wenn Sie die position des Bechers tauschen.

Nach der Elektrolyse schaltet sich das Gerät automatisch aus und es lautet ein Tonsignal.

Das aQuator silver kann Wasser sogar in drei verschiedenen Eigenschaften produzieren: basisches, saures und als Zusatzfunktion das Silberwasser. Volumen des Gerätes ist 3L.

Während der Wasserionisierung wird an der Anode (dunkle Elektrode) säurehaltiges Wasser und an der Kathode (helle Elektrode) alkalisches Wasser erzeugt.

Bei der Erzeugung des Silberwassers (Modifikation Silver) werden die Becher ( 3; 4) herausgenommen.

Das Bedienungsmenü des Gerätes verhindert eine gleichzeitige Einschaltung beider Betriebsarten, d.h. der Erzeugung des ionisierten Wassers und des Silberwassers.


Silver concentration in water based on the duration of the ionization process.

of device
Silver water
mg/l using
distilled water
Silver water
mg/l using
tap water
of device
Silver water
mg/l using
distilled water
Silver water
mg/l using
tap water
1 0,012 0,009 5 0,34 0,55
2 0,015 0,012 10 0,40 1,10
5 0,017 0,015 15 0,45 1,82
10 0,053 0,027 30 1,89 3,57
30 0,081 0,033 60 2,49 7,21
60 0,110 0,065 90 3,97 7,97
      120 4,56 11,73
      150 5,19 12,34
      180 5,63 15,70
      200 6,14 19,08



Montage des Gerätes

  • 1 - Behälter absenken
  • 2 - Griff
  • 3 - 4 Tasse mit Membran
  • 5 - Markierung der geringeren Wassermenge
  • 6 - Markierung des oberen Wasserstandes
  • 7 - 8 Flache Elektroden zur Erzeugung von ionisiertem Wasser
  • 9 - Deckel mit Griff
  • 10 - Stromkabel mit Stecker
  • 11 - Kontakt für die Silberelektrode (Silbermodus)
  • 12 - Silberelektrodenhalterung (Silbermodus)
  • 13 - Repository

Cups and membrane


The membrane is placed in between both cups (3; 4), like shown in the picture. The membrane is only taken out and placed there when the cups are dry.
When replacing the membrane make a cone shape. The membrane will have two layers like this.
Place the cone shaped membrane into the cup (4). The membrane should be pushed down to the base of the cup.
Place the smaller cup (3) into the bigger cup (4) so that the membrane is in between.

Important: The placement marks of both cups have to coincide! Press the cup into the container until it reaches the base.

The white drops that are produced during ionization from the device and when exchanging the membrane have no influence on the quality of the produced ionized water.

During the production of silver water (silver mode) are the cups (3; 4) taken out of the container.

The operation mode of the device does not allow you to produce these kinds of water simultaneously, meaning the production of ionized water and the production of silver water.


Water parameters with dark electrode in the small cup

Test no.Chosen Alkaline water(pH)Alkaline water(ORP)Corresponding acidic water(pH)Acidic water(ORP)
1 9,00 -445 7,30 20
2 9,20 -493 7,25 49
3 9,40 -537 7,19 74
4 9,60 -584 7,14 100
5 9,80 -628 7,08 126
6 10.00 -674 7,03 151
7 10,20 -725 6,98 180
8 10,40 -769 6,92 206
9 10,60 -815 6,87 232
10 10,80 -859 6,81 257
11 11,00 -889 6,76 300
12 11,20 -902 6,71 361
13 11,40 -915 6,65 604

Water parameters with pale electrode in the small cup

Test no.Chosen Alkaline water(pH)Alkaline water(ORP)Corresponding acidic water(pH)Acidic water(ORP)
1 8,00 -133 6,92 690
2 8,20 -163 5,88 723
3 8,40 -194 5,36 757
4 8,60 -224 4,84 790
5 8,80 -281 3,80 842
6 9.00 -472 2,82 985
7 9,20 -788 2,46 1134


The functions of the device are used on the lid

  • 14 – On / Off
  • 15 – Halt production
  • 16 – Start production
  • 17 – 18 Change the parameters
  • 19 – LED screen
  • 20 – Green LED: silver water
  • 21 – Red LED: ionization. When this light blinks then there is a fault, for example there is no water in the container

How silver water can heal

Appropriately selected working time will result in different levels of colloidal silver, expressed in milligrams per liter. This ionizer can produce silver at a concentration in the range of 0.001 – 35 mg/l. Thus obtained colloidal suspension contains the smallest particles that matter can decomposed without losing its individual unique qualities.

Silver in such a form acts as an antibiotic, i.e. it destroys any unicellular microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses and bacteria, in a very short time. The destructive effect of colloidal silver is that silver particles penetrate into microorganisms and deactivate the enzyme used to obtain oxygen.

What is very important is the fact that colloidal silver is selective, i.e. it doesn’t destroy organisms beneficial to our bodies.

Silvered water is water enriched with positive silver ions, giving it distinct antibacterial properties. Silver ions move towards bacterial cell walls and, being smaller in size, find their way inside with ease. Once inside, they disrupt the synthesis of bacterial enzymes and proteins, thus killing the entire microorganism.
However, the impact of silvered water depends on its concentration of silver ions, which is measured in milligrams per litre (mg/l).

The greater the concentration, the stronger the bactericidal impact on almost all microorganisms and the quicker the action.

Silvered water has the exclusive ability of inhibiting viruses and fungi as well as bacteria. As a natural antibiotic, silver affects more than 650 species of microorganisms, whereas regular antibiotics affect only 5 to 10. Scientists have not identified any bacterial adaptation to the antimicrobial action of silver.

The aQuator water ionizer uses electrolysis to produce an exact amount of silver ions from a 99.9% silver nugget that comes in the form of a special attachable electrode.

Any kind of drinking water can be used yet we recommend filtered water for silvering and ionizing. However, research has shown that the excess of chlorides and sulphates often present in tap water reduces the bactericidal action of the silver ions. In contrast, the bactericidal action of silver is stronger in alkaline water (pH = 8-9).

With an aQuator water ionizer you can take advantage of the properties of both types of water for the best results: the ionized alkaline water production function and water silvering function are ready to be used, one at a time.


aQuator-silver-batch ionizer-colloidal silver

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