AquaVolta HEPTA-STEP | 7-stage shower & bath filter

AquaVolta HEPTA-STEP | 7-stage shower & bath filter
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AquaVolta HEPTA-STEP | 7-stage shower & bath filter with activated carbon, KDF &
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AquaVolta HEPTA-STEP | 7-stage shower & bath filter with activated carbon, KDF & bioceramics

AquaVolta® Water Vitality

Many simply filter and vitalize their drinking water because they doubt the limit values of the Drinking Water Ordinance. With the AquaVolta® HEPTA-STEP you have an inexpensive possibility to take the water for showering or bathing into your own hands.

Pollutants are seldom felt on the skin. But most people feel the up to 70 times higher electron supply of the water due to the reduction of the redox potential immediately.

Therefore, more and more health-conscious people are taking their water quality into their own hands.

AquaVolta® HEPTA-STEP | More information about water treatment

You will find an overview of the many possibilities with scientific backgrounds in the reference book (ISBN 978-39811204 48) by Karl Heinz Asenbaum (2019)
Electro-activated Water From "Healing Water from the Socket" to Hydrogen Therapy, 2019, 468p.



The AquaVolta® HEPTA-STEP is a 7-stage water filter

  • It purifies and enriches the water for a vitalizing shower experience. The filter does not reduce the water pressure in the shower head
  • It removes toxic metals, chlorine, rust and sediments
  • It lowers the redox potential of the water and even the air while showering
  • The filter cartridge lasts 6 months and is easy to change
  • Installation: simply screw it between the shower hose and the mixer tap. Rinse for 1 minute to remove the activated carbon dust
  • Change the filter cartridge: Unscrew the filter housing - remove the old cartridge and dispose of it in the residual waste - insert the new cartridge (grille side facing the external thread) - make sure that the two inner seals are correctly seated. -screw on the housing - rinse for 1 minute

The HEPTA-STEP filter cartridge

  • Stainless steel sediment screen
  • Suspended matter filter fleece
  • Calcium sulphide: chlorine removal 99
  • Microporous antibacterial silver ion ceramics >96 % E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus. 99 % adsorption of microorganisms.
  • Alkaline mineral ceramics for pH increase and decrease of the redox potential Water enriched with calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc and selenium.
  • Activated carbon from granulated and flaked coconut shells for adsorption of chemical and biological pollutants.
  • High-purity (99.8-99.9 %) KDF 55 copper/zinc alloy for the removal of lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, mercury, nickel, aluminium, hydrogen sulphide etc.
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> Consultation du produit Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich
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