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  • Author: Natural Health Practitioner Uwe Karstädt
  • Title: 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature as the secret for optimum health, 144 pages, © 2014
  • ISBN: 978-3-7323-2330-2 (paperback)
  • 978-3-7323-2331-9 (hardcover)
  • 978-3-7323-2332-6 (e-book)
  • SW10179
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Non-medical practitioner Uwe Karstädt discovered undercurrent temperatures of 94.1° -96.8° in 70% of his patients with chronic diseases and comes to the conclusion: 
Cold person – sick person.

98.6° is the natural operating temperature for us humans. Immune system, vitality and metabolism reduce by 50-70% with temperature loss. The heat loss is often due to cold hands and feet. Also with chronic cold diseases: depression, burnout, fatigue, arthritis, impotence, Parkinson’s, MS and dementia and many more. Even cancerous tumors grow faster at 95 °. An optimal effect of preparations and therapies from all medical directions is achieved only at 98.6 °.

Uwe Karstädt shows in depth and very comprehensibly the causes of “body coldness”. Also methods proven which are understandable and easy to implement for expelling the cold, so that the body and psyche find its way back to powerful health. 98.6 ° F is fundamental for any form of therapy and healing.


Videos by Uwe Karstädt about 98.6° F – Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health:


Interview: Uwe Karstädt about 98.6° F (english subtitles)

Seminar: Uwe Karstädt about 98.6° F (english subtitles)


Stronger immune system by raising the body temperature

Many therapeutic interventions have been practiced over the course of human history. Besides some obscure medical excesses that sometimes read more like horror stories, there is one healing practice that has established itself over the course of millennia:

raising the body temperature. In doing so, male and female healers merely imitate the body’s own reaction so that the body can heal itself. “Give me fever and I can cure every disease,” said Hippocrates about 2,500 years ago.

Healing professionals all over the world heal with a similar approach. In fact, heat applications permeate all of the world’s cultures throughout the millennia. Many naturopathic healing methods have incorporated the practice of increasing the body temperature.


Raising the body temperature is always synonymous with an increased immune response.Professor Abo from Japan confirmed a 40% improvement in the function of the immune system by raising the body temperature by only 1.8° Fahrenheit.Another scientist, Ishihara Yumi, PhD (Japan), established that our immune system is 5-6 times stronger when the body temperature is increased by 1.8°; inversely, the immune system is weakened by 30% if the body temperature is lowered by 1.8°. His statistical analyses revealed a decline in body temperature amongst the Japanese population by an average of 0.9° over the last 50 years.

In his studies, Professor Hiromi Shinya, PhD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA) confirmed that, lowering the body temperature by only 0.9°, results in a 30% decline in enzyme and immune activity. He also discovered that cancer cells can multiply much faster at 95°F than at 98.6°F. The conclusion from his studies:


Humans with low body temperatures

  • have decreased immunity,
  • suffer from circulation disorders,
  • have increased genetic changes and thus an increased cancer risk.

Another well-known physician Ma Yueling from China reached the following results in his studies about hypothermia.

  • The risk of death is approx. 30% higher for people with a body temperature of 95°F.
  • Hypothermia causes deficient blood formation.
  • Hypothermia is a growth inhibitor in children.
  • Hypothermia causes arteriosclerosis and vascular wall hardening.
  • Hypothermia increases the risk of cancer and the growth rate of cancer cells.

A few words about Uwe Karstädt


Ever since my childhood and adolescence I have wanted to understand and get to the bottom of occurrences that seemed contrary to commonly held assumptions. I was a teenager during the sixties, which seemed to be an appropriate time to question established positions.The spirit of this time influenced me.I was also inspired by the courage of my parents who chose to speak their minds and face the consequences while living under the communist regime of East Germany.People say that I have inherited this trait.

Understanding the internal processes of body, soul and mind has retained its fascination for me, even today.Experiencing the joy and profundity of life in so many different facets fills me with immense gratitude, which especially applies to my work as a naturopath and author.The healing profession seems to have chosen me more than I chose it, which seems logical and consistent with my nature.

During my training years, I often spent many hours in bookstores searching for books that would give me conclusive and satisfying answers to the many questions I had, a search that was often in vain.Today I know that these unanswered questions set me on a path to eventually become an author myself and write precisely those books that I was unable to read as a young student.

Inspiring people to take their health and lives into their own hands fills me with great joy.It significantly contributes to my contentment and happiness in life if I can convey a deeper understanding of our human existence at all levels to my patients and readership.

Reclaim your health, naturally.

Uwe Karstädt


Author’s work

At the time of publication of this book, I am still working at my medical practice in Munich (Germany) and hope to do so for many more years to come.
I have published the following books over the course of my professional life as a naturopath:
  • “Das Candida-Kochbuch” [The Candida Cookbook] 1995
  • “Ganz in meinem Element“ [Totally in my Element] 1998
  • “Die 7 Revolutionen der Medizin” [The 7 Revolutions of Medicine] 2003
  • “Das Dreieck des Lebens” [The Triangle of Life] 2005
  • “entgiften-statt-vergiften“ [detoxing-instead-of-poisoning] 2007
  • “Die Säure des Lebens” [The Acid of Life] 2013
  • “37° Das Geheimnis der idealen Körpertemperatur für optimale Gesundheit“ [98.6°F Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health] 2014

I have also released a series of powernap relaxation programs as CDs or MP3 programs for stress reduction and deep relaxation:

  • “PowernaPlus-Detox“
  • “PowernaPlus-Immune“
  • “Alpha8-BodyPower”
  • “Alpha8-MindPower“
  • PowernaPlus Vitality (for English-speaking people)

Please take note of the following:

  • I would love to hear from you if my recommendations and the information in my books has, as I hope, resulted in positive experiences. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to respond to every letter or email as I just receive too many. I apologize for this.
  • Please note that it is illegal and also contrary to my sense of responsibility to give you personal advice about any ailments you may have without seeing and diagnosing you in person. Please make an appointment if you require assistance. There are many good and qualified persons in the helping professions – in all countries and all parts of the world.

My website provides additional information about relevant health topics.
All CDs and books are available through the website.

amethyst-infrared-mats and matresses with negative ions at:

BioMat Professional | Single | King | Mini-Mat

New: BioMat Orgone Heating Matress

Address Medical Practice Uwe Karstädt:
Schönfeldstrasse 8 ,80539 Munich,Germany
Phone: 0049 (0)89 2800503


Previously published books by Uwe Karstädt:

  • “Die Säure des Lebens” [The Acid of Life]
  • “Das Dreieck des Lebens” [The Triangle of Life]
  • “Die 7 Revolutionen der Medizin” [The 7 Revolutions of Medicine]
  • “entgiften-statt-vergiften” [detoxing-instead-of-poisoning]
  • “Ganz in meinem Element – Die Kraft der Persönlichkeit in den 5 Elementen entdecken” [Wholly in My Element – Discover the Power of Personality in the 5 Elements]

All of these books are available from the bookstore and can also be purchased directly from the author.




The pictures show two biomats namely Richway Minimat (on top) and under it Biomat professional.


PowernaPlus Detox and Immune

Deeply relaxing power nap exercises to increase performance and vitality in everyday life

Uwe Karstädt´s PowernaPlus programs contain 5 different power nap sequences with every double CD (2 in the alpha and 3 in the theta range) as well as an extensive informational part, as audio and in writing.



For a Powernap program in English language go to any internet portal and download directly the program from the author Uwe Karstaedt:
 Powernaplus – Vitality

as MP3 Format or order a CD from him directly under uwekarstaedt@gmx.de


Essential return to basic human principles while living in the modern world


Life in our modern world is subject to many new principles and laws that did not exist only a few years or decades ago.

Professional life as well is completely different than it was just a few decades ago.





We can hardly even imagine a world without modern electronic media such as computers, smartphones, tablet computers and online networking via the Internet.Not only that! The logistics of our daily lives from shopping and acquiring items that are essential for life to the processing of formalities would all collapse without these modern means of communication.

While the modern world develops at a rapid speed, our “ancient” bodies still require natural phenomena that have existed for millennia: nature, sunshine, light, gravity, contact with the earth and oxygen.

Returning to the basic principles of human existence is more than an interesting life-style choice; it significantly contributes to our well-being. It’s a necessity – not an option!

We must abide by the laws of life in order to be healthy and rely on Mother Nature who can provide us with everything we need for a vigorous, long and healthy life. This book has outlined some of these preconditions, which include an ideal body temperature of 98.6°F to ensure optimum health.

It is now up to you to apply this information in your life.The insights and information in this book about optimal body temperature can manifest themselves in your life and contribute to the restoration and maintenance of your body, mind and soul.

For this endeavor, I wish you joy and the best of health!

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