Replacement Filter Aquavolta® Elégance

Replacement Filter Aquavolta® Elégance
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      Replacement filter for the AquaVolta® Elégance under counter
Informations sur le produit "Replacement Filter Aquavolta® Elégance"

Replacement filter for the AquaVolta® Elégance under counter water ionizer

Filter characteristics of the water filter integrated in the AquaVolta® Elégance Undersink Water Ionizer:


Bioceramic Multi-Stage Activated Carbon Filter | AquaVolta® Elégance

The multi-layer activated carbon granulate filter technology of the world-leading manufacturer Kuraray effectively and safely removes the following pollutants:Drug residues, hormones, agricultural residues such as pesticides and insecticides, and other typical man-made chemicals.

In addition, the filter cartridge contains BioStone ceramic from tourmaline (semi-precious stone). When the water encounters the tourmaline, tourmaline exerts its effect as it naturally emits infrared radiation (FIR), which in turn enhances the water structure through exclusive zone construction (Gerald Pollack) and prepares the water for ionization.
Composition of the premium activated carbon filter cartridge
  1. Sediment filter
  2. Silver-coated activated carbon filter granules, non-regenerated, with silver steaming: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters organic and foreign particles for better taste and neutral odor.
  3. Antibacterial filter fleece
  4. Antibacterial Ceramic: sintered ceramic beads
  5. Antibacterial filter fleece
  6. Biostone (tourmaline): sintered ceramic beads for flavor optimization
  7. Antibacterial filter fleece
  8. Anion-Ceramic: sintered ceramic beads to slightly increase the redox potential
  9. Antibacterial filter fleece
  10. Calcium granules: for easy calcium enrichment of very soft water, hard water does not get any harder
  11. Hollow fiber membrane filter. Absolute and terminal germ and virus protection

Saving tip | Buy or order a second replacement filter

A filter is already included in the delivery of the devices. You will only need a replacement filter after the supplied filter has been used up.
In order to save shipping costs, we recommend to order a replacement filter directly when ordering the device.

 Replacement filter for the following AquaVolta® Elégance Undersink Water Ionizer:

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