Jeudao® | Hydrogen test drops with titration method

Jeudao® | Hydrogen test drops with titration method
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  • Developed in cooperation with us
  • Immediately determines the hydrogen content of hydrogen-water
  • Molecular hydrogen content test is performed immediately after the production of (alkaline) hydrogen water
  • Each drop that decolours means 0.1 ppm (=100 ppb) of dissolved H2 gas
  • Water under normal atmospheric pressure may contain up to 1.6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation)
  • Glass bottle and glass pipette to enable clean testing (no more blue fingers and surfaces)
  • Content: 10 ml, corresponds to about 430 drops
  • SW10211
Jeudao® | Hydrogen test drops with titration method | In glass bottle and with glass pipette
Informations sur le produit "Jeudao® | Hydrogen test drops with titration method"

Jeudao® | Hydrogen test drops with titration method | In glass bottle and with glass pipette for clean hands

After the role of hydrogen was recognised as being important, Japan produced the first pseudo-measuring-device on the market. The Trustlex ENH 1000, which wanted to differentiate a content of dissolved hydrogen with the measured ORP over an experience based conversion factor of ca. (-)2,14.

This factor was severely criticised by experts in Japan and the U.S. and Trustlex has admitted that the device does not work properly.

Laboratory determination of actual dissolved hydrogen in water is really still very complex and still afflicted with unsolved problems. Electronic measuring devices demand high expertise and are very expensive.

Therefor we recommend a chemical titration method with the H2 Blue Kit ®, something developed by the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation and further developed in collaboration with us.
Because of their amount of the precious metal platinum are these test drops relatively expensive.

Do not drink the test liquid and keep out of reach from children!

When testing use protective gloves and a wipeable surface and watch out for clothing. The drops contain methylene blue, a very intensive dye.

Testing the content of molecular hydrogen | Works with all water ionizers – also with hydrogen producing ionizers without pH value increase


Procedure for testing the content of molecular hydrogen with the H2 Blue® Kit

H2-Blue-Kit-Hydrogen-test liquid-with-titration methods

Testing the amount of molecular hydrogen is carried out immediately after production with the optional H2 Blue® Kit.
A water sample of 6 ml is filled carefully into the measuring cup and one drop of the blue measuring liquid is added.
Each drop that discolours means 0,1 ppm (=100 ppb) dissolved hydrogen gas. If a drop does not discolour automatically one can stir gently.
If the liquid still does not discolour, then the last drop does not count. Water under normal air pressure can contain up to 1,6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation).
With the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster you can also produce an over saturated water with more than 6 ppm. Yet this falls back to full saturation after a few minutes when this water comes into contact with the normal atmosphere.
Whoever wants a lot of hydrogen, has to drink quickly.


Relationship between Dissolved Molecular Hydrogen Gas, pH and ORP
By Randy Sharpe (producer of the H2-Blue-Kit drops)

The PDF can be downloaded for free on this product page.


How to measure with the H2 Blue Kit®

Why and how Karl Heinz Asenbaum works with the H2 Blue Kit. And why he no longer uses the pseudo measuring device ENH 1000 from Trustlex, a deceptive measurer that is used worldwide by people who have bought a water ionizer, hydrogen generator, Hydrogen Infusion Machine (HIM), hydrogen boosters and water mixed with H2 tablets.

This video shows how the measurements should be performed – and how important it is, how the different measurements can be understood, something Karl Heinz Asenbaum has used for his book "Electrically Activated Water".

Hydrogen & active water, pH, redox potential, H2 ppm


Test video | Molecularly dissolved hydrogen from the ECA Tractor

Test video hydrogen booster | Molecularly dissolved hydrogen


Measurement results from hydrogen water devices | chart from the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster manual, page 15.

 Hydrogen producing devices (water ionizer with a PEM cell)  Used water (tap water, reverse osmosis water, bottled water) Amount: Trustlex ENH 1000 (ppb)  H2 blue Kit amount (ppb) 
 H2fXCell HIM (Hydrogen Infusion Machine)  TWM (= tap water Munich) 1291 0700
 HfXCell HIM  TWM (pre-filtered) 1136  1100
 GiseAqua HIM (similar to the H2fXCell)  TWM 0952  0300 
 GiseAqua HIM (the same device)  TWM (pre-filtered) 1085  0600
 GiseAqua HIM (different model device)  TWM (pre-filtered) 1221  0500
 KYK H2/O3 Hisha Prototype  TWM 1202  0800 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  ROW (= reverse osmosis water) 5 min. 0969  0800 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  ROW 7 min. 1074 1200 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  ROW 7 min. open after 30 minutes 0963 0400 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  TWM 5 min. 1094  1300 
AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  TWM 7 min. 1106  1700 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Aqua Panna 7 min. 1050  1900 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Evian 7 min. 1134  1300 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Volvic 7 min. 1076 1300 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Volvic 7 min. prod. + 30 min. open 1040  0800 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Volvic 5 min. 1018  0600
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  State of Fachingen medicinal water 7 min. 1110  0800
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Mehrner Quelle „Nothelfer“ Medicinal water 7 min. 1078  1400 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  ROW with 235 TDS Himalayan salt 7 min. 1327  0700 
 AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster  Nordenauer Stollenwasser 1033  0500 

The two best hydrogen water generators in comparison | Difficult decision! Either way you will win, I promise!

Who wouldn't like to be able to produce butter-soft hydrogen water quickly by themselves? Recently, everyone is allowed to, because the water ionizers are now finally affordable even for the small purse.

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