Richway Quantum Energy Pad | Functional Βedding

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  • Dimensions and weight:
    Quantum Energy Pad® Professional: 185cm x 70cm x 4cm, 4.6kg
    Quantum Energy Pad® Single: 200cm x 100cm x 4cm, 5kg
    Quantum Energy Pad® Queen: 200cm x 150cm x 4cm, 7,93kg
    Quantum Energy Pad® King: 200 cm x 180 cm x 4 cm, 9,61 kg
  • The Quantum Energy layer is a synthesis of natural resources and has positive effects on the biological vibration of the human body
  • It forms infrared long waves and negative ions, the so-called vitamins of the air
  • Ideal addition to the BioMat Amethyst Health Mat by Richway
  • Available colour: Only violet / purple, no longer in brighter colour!
  • 1 year full warranty from receipt

Energy Pad Sizes:

Dans le panier
  • QEnergyP-Professional
    Quantum Energy Pad®  - Restful sleep without electricity
Informations sur le produit "Richway Quantum Energy Pad | Functional Βedding"

Quantum Energy Pad®  - Restful sleep without electricity


The Quantum Energy Pad® is a brand new functional bedding from Richway International.

It is an ideal complement to BioMat Amethyst Health Mat, although it represents a completely independent development in the field of restful sleep.

In many years of research, a synthesis of environmentally friendly raw materials has been created, which has a positive effect on the biological vibration of the human body.

A combination of ground peach and grape seeds combined with the finest tourmaline crystals form the patented Quantum Energy layer.

This produces the natural infrared frequency, stimulates the production of anions (1,654 PCC) in our body cells and thereby promotes the formation of intra-organic oxygen.

It supports the formation of infrared long waves and negative ions, the so-called vitamins of the air. It promotes blood circulation and improves resistance to harmful germs and bacteria.


What are the mechanisms of operation of the Quantum Energy Pad®?


 The word "quant" denotes an object that generates energy by a change of state.

The mode of action of Quantum Energy comes from the research of Dr. Ing. Albert Szent-Györgyi, who won the Nobel Prize for isolating vitamin C in 1937, stating that a living cell with its electric field influences the electric field of another living cell.

He further stated that a healthy human cell works with a negative electrical voltage of at least -15mV.

If the voltage drops to less than -15mV, there are a variety of problems that affect the cell functions.

Nerve and brain cells function at an average voltage of -70mV. If the nerve cell senses pain, the negative voltage drops to +30 mV.

The Quantum Energy Pad® can reach up to 90mV! being transmitted and thus counteract the voltage drop in our body cells. It keeps the electron of the cells in balance and supports the self-healing process of the affected cells. The increase of the energy field in the cell membrane led Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi to increase human immunity, relieves pain and strengthens brain function.

With the help of organic compounds from 18 different special substances from plant seeds, this energy is generated with the Quantum Energy Pad®. These organic compounds from plant seeds have a similarly powerful effect as the long-wave infrared rays.


Benefits of the Quantum Energy Pad® | Functional Βedding

Thermotherapeutic, antiallergic, analgesic

The anti-allergenic, high-mesh microfibre fabric prevents heat loss during sleep, thereby supporting the body's own regeneration processes.

Once the voltage in the cell stabilizes, it immediately starts the detoxification process.

Nerve cells stop the transmission of pain signals and noticeably reduce the pain in the human body.

Antibacterial effect

The patented Quantum Energy layer reduces the harmful gases formaldehyde and ammonia. In some cases of pneumonia and Staphylococcus, the strong antibiotic function of the pad reduced these gases by up to 99.9%.

Supports brain function

The Quantum Energy Pad® reduces stress caused by beta waves. It supports the production of alpha waves, promotes the state of relaxation and thus ensures healthy sleep and vitality.


The 3D mesh allows high air permeability, distributes your body weight and eliminates potential pressure points.


The various ingredients that make up the effectiveness of the Quantum Energy Pad® are contained in the Bio Clay memory foam.

It is surrounded by a cotton cover for protection. The foam mat has the orange-yellowish colour that you see in the pictures, since it contains ochre, which has anti-microbial enzymes that do not promote the growth of bacteria.

The purple cover can be washed in a fine cycle at 30 ° C. Please only lightly spin the cover in the washing machine and hang it up wet. Never dry!


18 specific substances from peach and grape seeds:


  • Ammonia (CAS 7664-41-7)
  • Ethanolamine (CAS 141-43-5)
  • Leucine (CAS 61-90-5)
  • Valine (CAS 72-18-4)
  • Methionine (CAS 63-68-3)
  • A-amino-n-butyric Acid (CAS 80-60-4)
  • Citrulline (CAS 372-75-8)
  • Glycine (CAS 56-40-6)
  • Alanine (CAS 56-41-7)
  • A-aminoadipic Acid (CAS 542-32-5)
  • Glutamic Acid (CAS 56-86-0)
  • Serine (CAS 56-45-1)
  • Theanine (CAS 3081-61-6)
  • Aspartic Acid (CAS 56-84-8)
  • Phosphorylethanolamine (CAS 1071-23-4)
  • Phosphoserine (CAS 407-41-0)
  • Lysine (CAS 70-54-2)
  • Histidine (CAS 71-00-1)
6-layer construction:

  • Microfiber fabric cover
  • Microfiber layer
  • Quantum Energy layer
  • Tourmaline embedded layer
  • Layer of 3D mesh comfort layer (20 mm)
  • 3D mesh cover layer (3 mm)


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