AquaVolta® H2 Rocket 5.1 | Water filtration + pH value increase + H2 gas enrichment

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  • Multifunctional H2 table water system including water filter with outstanding features:
  • 1st stage: water filtration by inline activated carbon granules filter without pH increase, change every 9 to 12 months,
  • 2nd stage: water filtration & pH-value increase to approx. pH 9.5 by the multifunctional filter cartridge Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+, change every 6 to 9 months,
  • 3rd stage: H2-Rocket equipped with 2 x Minerade® pH2 Tabs (change every 6-9 months), efficient collection & release of H2 gas to the water, H2 values up to 5 ppm achievable
  • 28cm x 16cm x 42cm, installation at the faucet with a faucet switch valve or
  • with 3/8" T-piece & one-way compact tap, three-way tap or dispensing tap on H2-Rocket
  • incl. reserve filter for 1 year (1x Minerade® H2-Shuttle, 1x inline activated carbon filter and 4 x Minerade® pH2 Tabs)
  • Instruction Aquavolta® H2 Rocket V5 for the production of H2-water-20S-web.pdf
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  AquaVolta® H2 Rocket for Minerade® Tabs & Minerade® H2-Shuttle-Filter | Increase pH &
Informations sur le produit "AquaVolta® H2 Rocket 5.1 | Water filtration + pH value increase + H2 gas enrichment"

AquaVolta® H2 Rocket for Minerade® Tabs & Minerade® H2-Shuttle-Filter | Increase pH & Enrichment with H2-Gas

After 13 years of experience and 2 years of development Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TUM in cooperation with Karl Heinz Asenbaum, author & thinker of the industry, has now developed a simple and cost effective alternative to the electrically operated water ionizers.

Instruction Aquavolta® H2 Rocket V5 for the production of H2-water-24S-web.pdf

We have achieved the following goals or innovations and are surprised by the outstanding results in terms of dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2 gas), pH and especially taste:

  • Works without electricity, only the standard line pressure from 1.5 bar is sufficient. Thus, defective are excluded, 7 years warranty, Made by Aquavolta®, so manufactured in Germany or in Garching b. Munich.
  • Wncl. mechanical leakage stopper, pressure gauge, 2 meters 1/4" connection hose and all necessary connectors and other additional connection parts; if necessary, further connection parts are included in delivery
  • Stage 1: Enriches hydrogen levels dissolved in the H2-Rocket by the 2 x Minerade® pH2-Tab and the tap water pressure sometimes far above 1.7 ppm (1700ppb), tested with the blue H2-test drops, which are also included in the delivery. 3ppm to 5 ppm H2 content is not uncommon. Only the most powerful electric water ionizers combined with the Minerade® H2-Shuttle cartridge come close to these levels in flow-through mode. The electric water ionizers also separate acidic waste water, which is minimally more interesting from the taste, since the waste water, which one would drink otherwise, is no longer contained in the drinking water. But here we are in the luxury area, because the water ionizers cost up to 2000 € more, with H2 values and are also more vulnerable.

Quick introduction Aquavolta® H2 Rocket 2.0

  • 2nd Stage - Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ Multifunctional Water Filter: Filters with activated carbon granules and raises water pH up to pH 9.5 with mineral ceramics and also minimally serves as a downstream H2 reactor and storage chamber to ensure H2 levels even in flow up to 1.7ppm.
  • through this novel combination and other hidden innovations hydrogen contents above 1.7 ppm (1700 ppb) and also up to 5 ppm are achievable. This dissolved H2 gas amount is currently only reached by the portable Aquavolta®Nano H2 generators after only 10 minutes, and this is already by far the best H2 generator! If only a small pH-value increase is desired, only the filter version without pH-value increase can be used. Please tell us this wish in your order mail or order.
  • 3rd stage, if desired: A softener cartridge that can be easily regenerated with brine every 300-1000 liters (depending on the lime content of the tap water). Contact us about the softener option if you have calciferous water.
  • 3rd stage: 2nd post-filter based on activated carbon (Minerade® Carbon) , can be replaced every 9-18 months.
  • Can be combined with a stainless steel 1-way compact faucet or a 3-way Hydroselect faucet.
  • Can be placed upright or horizontally, standing and also suspended. Dimensions L x W x H: 28cm x 16cm x 42cm
  • Stainless steel pressure gauges for monitoring the gas in the H2 reactor tank gives you the certainty of the actual pressure in your domestic water pipes at any time. Only in the first few moments can the unit rise above the domestic water supply pressure. After a week's training period, pressures higher than your mains pressure are not to be expected.
  • Easy filter change thanks to the proven Quickfitting quick connectors with the included open-end wrench tool. Please shut off the water supply before changing the filter and relieve the pressure via the tap.
  • Simple filter rinsing after filter change via the tap: After filter change, let the rinsing water run for 2-3 min. via the tap.
  • After 12 hours of standing time, a light, pleasant aftertaste of magnesium comes into the water, reminiscent of spring water. The pH value can even be above pH9.5, especially if the system is new. Then, when new water enters the system during tapping, the pH drops to the typical pH 9 to pH 9.5.
  • Theoretically also possible to get neutral H2 water or slightly basic water with a high hydrogen content. To do this, you would replace the Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ filter cartridge with a neutral pH version. Mention this in the order message to us, or by email, and we will adjust the order.

Short presentation H2 Rocket, under-sink mounting with the stainless steel three-way valve Hydroselect


Sneak Preview Aquavolta® H2 Rocket - Production of basic H2 water without electricity!


Drahtmodell H2 Rocket 3.1 | Aktuelle Version 5.1 hat nun 2 Filter integriert


H2-Rocket 5.1 | On-table with a compensator tap, mounting on the tap or fixed by T-piece>


Overview Aquavolta® H2 Rocket Version 3.1, predecessor with only one filter

Version 3.2 now has two filters integrated instead of the previous version 3.1. In addition, the vent regulator has now been dispensed with, thus simplifying assembly once again.





Variable mounting options: 1. on-table with compensator dispensing tap, 2. under-table with one-way tap or 3. three-way tap

The H2-Rocket together with the Minerade® H2-Shuttle can also be placed together or separately or even suspended. Pre-filter and post-filter, if absolutely desired, can be easily added modularly through the 1/4" connector ports, also directly in the H2 Rocket housing, e.g. by a softener or a reverse osmosis membrane. Mr. Akgün will be happy to discuss your special requirements: +4989416117997


H2 Rocket 5.1 | basic H2 water | undersink mounting with fixed connection and one-way stopcock, laid


H2-Rocket 5.1 | Under-sink mounting with three-way tap for hot, cold & basic H2 water


SIENA NKS stainless steel look, brass, bright chrome plated 120,00 € surcharge


Hydroselect stainless steel solid, no coating or the like! 120,00 € surcharge


Select suitable faucet in the selection window when ordering.

Please select the version of the 3-way faucet that best fits your kitchen in the selection window above in the brief description.

You can find even more numerous 3-way faucets here on our supplier's pages. Tell us your desired faucet when you place your order.


3-way faucet with a pull-out shower: CUCINA IDEALE

Fig. On the right is an example of a 3-way faucet with a pull-out shower: CUCINA IDEALE, satin nickel / stainless steel look, price: 570 € incl. 19% VAT, Made in Italy. Specify when ordering that you want to have this.


Version 1 made of stainless steel: Incl. quick-fitting connector to attach 1/4" hoses in a pressure-resistant manner, € 1470


V 2 made of stainless steel: Incl. 1x Quick-Fitting connector to attach 2 x 1/4" hoses pressure-tight, 1490 €.


Minerade® Carbon-Shuttle pH+ | filtration, pH increase & light H2 gas enrichment | 1 installed, 1 included as reserve


Minerade® pH2 Tab | slight pH increase & production of H2 gas for very high H2 values | 2 installed, 4 as reserve

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Installation of the Aquavolta® H2 Rocket | for the production of basic or, if desired, only neutral H2 water.

Please note the new instructions: Instructions Aquavolta® H2 Rocket V5 for the production of H2 water-24S-web.pdf.

1. table-top mounting of the changeover valve on the water tap or fixed connection by means of a T-piece, using the water ionizer as an example, since analog mounting.

Installation water ionizer on the tap by switching valve, less often

Fixed connection to cold water line with T-piece & leakage stopper, typical



2. connect Aquavolta® H2 Rocket to the one-way valve or three-way valve

Connect the inlet hose to the inlet of the H2 Rocket. Inlet is at the top or inside of the water inlets on the valve with the blue washer and the sticker: Tap water

  1. Connect the hose connected to the one-way stopcock or three-way stopcock to the outlet of the H2 Rocket at the top. There is a valve with a purple washer and a label: H2 Water. This step is not necessary if the H2 Rocket is used as a tabletop unit and the compensator dispensing tap is used at the front of the H2 Rocket.
  2. Start the water supply at the T-piece or at the water tap via the changeover valve and listen and see if all connections on and in the H2 Rocket are tight. The transparent reactor pressure tank of the H2 Rocket will now fill up to approx. 4 finger widths with air.
  3. If everything is tight, you can now carefully open the tap for the first time, air and water will come out at the same time, until then only water comes out.
  4. After 5 minutes of rinsing, the H2 Rocket is now ready for use.
  5. For safety: Only on the first night, when the system is unattended for the first time, you can close the valve with the blue washer, and then open it again in the morning if everything has remained tight. This is practically a leak test, as the pressure after the first night will be higher than your line pressure.
  6. Currently, Mr. Akgün is happy to help with the assembly of the Rocket. After you have done everything up to point 2.2, you could call him once, and inaugurate the device together with him: +491792166231 (also Whatsapp).

3. degassing after 24 hours only after the first connection of the H2 Rocket.

After approx. 24 hours, too much gas will have built up in the H2 Rocket and in the two Minerade® filters. This is due to the fact that the whole system is still too new, and therefore produces H2 gas particularly diligently. For this reason, please perform the following:

  1. Turn the water inlet valve at the top of the Rocket with the blue washer.
  2. Completely release the pressure from the H2 Rocket via the tap. Careful, it can suddenly whistle out a lot of air, do not be alarmed, is harmless.
  3. When the pressure has been released via the water with the collected excess gases and nothing flows any more, close the tap
  4. Now turn the valve again with the blue washer on top of the H2 Rocket housing approx. 2 turns, the Rocket is fully operational again after 1 minute.
  5. If a lot of gas has formed again in the H2 Rocket reactor tank in the coming days, you can repeat steps 1 to 4 again. You can see the amount of gas in the transparent H2 Reactor tank when you look into the Rocket from the back. If the amount of gas is more than half of the tank while the H2 Rocket is pressurized, you could repeat step 1 to 4 again.

4. the first 2 weeks after assembly and use or on vacation.

  1. In the first 2-4 weeks, the initially bit stronger alkaline water taste will subside. If you want to reduce the taste, you can tap about 0.5 liters of water for plants or so before tapping your drinking water, and then tap the drinking water. The first few days you can expect pH values even above pH 10, and after about 2 to 4 weeks the pH will be around pH 9.5 or below.
  2. During the first 2-3 weeks, the Minerade® H2 Shuttle pH+ filter will operate overzealously and gas accumulation in the filters can be expected, which may suddenly escape when tapped, so it is preferable to set a slow flow rate at the outlet valve using the purple slip washer and, if necessary, release gas from the system as described in point 3 above.
  3. If you are traveling for a few days, or going on vacation or something, depressurize the H2-Rocket:
    1.Close the water inlet valve with the blue washer.
    2.Leave the tap open for basic H2 water so that pressure cannot build up. If you are using a compensator dispensing tap, you can insert a 1/4" hose into the top of the valve by the outlet valve with the purple slip washer (H2 water) and place it in a sink or 1.5 liter container. There will be up to 1.5 liters of water dripping out of the pressure release hose



Downloads Aquavolta® H2 Rocket for the production of basic, hydrogen-rich water

  • Manual Aquavolta® H2 Rocket V5 for the production of H2 water-20S-web.pdf
  • Manual Aquavolta® H2 Rocket - alkaline hydrogen rich water - EN 21-06.pdf
  • Aquavolta H2 Rocket - temiz ve alkalin ve hidrojen gazli su-Kullanım Kılavuzu TR.pdf.
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> Consultation du produit Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich
> FAQ: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Auteur et Chercheur




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