Water swirler “Vita Titan” by VitaVortex

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  • VitaVortex® water vortex for the tap, including an adapter.
  • latest generation after decades of experience
  • optimized swirl chamber for a more intense whirling action
  • Material: Titanium, ideal for coffee or tea water water
  • Can also be used for a water filter or reverse osmosis system
  • Incl. 5 years warranty from the manufacturer
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  • Vitatitan
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Water swirler Vita Titan Vita-Vortex®

Energized water is energy

Fitness and performance have to do with water, as many know!
Many would be healthier and more powerful if they would drink enough pure water daily.
And: Many don’t drink enough water because it often generates feelings of bloatednes and is hard to swallow.

Not so with the swirled water of the VITAVORTEX drinking water swirler.
This actually can be drunk more easily and tastes better too! Try it out.
And you will marvel at everything else a water swirler can create.

By refined sophisticated geometry of the VITA VORTEX swirl chambers, the natural cleansing process is simulated in the smallest space. The flow pattern is a whole series of main vortexes and counter-rotating whirls whose flow speeds potentiate each other. Other faster rotating and also reinforcing micro vortices are created.

In the video you can see how the water from such a swirler flows out.
The swirler shown is from an earlier VitaVortex VV5 water vortex edition.
The newer ones have the funnel glass already integrated into the swirler, this is not seen in the video. Advantage, the non-existent funnel glass can not break…


Water is our most important nourishment.

Humans can survive much longer without food than without water. Water is the basis of all metabolic processes. Here water has the task of a ‘freight hauler’, which supplies the body cells with all the essential nutrients and disposes of used materials. Is it not logical that this hauler must also be absolutely ‘clean’? But how does it work? Filters and so on are not enough.
It was only natural to question nature itself.

Vortices are the sewage plants of nature. And we have been observing very closely.

Water needs movement. Namely, a certain type of movement. Like, for example, from a wild mountain stream. There are countless large and small whirlpools. Thus, water is purified in nature of all pollutants and enriched with oxygen.

Moreover, natural vortex processes go so hard to the point that not only pollutants but also their ‘information Footprints’ are removed.

What is that? Maybe you know the subject of homeopathy, the big secret is that water also contains information on substances stored when these substances physically no longer are in the water! This water swirler replicates these vortex processes of nature.

So the VITAVORTEX-water vortex was created:

Working with the pressure of the water flow (!), a purely mechanical, high-precision device that cleans your daily drinking and cooking water, following the fine example that nature provides by regenerating and energizing your water. The “lightness” of the water makes it much easier to drink.

The VITAVORTEX drinking water vortex has the ability to reproduce the natural vertebral processes in a high-tech product.

The VITAVORTEX-water vortex operates on the principle of vortex formation in natural watercourses.
What nature creates over long distances and with plenty of time, the VITAVORTEX Swirly creates this in a small space and through state-of-the-art precision engineering.

It replaces the natural slope of a mountain stream with the pressure from the water mains.
The result is very high-quality drinking water which is enriched with plenty of oxygen.

The core of VITAVORTEX technology is the exact calculation of eddy geometry and their technical implementation of digital precision mechanics and high quality materials – including gold and titanium.  The Spinner is a purely mechanical device that works without external power and without moving parts. This means: no wear, no deposits, no repairs.

More in the article: The history of VITAVORTEX water vortex.


VITA titanium with its vortex chamber architecture:

  • the reduction of water clusters
  • an oxygen transfer into the water for energy enrichment
  • a change in the molecular structure of limescale
  • rids the water of chlorine
  • significantly improves the drinking water quality:
  • the water tastes fresh, is noticeably softer and easy to drink
  • A substantial increase in cell regeneration in humans, animals and plants
  • A clearly discernible feel-good effect after only a few days

User experiences

But far more amazing are the personal experiences of all previous users of VITA VORTEX water swirlers. They repeatedly report softer and more flavourful water. Also swimming in this water is a delight. You seem to float in the water in a meditative state.

This technique has found its way into establishments such as bakeries, where the dough made with swirled water rises better and thus the bread stays fresh for longer. In horticulture the flowers, vegetables and fruit grow better and are more aromatic.

A special feature: they can be mounted in seconds on a standard faucet and you can enjoy fresh, tasty and oxygenated water.


VITAVORTEX® Technology

Evolution of nature – in High-Tec completed!

VITAVORTEX® swirlers gives our water the most important thing back: it’s supernatural powers!

Nature knows no straight lines or 90 degree angles. Nature-friendly forms and movements are based on the vortex principle – it is considered the primordial form of life.

The sophisticated technology of eddy VITAVORTEX® brings the water back to its natural movement pattern. It operates on the same principle of genuine water streams.

The water is swirled dynamically like in a kilometer-long sparkling mountain stream in a small space without electricity or other foreign sources. The speciality of VITAVORTEX®-water vortex lies in the core, the specially constructed vortex chamber. The harmonious interplay of proportions and optimized water flow speeds up the water very strongly.

In the vortex chamber numerous micro vortices form at the boundary surface where the water clusters dissolve.
The water structure is ‘broken’ and becomes ‘less dense’, it has more dissolving power and flows better.
Additionally, in the detachable swirling chamber a ‘Nexus-pin’ made of fine silver or a precious stone can be inserted.

A class on its own: elegant TITANIUM

Material for water vortex has to meet the highest requirements: It must be absolutely water-resistant, durable, suitable for food, drinking water neutral, be immunologically compatible and energetically advantageous.
A material meets these requirements in an ideal way with: titanium.
There is no comparable material.

Titanium excels with outstanding properties and is suitable for the highest demands.
Titanium is light, very strong and extremely resistant to corrosion.
In addition, it is very biocompatible and behaves neutrally – allergic reactions are not known.

Just titanium has the necessary stability and strength for the resulting forces during vertebrae.
At the same time it withholds the energy when water is swirled.
Titanium is noticeably unique: With its light weight and warm, subtly shimmering surface it feels comfortable and provides an extremely high water quality.

The elaborate interior design maintains itself in the pleasing design of avant garde aesthetics.
The VITA VORTEX is therefore also great eye candy.


Technical information:

  • Metals used: 100% pure titanium
  • Lenght of the WaterVortex: 50mm
  • M22.1 internal thread (standard), 1 adapter: connecting thread
  • Weight: 70g
  • Majority Ø: 28mm
  • Long: 50mm
  • Line pressure max .: 10 bar
  • Line pressure min .: 2.5 bar
  • Water flow at 4 bar: ca. 4 Liter/Minute

VITAVORTEX swirled water gives you new, never before experienced experiences.

By using the VITA.Titan water swirler connected to your tap the water is revitalized, alive and thus life-promoting.

You will love it and you will be able to taste it, so VitaVortex provides a 5 year warranty on this product!

The new Vita-titanium water vortex for your home – try now and enjoy!

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