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The FAQ video interview about alkaline activated water is presented in detail by Mr. Asenbaum to deeply understand the subjects of water and water treatment. The video shows the most important questions and answers, which still cause doubt, for example: the subject about water and stomach acids. Below you will find our pool of collected FAQ’s and you can also browse through our FAQ database.

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The following questions and answers have been very kindly compiled by author and researcher Karl Heinz Asenbaum over the last 12 years (!) and these are continuously updated and extended. These FAQ’s and a few more dealing with the subject of water and water treatment can be found in German on his knowledge database.


General questions | Water

Alkaline activated water. What is it and what is it not?

by  Karl Heinz Asenbaum  on Tuesday, 8. March 2016

Hermann K.: Alkaline water, alkaline activated water, ionized water, electro-activated drinking water, electrolyte water, Hydrogen-Rich-Water…. slowly I don’t know my way around. Which water do you recommend and what is what?

  • Since the nature of electro-activated water was not understood up until recently, since 1931 over 50 different descriptions have emerged, which can be drunk very well. Originally, the inventor Alfons Natterer spoke of acidic, alkaline and neutral electrolyte water. Decisive is, since then, the electrolytic production as opposed to, what I like to call, “chemical water ionizers”. A full overview of the singular descriptions and procedures you will find on the E-book DVD ROM of this FAQ book

Redoxspannung TemperaturChart

  • Since in Japan because of other cell construction, initially only the alkaline and acidic variety were produced, the term “Alkaline Ionized Water” was developed for the drinkable alkaline part. This is an unclear definition since it expresses the same twice. The water becomes alkaline due to a part of the molecules splitting into acidic and alkaline ions. So the water is separated by electrolysis into its ions H+ and OH-. On one side of the membrane, alkaline water (from OH- ions) results and on the other side of the membrane acidic water (from H+ ions) results. The counter term of alkaline activated water is acidic ionized water. Often it is referred to as oxidized or oxidizing water.
  • The term “ionized water”, brought up by Dr. Dina Aschbach in a book,  is an unfortunate choice of words because it only brings the water ions to the foreground. The electric activity of the “activated water” does not found itself directly on the alkaline or acidic character, which is produced from the OH- and H+ water ions, but rather on the enrichment of dissolved oxygen in acidic water and the enrichment of dissolved hydrogen in alkaline water. Due to these dissolved gases a very high (positive) oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is reached, up to 1200 mV (SHE =Standard Hydrogen Electrode) on the oxygen side and an extraordinarily low (negative) oxidation reduction potential, up to (-) 800 mV (SHE) on the hydrogen side. These are the values that can be measured with a SHE electrode (standard hydrogen electrode). Since in practice one almost only measures with CSE electrodes (common silver/silverchloride electrodes), are the values up to + 993 mV (CSE) on the oxygen side and from -593 mV on the hydrogen side. These are values measured at 25º C, where the difference between the measurement method and SHE measurements amount to a difference of + 207 mV. The relationship with other temperatures is illustrated in the following graph.

By electrolyzing water in an electrolytic cell with a diaphragm membrane it doesn’t only form both water ions H+ and OH- from water molecules. Oxygen and hydrogen is also released, the difference in both sides is explained by the fact that oxygen gas and hydrogen gas possess different dissolving powers.

Solubility of oxygen mg/l at 1 atmospheric pressure 101,325 Pa

15 degrees C 2,756
20 degrees C 2,501
25 degrees C 2,293
30 degrees C 2,122
35 degrees C 1,982

Solubility of hydrogen mg/l at 1 atmospheric pressure 101,325 Pa

15 degrees C 1,510
20 degrees C 1,455
25 degrees C 1,411
30 degrees C 1,377
35 degrees C 1,350

With electrolysis 2 water molecules H2O release the following gas quantity:

2H2O —> 2 H2 + O2

There is always double the amount of hydrogen gas compared to oxygen gas.
O2 can, however, at 25 degrees C dissolve 1,6 times better in water. So whereto with the clear surplus of H2?


The Hofmann Voltameter is one of the favourite school experiments of chemistry teachers and students. Thanks to its clever design the equation can be clearly demonstrated. In any case the Chemistry teacher has to “trick” in order to show that both gases are formed with the ratio 2:1. If the water is not saturated by both gases, then a ratio of 1:2,5 results with the different dissolving powers and the dissolving speed (oxygen to hydrogen).

At the end of the experiment we obtained pure oxygen and hydrogen for the beloved detonating gas effect, but also acidic water with saturated oxygen and alkaline water with saturated hydrogen, depending on air pressure and temperature.


So why does the ORP sink in alkaline, hydrogen rich water to very high negative values?

CSE-SHE WerteVergleich pH

One should keep in mind that ORP values are not measurable. The ORP is always the value of an electric current between two chemical reacting partners, so a relative size. H2 hydrogen gas is defined as a standard potential E0.

. As opposed to a hydrogen electrode (SHE), gold has, for example, an ORP of + 1680 mV, whereas lithium shows – 3040 mV. Due to the voltage difference one could make a lithium-gold battery with 4720 mV (4,72 Volts). A minus value means that an electron surplus is present, a positive value means a tendency to accept electrons.

The water molecule H2O is composed of two reacting partners, H2 and O. Oxygen (O) has a positive ORP with + 1230 mV compared to H2, so “greedy” for electrons. This voltage difference of 1230 mV is constant with all pH values and measuring methods, even if the values of both reacting partners with increasing pH values sink.

Alkaline activated water contains more hydrogen than oxygen. What is missing, very plainly put, are the +1230 mV: the ORP has to sink.

With drinkable alkaline activated water, with a pH 8,5 to 9,5, is the standard potential of H2 has sunk furthermore from 0 to ca. -450 to -550 mV. Therefore it has the low ORP values. Since many free OH- ions are available due to the alkaline character, it can reach the following electron releasing reaction:

2 H2 + 4 OH- ———> 4 H2O + 4 e-

This reaction creates water, full of energy: alkaline activated water.


So there are three basic parameters which define the value of alkaline activated water:

  • A maximum saturation with dissolved hydrogen
  • A higher surplus of OH- ions
  • A possibly complete removal of oxygen gas

These 3 basic parameters compliment each other. Their simultaneous availability is exclusively reached with an electrolytic water ionizer with diaphragm electrolysis. Neither chemical water ionizers or electrolysis devices without a diaphragm or Hydrogen Rich Water generators cannot reach the compliance of these parameters.


The first person, to my knowledge, who used the term “alkaline activated water” journalistically in Germany was Engineer Dietmar Ferger in his 2006 published book: “Alkaline Activated Water – how it works and what it can do.” The extended version of this book is also available in German, with the title: “Jungbrunnenwasser” (Fountain of youth water). The activity of water is better reflected, since it isn’t just a simple “alkaline water” with a high pH value. Dr. Walter Irlacher and I used this definition in our book “Service Handbuch Mensch” (Service Manual for Humans), which also first appeared in 2006.
In 2008, together with Ferger, we delved deeper into the topic with the book and documentary “Drink yourself alkaline – a guide to alkaline activated water”.

In 2008 the interest was dominated by an electrochemical measure and, which alkaline activated water, alongside its increased pH values, also possesses: The negative ORP. The Russian researcher Vitold Bakhir believes to have proven, that the ORP is abnormally low and not explainable with the classic ORP chemical equations. The ORP of the acidic activated water was also abnormally high and seemed to also be unexplainable. It was assumed what the main causes behind this unusual redox potential were for the effects of alkaline activated water (antioxidant) and acidic activated water (oxidative).

In 1997 Sanetaka Shirahata had hypothesised that only atomar hydrogen can be the cause for the antioxidative effect of water. He could establish such an effect with types of water, which didn’t have an abnormally negative ORP yet contained atomar hydrogen. Yet the research of Shigeo Ohta and many other researchers showed worldwide since 2008, that also the molecular hydrogen, the hydrogen gas in water, which causes the low ORP, causes the antioxidant effect. Since this, the research of hydrogen rich water is part of the highly promising new field in medicine. You get an overview under the key words “medical gas research” and in this FAQ book under the key words Hydrogen Rich Water.

With the new discoveries on how important H2 (hydrogen gas) is in alkaline activated water, it places the focus on the question as to how it should be stored and durability. If we were still in the times of the ORP debate, then one wouldn’t use metal containers for storing the water, so that the electrons don’t flow off. Nowadays metal containers, for example a double walled stainless steel bottle, is the first choice for storing alkaline activated water efficiently. Also with thick glass, (especially blue glass), do you prevent the loss of hydrogen and therefore the loss of the antioxidant effect. Whereas hydrogen flows out of plastic bottles very quickly, meaning the water relaxes faster and reduces the maximum use of the pure alkaline effect.

Why is hydrogen important in activated water and not oxygen in the OH- ions, like Sang Whang believed? Hydrogen is the fuel, oxygen the burner. We can supply ourselves with plenty of oxygen through the lungs. A supply of hydrogen is only possible with eating. Each ingestion serves us to gain H2, the source of energy, found at the end of each metabolic process. With alkaline activated water, this source of energy can be simply drunk.

With oxidation, hydrogen does not become a free radical after releasing the energy, instead it becomes water. Thus, hydrogen is not only the smallest antioxidant, but also the most elegant.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.
Copyright 2016

Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Tuesday, 15. March 2016

Lydia O.: In your “Service Handbuch Mensch” book you wrote, that you have been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45. That was 14 years ago. Has the alkaline activated water let you survive?

  • Maybe. But my doctor wouldn’t have agreed on that, even though the measurable cancer test results have been diminishing continuously and apart from drinking alkaline activated water, I didn’t allow any other therapeutic methods. He also said:” There are no healthy people – most just weren’t properly checked up!” Because everyone gets cancer constantly since body cells permanently degenerate. The question however is, how much can our immune system keep in check? And its capability seems enough for me. It is for sure however that the often mentioned Warburg hypothesis on growing cancer cells cannot spread in a alkaline environment is wrong, since the tumour can protect itself with specific enzymes. Therefore I consequently refuse to support any thesis on fighting cancer with alkaline activated water, also if only used for prophylaxis. At least when the cancer, like in most cases of a cancer diagnosis, has afflicted the cells in a non-irreversible measure.
  • In the book “Trink dich basisch”, we therefore refused to include healing reports and wrote that alkaline activated water can be a grain against cancer but only many grains together can build a castle.
  • It is well known that in some Japanese cancer clinics patients get to drink alkaline activated water as part of a conventional medical treatment.  Prof. S. Shirahata spoke in an interview on WDR of even drinking 4-6 litres daily. One reason might be that after a radiological or chemotherapeutical treatment of Prof. Shirahata, firstly proven “radical catcher functions” of alkaline activated water seemed highly welcomed by doctors.
  • On the other hand one of the discoveries of the Russian activated water research was that alkaline activated water could act as radiation protection. Its application could be therefore downright counterproductive in radiation therapy. Doctor and patient here should always work and agree on closely together.
  • In the book “Ionisiertes Wasser” by Dina Aschbach, tumour-inhibiting attributes of alkaline activated water have been shown in an animal study.
  • Prof. Ashot Kathatryan Papikovich developed a special cancer treatment plan with activated water (Source: , there you can also find images). Treatment progresses of breast –and skin cancer in the third and fourth stages with metastases were presented here photographically. Accordingly, the therapy lasted 24 days and worked with catholyte and anolyte with a specific pH and ORP.
  • These activated liquids can be drunk, given as an enema for intestinal cleansing with repopulation of bacteria and as infusions. Alkaline water mixed with oxygen will be drunk. There are baths in acidic and alkaline active water as well as covers with anolyte and catholyte. Short-term improvements are clearly visible on the pictures; however, medium –and long-term improvements or even cures with final images do not exist according to the best of my belief.
  • D. Aschbach confirmed in her book (Ionisiertes Wasser, Hochheim 2010, p.171) at least the reproducibility of this method. This book is now only available second hand in Germany.
  • V. Prilutsky and V. Bakhir (a. a. O. p112) reported of cancer treatment trials by the Russian inventor D. I. Krotov, which starts for the first three days with a “shock dose” of highly oxidative activated water (anolyte) and then followed by a drinking period of highly antioxidant activated water (catholyte). So far, I couldn’t identify any information about the success of this treatment.
  • During a Korean animal experiment with skin cancer infected mice, it showed that mice that were given alkaline activated water had a reduced tumour growth and lived significantly longer. The effect is based on the radical catcher ability of alkaline activated water (Lee, K-J., u.a. Anticancer Effect of alkaline reduced water).
  • There are also examples of cancer infected animals: Animals soaked in alkaline activated water always have smaller tumours than the control groups soaked in tap water (links from pictures originating from Youtube videos on the photos).
  • However, I have never seen the disappearance of a tumour in one of those animals documented.  The same applies for cancer treatments in humans. There are quite impressive evidences on tumour inhibition, but no evidence of a curative effect on cancer.
  • Sanetaka Shirahata and others found out in a basic research study (Telomere Shortening in Cancer Cells by electrolyzed reduced water, Springerverlag 1998) that alkaline activated water can shorten the chromosomes and thus the lifespan of tumour cells significantly. This would be a possible explanation for an anti-cancer effect; but this is just basic research and still far away from actual cancer therapy.

FAQ Cancer mice in alkaline water

FAQ Cancer mice in tap water


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Friday, 4. March 2016

Kangen® Water and activated water – what ist the difference?

  • Kangen Water® is the registered brand description for activated water of the Japanese traditional company EnagicTM, existing since 2005, which is produced by an ionizer device made by this company. In Europe, for example, these devices under the description LevelukTM offered by multi level marketing companies are similar to other devices in the assembly and the electrolysis performance. The description Kangen® Water in the operating instructions is only used for activated alkaline water with a pH 8,5, pH 9, pH 9,5 and pH 11. Filtered and acidic water is not described as Kangen® Water. Kangen® Water is high quality alkaline activated water.
  • pH 11 water is no drinking water. Therefore “Strong Kangen® Water” (>pH 11) has a warning sign not to drink it. One can remove persistent, greasy stains with it, rinse fish, meat and vegetables with it and use it to clean the floor.
  • There is a special feature to the LevelukTM devices: To create “Strong Acidic Water” (Anolyte) and “Strong Kangen® Water” (Catholyte), these devices are equipped with a liquid tank which has an „Electrolysis Enhancer for producing strong Acidic Water“ made exclusively by the Enagic Osaka Factory, which upon choosing the operating level will mix the correct dosage of water to it.

FAQ Difference Kangen water Leveluk

  • This liquid electrolysis enhancer differentiates itself from a usual saline solution (NaCl) in water due to the fact that it also contains sodium hypochlorite (NaClO – hypochlorite acid or also „Eau de Labarraque“). Sodium hypochlorite is, for example, the active component of disinfecting and bleaching household cleaning agents and is also promoted as “active chlorine”.
  • I cannot detect a necessity for this supplement, since mixing common salt to any water ionizer through the supply pipe for salt crystals anyhow creates big amounts of hypochlorite acids in the anode chamber. Hypochlorite acid is the decisive active agent of anolyte, in terms of disinfection power of oxidative water. I presume, that hypochlorite additives in the “Electrolysis Enhancer” are especially used for the saline solution to keep it stable in a germ free condition. The small bottles also have no sell-by date.
  • Also industrial devices used to create anolyte work with liquid salt (Sole), since it can be dosed more exactly with a so called “Venturi-pump” compared to the addition of salt crystals, which dissolve in varying amounts and varying speeds in water.
  • As distinguished from industrial devices, which have an exact flow rate control of the feedwater at their disposal, the LevelukTM devices cannot regulate the water flow rate exactly, since a real-time display is missing.
    So you have to guestimate with the water tap, since the device can only be connected with the diverter faucet.
    The problem can be solved with an alternative water connection, which is in exact alignment with the flow rate and therefore guarantees constant results.

FAQ Difference Kangen water ProFlow


In 2016 a similar alternative device for private and professional use was developed by the Korean company “Ionia”, a pioneer of water ionizers.

The AquaVolta ECA plus. (ECA means electro-chemical-activation).

It hast two water outlets on top, one for normal alkaline activated water, another for functional acidic or alkaline water (pH 2,5 and 11,5) with salt injection before electrolysis.

It is safer to keep them separate to avoid people drinking the strong acidic or strong alkaline water.

The AquaVolta ECA plus works with separate electrolytic cells: One with nine electrodes for the normal alkaline activated drinking water. The other with 7 electrodes for the tap water with saline injection to generate functional ECA-Water. The efficiency of this new device in all measurable water paramters (pH, ORP, dissolved hydrogen) in all my tests was much better than any of the Kangen® water devices.

Also the descaling system works better and the display shows all necessary information, especially a realtime flow-control which a modern water ionizer must have. So it´s time for the japanese Enagic® company, to update their old-fashioned and not state-of-the-art Kangen® devices.

Another point for the AquaVolta ECA plus is the price. For it is offered by normal distributers and not by a multi-level-marketing system, it is much cheaper, although it is obviously better constructed.

Only the dimensions of 376 x 185 x 435 mm could be a counterpoint. This is due to the two big pre-filter cartridges in the device.

The first filter contains activated carbon granules. The second filter contains a calcium acid and a hollow fiber membrane which is the gold-standard of filtration today.

AquaVolta EOS ECA Plus Water Ionizer


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Thursday, 3. March 2016

Ulrich K.: Japanese ionizers are usually much more expensive than Korean or Chinese ones. Are they better, because the Japanese have much more experience making water ionizers?

  • Similar to Germany, Japan is a high-wage country so the production costs in Japan are higher than in South Korea and even Taiwan, China or Malasia, where these devices are manufactured. The final assembly occurs only because of image reasons in Japan.
  • Decisive is not the production, but the engineering. Even though the Japanese manufacturers are older than the Korean ones, no technological breakthrough has been seen so far. Quite the opposite: The most expensive Japanese domestic device available in Europe in 2013, from the traditional company called Enagic® (Leveluk SD 501), has a technical feature missing; the flow through rate indicator, which is very necessary for the adequate running of a water ionizer. Also, there is no modern Flow-Change to decalcify, because in Japan they hardly have hard water.
  • Also the connection technology of Japan’s high-end device Leveluk SD 501 is for European kitchen design too primitive. There are devices from China, Taiwan or Malaysia that have modern features.
  • Also the legendary durability of Japanese devices has, in my opinion, fallen back because of the overall industrial trends. The German distribution has granted the devices of the South Korean company AlkamediTM up to 15 years guarantee, where as the competition from other countries can only offer 2 – 7 years guarantee. (Since August 2013)

FAQ Japanese connection technology


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Friday, 4. March 2016

When comparing filter coffee with a pH around 5 and soluble Arabica coffee with a pH around 6, that is quite a difference. Can you tell me if it makes a difference filtering the coffee with alkaline activated water?

Manfred M.: In your book: “Service Handbuch Mensch”, you show in a drinking comparison chart that coffee is an acidic drink. From filter coffee at ca. pH 5 and soluble Arabica coffee at ca. pH 6 the difference is quite vast – yet I don’t want to drink a soluble coffee! Can yo tell me if it makes a difference filtering the coffee with alkaline activated water?


Kaffee espresso

  • These are for many people downright existential questions, because they want to give up everything, just not coffee. I receive a lot of questions regarding this subject and I would like to give a detailed answer.
  • Yes, coffee is sour, as well as varied. Robusta coffee beans, which are mixed into filter coffee blends – these are cheaper – are the sourest, Arabica coffee is more alkaline than most mineral water. Regarding the acid/alkaline balance one should opt for the more expensive Arabica bean.
  • I am speaking of basic black, unsweetened coffee. Additives like milk, cream or sugar can change the values of your special properties.
  • Also the method of preparation plays a role with the pH values. The most acidic is Turkish coffee/Greek mocca. When the coffee powder mixes with the boiling water and does not get separated, most of the acids go over to the water. Since this mix is usually offset with sugar, the acidic taste is masked. Also filter coffee has a relatively long contact time with the powder, so it is correspondingly acidic. The least contact time is with Espresso/Café Crema, and has a correspondingly low acidic burden. Instant Arabica Espresso is mixed by experts optimally and dissolves immediately. The pH level varies according to the used water.
  • If you use alkaline activated water, you can marginally push the pH value up with each preparation method, since coffee is a strong acid buffer liquid, which through water, similar to stomach acids, hardly gets disrupted when acidic in character. There are a couple of other points that speak against cooking coffee with alkaline activated water: Fresh alkaline activated water is rich in minerals and harder than regular tap water. Therefore you have to decalcify your kettle or coffee maker more frequently because if not, when heating more minerals fall out. Also when heating normal tap water minerals fall out as limescale.
  • More sensible would be to mix the fallen out minerals with the coffee powder. With a small trick you can buffer up the activated water stronger, in which a neutrally tasting, calcium rich mineral powder (1/2 teaspoon) is mixed with it. The result, for example is a Café Crema from the Espresso machine with a difference of 0,5 pH in favour of the buffered coffee powder. Also the Crema gets stronger. There is no discussion about the taste, yet coffee connoisseurs know that calcium is a wonderful taste and aroma carrier and therefore and prefer, contrary to tea preparations, hard water. Especially if they have very soft water at home, then the trick with the mineral powder helps.
  • The answer to your question is thus actually done, but I allow myself pointing out that acidification is not even the main problem with coffee. Because coffee, in the worst case, is not as acidic as most other daily, favourite drinks and is not consumed in such large quantities, such as cola, fruit nectars, lemonades or beer. We even know that a single cup of coffee can bring the salivary pH down, but this is also quickly compensated if you continuously drink not more than 1 to 2 cups a day – best espresso.
  • The real health issue when it comes to coffee is its antioxidant content. Although by roasting the green beans there is a loss of a lot of antioxidants, but there still remain plenty of antioxidants during the gentle and slow roasting of the more expensive varieties.Americans are not known for their healthy and balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables as a supplier of antioxidants tend to be more of an exception in their diet. Therefore, there is according to a study in 2005, actually coffee is by far the most important source of antioxidants for the population. In Europe there is fortunately a health orientated food culture, so that coffee can only be regarded as a luxury and doesn’t lay a role as an antioxidant supply.The antioxidant power of alkaline activated water can be seen, like with coffee, because of its low or even negative ORP. With various coffee samples we have measured values between + 157 mV (espresso macchiato cup from the refrigerated section) and – 285 mV (instant coffee, alkaline activated water pH 9.5 / -350 mV, heated by a microwave). In an ordinary heating method (electrical stove, coffee maker, kettle), the use of alkaline activated water does not cause a reduction of the ORP in coffee, as all heating methods destroy obviously faster the redox potential compared to the coordinated water molecules of a microwave. Nevertheless, with an electric espresso machine we have prepared freshly ground Café Crema – no matter with which water we used to prepare it – we measured an average of  -70 mV ORP.
  • If you just want a cool, caffeinated soft drink, I recommend my method: Two cups of espresso with 1/2 teaspoon powdered mineral additive (like calcium carbonate) produced in the machine. Place fresh alkaline activated water in the soda machine to carbonated it. Pour the Espresso into a glass with the 0.5 liters of activated soda water. Add some ice cubes if you wish. Delicious, very rich in antioxidants, lightly carbonated, sour, bitter and aromatic. This is anything but “cold coffee”, rather Coke for coffee lovers! For me, of course, without sugar or sweetener.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Friday, 4. March 2016
  • PPM means Parts Per Million. With a conductivity metre you can measure the number of all dissolved particles. Often the conductance is also shown in microsiemens. He says something about the amount, not the quality of the water components. 5 ppm lead, quicksilver, uranium or cadmium can be catastrophic, 1000 ppm calcium in comparison is perfect! Whoever wants to judge the quality of water with a measurement of conductance, is either completely uninformed or purposefully does not tell the truth, for to advertise —> reverse osmosis, I refer to this in another section.
  • Where does the increase in ppm come from, even though the water before electrolysis is filtered and like that the contaminants are removed? In the cathode chamber minerals build up from 2 litres of water in 1 litre alkaline activated water. Aside from some filters also adding —> calcium, because it is good for us and for the buffering of activated water. That is why it has mostly more ppm, yet fewer contaminants, which can be measured in alkaline activated water.
  • Last but not least I have to point out that with the conductance solely electrolyte, hence ions can be measured in the water, electrically neutral atoms cannot.
  • Furthermore you should consider, that the very bad contaminants like lead, quicksilver or uranium, also hormones and antibiotics in minimal amounts are very harmful. Heavy metals are measured in micrograms, whilst the good metals like calcium, magnesium or potassium are measured in milligrams, so the order of magnitude is a thousandth bigger. If a filter can remove ppm from the water, it does not mean by a long way that the “evil” ones were removed.

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Saturday, 5. March 2016

Frieda S. : With your recommendations for water ionizers you always state the hardness levels in °dH (degree of German water hardness). In the analysis of my water provider these are stated in mmol/l. On mineral water bottles it is written in mg/l. How can you compare these classifications?

  • You can investigate. As a consumer you have the right to information. I really don’t know how this terminology jumble can be useful to consumers. It is like with the international standardisation and makes most uncertain. Maybe the drinking and mineral water industry doesn’t want people to compare straight away. For self help, here an aid:
  • The prior indication that was usual for the contents in mg/l (miligrams per litre), which can still be found on mineral water bottles, differs from the modern description with mmol/l (=milimole per litre). To be able to compare your drinking water with mineral water, you have to multiply the stated value in mmol/l with the below shown molar mass of the corresponding atoms and then you obtain the value in mg/l.
  • Sodium (Na+): 22,99
  • Potassium (K+): 39,1
  • Calcium (Ca2+): 0,08
  • Magnesium (Mg2+): 24,31
  • Iron (Fe-II): 55,85
  • Manganese (Mn2+): 54,94
  • Ammonium (NH4+): 18,039
  • Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-): 61,017
  • Chloride (Cl-): 35,45
  • Sulphur (SO42-): 96,066
  • Sulphide (S2-): 32,07
  • Nitrate (NO3-): 62,004
  • Nitrite (NO2-): 46,005
  • Phosphate (HPO42-): 95,974
  • Silica (SiO2): 60,088

The conversion of the hardness of water results as follows:

Some water providers limit themselves to not publish a complete analysis. You only receive it when requested.

Swiss water hardness ranges

Many state solely the hardness of the German Washing and Cleansing Agents Act from 2007. Only 3 hardness ranges are in this act.
In Germany you have water hardness over dH 30. In the past, the stronger subdivided upper half above dH 15 was phased. So no one has to still claim that hard water was delivered.

Water hardness chart Germany England France USA

Yet this difference still exists in Switzerland. In Switzerland you differentiate the hardness range according to 6 hardness levels in French degrees, respectively mmol/l as follows:

Hardness range chart Millimol Calcium Carbonate per litre dH


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Tuesday, 15. March 2016

Sigrun F.: Should anyone use alkaline activated water for intestinal cleansing (enemas) as well?


With respect to the redox potential in the colon, there is a Russian research paper (Vorobjeva, N., Selective stimulation of the growth of anaerobic microflora in the human intestinal tract by electrolysed reduced water, Med Hyp 2005. 64 (3), pp 543-546 ), an indication that anaerobic intestinal bacteria multiply only in a potential window from -97 to -197 mV ORP. In an imbalance of the colon bacteria (too many aerobes), alkaline activated water is recommended, to drink for sure. This seems even more practical, because with a direct introduction into the colon as with a Colon-Hydromat, it is likely that only alkaline activated water with a Redox value between -97 and -197 mV will be used. The precise control of these values is likely to be as difficult as the heating process of the water, since the customary colonic hydromats do not have the redox potential friendly heating options.

FAQ Intestine cleansing with alkaline activated water

Most studies deal with the positive effect of drinking alkaline activated water on bowel functioning. There is also a Russian therapy program for the treatment of ulcerative colitis using alkaline activated water (Prilutsky / Bakhir. P.123).

Intestinal cleansing affects the environment of the colon, which at the end is always still alkaline. Upon entering the large intestine, the stool has an average pH of 5.5, so still acidic. In “advanced” countries the stool reaches then in the rectum even values just above pH 7 (average pH 6.5). Here are measurement examples from my laboratory:

Stool from (human meat eaters): pH 7.16
Stool from (human vegetarians): pH 6.45
Stool from (human omnivores with 4 Actimel® Probiotica vial: pH 6.30

For what reason should the intestinal cleansing with alkaline activated water cause the pH environment in the entire colon to rise? A premature increase of the pH value in the colon passage promotes the growth of undesirable spoilage bacteria, particularly in meat-eaters. Whose growth is effectively inhibited by the presence of acidifying Bifidobacterium. Therefore, I also dissuade from enemas with alkaline water. Water for the intestinal cleansing should be neutral in my opinion, in order to not disturb the delicate environment of the bacteria.

FAQ Intestinal cleansing computer image


In our book “Service Handbuch Mensch” Dr. Irlacher and I consider the “Bad Füssinger Darmzottenbad” as the best method for bowel cleansing. Rinsing and cleansing is carried out with neutral water and oxygen. The oxygen disables the anaerobic decay of bacteria most effectively. Alkaline activated water is drunk, which comes through the small intestine and not from the rectum like with an enema. With these favourable redox conditions you create a balanced germ mix, optimal for living and multiplying. To the delight of the immune system!


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Uli S.: Can it be that at some point, if all acid is flushed out, that the urine should transition to alkaline?


The dead do not pee. Without acid excretion I would be seriously worried about you. Acid in the urine is a very complex issue. You could, for example, be highly acidic and still have an alkaline urine.

Not all acids get to the kidney. Therefore, the urine test for the acidic diagnosis  is less useful than generally claimed. The saliva test would be wiser, although it does not show the overall situation, it only indicates a section which has manifested in the interstitial fluid. After all, a large amount of liquid and more than that little urine.

There are urine interpreters in Internet forums, that claim that a glass of alkaline activated water makes the urine even as antioxidant as a serving of broccoli. Never have I measured an antioxidant value in the many urine tests I have done, although I have been drinking activated water for 10 years. This seems to me absurd. Why should the body flush electrons voluntarily into the toilet?

The measured urinary tests ranged between +6 and 91 mV (CSE). The single antioxidant human body excretion according to my measurements were breast milk and semen, with values between -27 mV and – 78 mV. Here the electron donation makes sense, since it is addressed to their own offspring.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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The brand name Aquavolta® derives from the Latin term for water (aqua) and the name of the inventor of the battery, Alessandro Volta. It stands for electro activated water.

  • In Germany one originally spoke of electrolyte-water, afterwards of “activated water”. In English it is often referred to as „reduced“ or „ionized“ water.
  • The characteristic of AquaVolta® is that a negative electrical tension with a measurement electrode shows a so-called negative redox potential.
  • The lower the redox potential, the higher the willingness water has of giving off electrons. Per 0,018 Volt (18 Millivolt) lower redox potential does the willingness double. AquaVolta® has an about 400 to 800 Milivolt lower redox potential than tap water or
    mineral water from a bottle.
  • Because of its high willingness to give off electrons, AquaVolta® is also described as antioxidant water.It is not only used by doctors for therapy, it has also established itself because of its good taste as a modern day to day drink.
  • Responsible for the antioxidant power of AquaVolta® according to the current scientific view is the content of dissolved hydrogen, or DH2. The AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster was developed to enhance this.
Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Saturday, 26. March 2016

Mario M: How much alkaline activated water should I drink to lose weight?


The inventor of the pH diet Dr. Robert O. Young is preaching for years, fat is nothing but a self-protection of the body from metabolic acidosis. Fat cells, which are nothing but fatty depots, which are outsourced from the metabolism as excess acid. Sangh Whang said bluntly, fat is acid. And he invented the ambitious attempt where he put pieces of beef fat alternately into acidic and then into strong alkaline activated water. Lo and behold, in the activated alkaline water the fat gradually disappears, it literally “melted” away. While both of this is true, however, it does not prove by any means that alkaline water helps to lose weight. Sang Whangs attempt could also say that the fat that we eat can be absorbed more easily using alkaline water. Anyway, how is the water that we drink supposed to even reach the fat deposits in our bodies unless we get them surgically removed and then soak it in alkaline water. It seems just from drinking the alkaline water a direct impact is impossible. But what speaks for an indirect, systemic action? Alkaline water with its active contribution to the metabolism inadvertently builds up acids because the reduction of fat leads to increased amount of acids. However, this can only take place if the condition for a fat reduction is given as it would be with a diet below the required calorie intake.

There are many examples of how people could reduce their overweight alone by drinking alkaline activated water without fundamentally changing their eating habits. This simply happens because they managed to let go of high energy drinks and, therefore, changed to a low-calorie state – while still eating the same amount of solid food. A quantity formula of maximum 0.3liter (pH 9 to 9.5) per 10kg of body weight has proven good results. If someone is on medications with a diuretic effect, the treating doctor has to prescribe the water intake according to the performance of the heart.

The reason for losing weight by drinking water is most likely that by drinking water (0 kcal/litre) the commonly underestimated calorie intake of sweet drinks is reduced without actually eating less. A good example of the influence of soft drinks on obesity are the Mexicans. Today they have managed to get to the top of the world’s obesity statistic, even though they eat less solid food than ever before. However, per capita they are drinking a staggering amount of 160 litres of high-calorie soda each year. (Source: ZDF Morning Magazine 2. 7. 2013). In his lectures, Dr Walter Irlacher regularly points out it is easier do acidify your body through drinks than it is with food. He states that it is quite easy to drink 2 litres of strong beer at the Munich Oktoberfest in only 2 hours. However, it is impossible to eat 2kg of pork at the same time. (

Frequently I get feedback like this: “My notorious cravings for sweets- done! I still can eat sweets but less and most of all I can stop whenever I chose to :). And equally, in stress situations, where previously my stomach acid literally was coming up, suddenly I’ve got it all under control. Still my mind recognises the problems, but not my body. For me, these are new horizons.” This seems to be a psychosomatic reflex: Food makes you tired and initiates a resting phase. Therefore, many people use food as a substitute for happiness because it deflects them from stressful situations at short notice. Especially sugary foods increase the level of the so-called happiness hormone serotonin at the expense of the stress hormones. Therefore, sugar can become a drug and because of its high calories also becomes a fattener. As soon as one only thinks of food, the cephalic (head) phase of the digestive system starts to work. The stomach begins to lower its resting pH of about 4 and the secretion of stomach acids begins. Now, if instead of addictive sweets you only drink water, the filling state of the stomach is increased for a short time. However, there is nothing to digest so that the cephalic phase of the digestion comes to its final state without the intake of any calories. Thus, the stomach goes back to its resting pH. The stomach acid does not occur in stressful situations anymore.

The rapid coupling of the intake of alkaline activated water (see also tags —> redox potential, —> hydrogenation) into the bloodstream, with the major water consumer, the brain, is better supplied as well. This is the primary reason for the “little hunger in-between (snack).” The need for rapidly absorbable minerals and water. Due to the minerals in the water, satiation without the intake of calories takes place.

If you drink alkaline activated water shortly before a meal, this will lessen the pressure on the stomach walls and even when genuinely starving it will reduce the cravings for large amounts of food because the satiating feeling is achieved much faster. There is a “stomach-is-full” reflex which triggers a cascade of hormones that suppress the feeling of hunger. A deactivation of digestive enzymes by pH increase does not take place. —> Stomach acid. Fizzy drinks increase bloating through the stomach volume, which suppresses the natural satiety during its continuous use. Alkaline water contains no active flatulent carbon dioxide. It flows through the upper part of the stomach bag directly through the gatekeeper in the duodenum – if the stomach is empty.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Marcus S.: For 4 months I have been using an ionizer to produce alkaline activated water. While using this appliance, I measured strong electric fields directly at the device (approx. 1500V/m). Does this E-Smog have any negative impacts on the activated water? Since water can store information, I assume that a large quantity of the exposure goes into the treated water and therefore reverses its positive health aspects. On you website, you wrote the following (excerpt): In addition, they produce “electric smog”, where its effects on the water have been discussed inconclusively. A measurable difference in the produced activated water in terms of power supplies is not apparent.
Are there any new discoveries? Are there devices that do not generate any high and low frequencies during the operation?


I talked about this question briefly generally in part 1 of this book. Since the electric fields radiated by built-in transformers in the device were much weaker than whatever prevails at the interfaces of the electrodes, it seems likely, that they won’t have any influence on the activated water. So far, there has been no difference in the resulted water.

In the German market, for example, the appliances of Kangen, Aquion, Nexus and Ionquell are equipped with transformer power supplies. I have measured around 1 Gauss magnetic field in some. The modern appliances on the other hand are supplied with switching power supplies and therefore no magnetic field can be measured. If in doubt, these device structures are preferable, especially since they also consume less power.

The opinions about electric smog are controversial, however, there is mutual agreement, at least among scientists, that only a permanent exposure of electromagnetic alternating fields can be debatable as the cause of negative physiological effects. Since the water ionizer will be used only for a short time, the operation risk of devices with transformers compared to other household appliances, are almost not available.

In order to make the esoterics also happy, a company sells a so-called electric smog protector for your devices, but shows no effect at all according to my measurements. These “effects” were “confirmed” by using a kinesiology method, which allows you to “prove” anything you want in my opinion. Thus, my advice is not to buy any of those pseudo devices.

The information storage capacity of water is mainly restricted to temperatures between 0 and 4 degree Celsius and certain interface zones of hydrophilic neighbours, where water prepares itself with exclusion-dissolved salts to the freezing phase or separates itself from foreign particles. In the meanwhile, crystal-like structures are being formed, where basically information can be stored.

In particular, according to the researches of Gerald Pollack about the area of hydrophilic interfaces, there are also exclusion zones in normal water that are powered by radiation in the infrared range with crystallization energy required for this purpose. These floating-like crystals constructed exclusive zones have ice-like hexagonal structures, but differ clearly in the structure of the layers.

Under boundary surfaces Pollack understands interface structures, meaning a kind of adapter that the water develops, in order to interact with  different kinds of matter. Only in the area of the surface and at the edges of the container where the water is (which may be the size of a mocca cup up or up to the size of an ocean) there are actually “surfaces”. In this respect, the term “boundaries” of Pollack is somewhat unfortunately selected because many in water-dissolved substances are surrounded by – in this case – rather spheroidal exclusion zones.

As fascinating the research on exclusion zones (“EZ-water”) at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius is: It is only a vanishingly small amount of water in relation to the ever-restructuring mass of water lapping and generating the exclusion zones (” bulk water “).

It is also by no means clear whether the by Pollack illustrated EZ-water phenomena can derive their energy exclusively by infrared radiation. Pollack has only demonstrated that infrared radiation represents one of many ways to allow the water to separate when dealing with other matters.

Through pressure, resonance, sound waves and / or strong electromagnetic fields or a number of other technical measures, one can create such structures temporarily also in high temperature ranges, which is being discussed in the basic research of information science, but is not yet on the technology threshold.

One thing is certain: None of these hexagonal states dominated the physical condition of drinking water that we consume. Especially because the water drinkers in the moment of drinking, have a much stronger infrared emitter compared to its surroundings and thus the size and number of exclusive zones radically changed with every sip. Liquid water can depict “information” in very fragile and tiny structures. But each water drinkers is a much stronger eraser than anything that could be stored previously in flowing crystalline mini structures.

Incidentally, the absolute super-eraser got involved even before drinking electro-activated water: Because there is hardly a more suitable method for deletion of information in the water than electrolysis, in which all the structures that are responsible for storing information are completely torn. Think about formatting a hard disk, which only takes seconds compared to describing it. One can describe water from a water ionizer as completely cleared of information with certainty. Derive a homeopathic preparation through an electrolytic cell – if it still works then, you have to tell me why!

The health aspects of alkaline activated water are attributed to the impact of H, H2 and OH as well as the anion emigration and cation immigration during electrolysis in the cathode chamber. None of these 5 factors is influenced by external electromagnetic fields in the range of transformer radiation since, as already explained above, the field forces are incomparably higher in the electrolytic cell. A minimal interference would only theoretically be possible whilst filling up the water, however, the field forces of transformer power supplies through the distance are already so low that they are being under –and overlaid with our natural and technical fields of our unseen environment. Details about this topic and the underlying laws of nature can be found, for example, in the still fundamental book “Unsichtbare Welt ” or “Elektrischer Strom als Umweltfaktor,” both by Prof. Herbert L. König.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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I have bought myself a water ionizer and am very taken by the taste of the water. Up until now I have always taken a combination tablet with organic minerals. Should I continue doing this?

  • In principle there are no organic minerals since these due to their chemical properties are naturally inorganic and also remain as such. What many mean by this is that the calcium in milk, magnesium in vegetables, potassium in potatoes is easier to absorb than from drinking water. These vitally important minerals are found in cows, in vegetables and in potatoes also only from their water solubility. The easiest to absorb are the minerals straight from water, because we don’t have to extract them from the chyme with digestion.
  • Mineral tablets are often acidified by the industry and therefore loose their alkaline effect, even turn into acidifiers, like the example of a calcium tablet illustrates. pH loss from 7,44 to 4,72 with one tablet!

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Michael W.: Can small water clusters be better absorbed by the cells than water with bigger cluster formations?


Water cluster 5-8

This often cited assertion by advocates of alkaline activated water, like Dr. Robert O. Young, is naive (“small slips through better”) and does not correspond to biological processes.
Aquaporins are channels in the cell membrane that bring water to the cell.


All living things with cell membranes, from single-celled bacteria to human beings, possess these channels. Water clusters are electromagnetic clumps of dipolar water molecules (hydrogen bonds) that are torn apart by the more powerful electromagnetic and chemical forces of aquaporins. So only individual water molecules enter the cell through a clearly aligned channel. The separation and arrangement of the water molecules from clusters is of vital importance for the cell because otherwise over the Grotthuss mechanism (H + -Hopping via hydrogen bonds) is the proton gradient within the cell displaced and thus the energy production of the cell would be stopped.
It is often claimed that alkaline activated water is small cluster water. Due to the low stability of hydrogen bonds, are snapshots of the magnetic resonance imaging, used to show such clusters, not of relevant evidence. Here a certain influence of the measurement method should not be ruled out. Nevertheless, many manufacturers give a lot of money for these scientifically questionable measurements to produce spurious arguments for the marketing department. It is a scientific joke, but almost all follow the herd.

There are serious theories about water memory, so temporarily stable clusters in water. These set the presence and action of forces, which prevent the constant reorganization of the dipoles of the water molecule, for example, magnetic fields, low temperatures or pressure factors. The longest theoretically discussed stabilization method of water memory is 300 days at 1° degree Celsius. But under physiological temperatures 36,6° C. is the water memory present for only 24 minutes. (Vysotskii, V. et al, Applied Biophysics of Activated Water, Singapore, 2009, p.21). In the cell passage through aquaporins is any “water memory” reliably destroyed. So it is useless to argue with”water memory” in the context of drinking water.

A certain type of water memory at body temperatures exists in theory. This theory however, has long been in place in all physiological processes: radiation in the infrared range, which also emanates  from our 37 degrees well-warmed body, affects water at its border areas to a hydrophilic ( “water-loving”) environment and produces very tight hexagonal clusters that all excrete solutes, so a kind of distilled water is produced in a thin interface zone. The membranes of our body cells are made up of lipid (fat) layers, which are hydrophobic, i.e.: water repelling. Therefore, they are not in danger of bursting through the intake of too much hexagonal ultrapure water. The cell membrane consists of aquaporins, these allow a precisely required amount of pure water to pass. And separate ion channels arepart of a cell. These are specialised in absorbing the minerals dissolved in aqueous solutions in the needed dose.

This should have fully answered your question: small clustered water arises always routinely through aquaporins of the cell membrane. No matter what you drink: Whether you consume a stupid energy drink, breast milk or alkaline water – only water passes through the aquaporins into the cell. Therefore you also don’t dehydrate so easily when you drink a bottle of vodka, which contains only 60% water. The problem arises only with the other 40%, with your liver needs to handle ….

Other ways are used by the ion channels to serve themselves from the beverages and the food that you consume. Ion channels absorb on completely different paths the needed minerals into the cell. But even if you want to compensate the liter of mineral poor vodka during a recovery breakfast with 1 liter of mineral-rich tomato juice: your liver still has to deal with the alcohol.


What is the background of the whole cluster jabbering? Pure marketing tactics from manufacturers. Theories have no scientific ground to stand on. You should drink alkaline activated water for quite different reasons.

What are the real reasons that speak for this? A lot of the “milieu”, the environment of interstitial fluid in the spaces between the blood, lymph, intestines and the target cell is waffled on about. A little abstraction does well here: food (hydrocarbons + oxygen + mitochondria, the cell power force, produces chemical energy (hydrogen) + waste gas (CO2). The environment is disturbed mainly by too much carbon dioxide (CO2) which through breathing is not disposed of quickly enough. (Chemists might be astounded at this popular terminology, but sorry, I am a trained journalist and am sworn to expressing the simple truth).

The key question to any healthy metabolism is simply: where to put the waste CO2? (Remember, that our entire planet has this problem and politicians meet at climate conferences. Yes, our planet is a living organism! You didn’t know that? No problem – it will only affect the next generation …). Rubbish is a health problem everywhere. Only with ourselves can we not postpone to the next generation! If we in our bodies can not solve the dominant metabolic problem of CO2, which we so easily exhale through our main disposal organ, the “lungs”, what happens for example with acetic acid, which is produced from the breakdown of alcohol from the vodka? Where does it accumulate? Or the even worse, phosphoric acid being inorganic requires its expulsion from the metabolic system when mixed with sugar or apparent sugar from the cola mixer? Great: We even have two kidneys for that!

Do you really believe that your kidneys are built for this? How long can these people hold out their non-water drinking  path?

A part of the kidney produces the stress hormone adrenaline. Today’s lifestyle has a strong demand on us. So much so that many of us – myself included – cannot produce enough. Any serious allergy sufferers – like myself – always carry an adrenaline injection. Does this ring any bells? How does one relieve the kidneys? Of course, by avoiding stress. Great if you do that – I have not managed that yet. But I give my kidney less of a burden when I drink alkaline activated water. Like this I avoid acids from food and beverages. For alkaline activated water is, thanks to a phrase coined by Dr. Walter Irlacher, “the Perpetuum Mobile of deacidification”.

It always depends on one drinking enough water – in whatever form, which can also be from an orange or a beef broth. The aquaporins in our cells are like filters: they let nothing impure in. But our body, with its frontier organs like the tongue, nose, lungs and skin is a kind of borderless “Schengen Area”: We let pretty much everything in before we are allergic or throw up.
Would you prefer the problem be solved psychologically because you respond better intellectually? Well, it’s really a question of attitude. If you think that it does not matter what you drink, then no doctor, but only a psychotherapist can really help you.

But be careful: psychotherapist is not a well protected occupation title … Psychological problems arise, in my opinion, mostly because you can hear so many voices inside that one cannot deduce any kind of clear action which would bring you further. This is as if, you as a journalist only did research but never write an article therefrom. I am “only” a journalist. My experience: indecision after collecting all the facts does not give you a beautiful life. Life requires decision making.

You have chosen to ask me about “small clustered water” from a water ionizer. I have told you what matter is, in my view: it is pseudo-scientific nonsense. For every water is much faster than any cluster measurement technology. This is backed up science! Water clusters are not stable because they are environment-dependent variables. All who might have measured stable water clusters – and I have researched this a long time, do not specify the environmental variables.
The measurements are pure Milli snapshots without relevance to someone who wants to drink water. Within fractions of a second after the measurement at the outlet hose does alkaline activated water change, because its relaxation time commences immediately. Its duration depends on how quickly you drink it in its original form after electrolysis.
By drinking this water you create a completely different reaction environment for it, than if you were to fill it in an open carafe. Do you prefer to drink the water if it has already been processed by the air in your home?

Does this negative opinion on small cluster claims from manufacturers discourage you from drinking alkaline activated water? With all of the other advantages that have been proven? Then, either stop reading this book, or read on. I have many arguments that you have never come across.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Naturopath B.: It could be difficult to find a good solution for little money. In this respect the Twister is still better for patients with little money instead of not doing anything, even if the same water can be produced. With it the water obtains a better structure, better crystal pictures are made and even the blood is improved, which is also proven like with activated water.



Your statements of this device are not accurate. Therefore it is not an alternative solution to a water ionizer. A water swirler, like a Twister and similar “Vortex” devices which follow Viktor Schauberger’s philosophy, does not give off any electrons and therefore no liveliness to the water, even if it runs with batteries or has a plug, like a water ionizer. The advertising message on the box has been cleverly chosen. “Biologically disturbing or unnatural electromagnetic impressions” are therefore corrected. The correction needs of the Twister not, since water can only keep electromagnetic impressions when frozen. The Twister is not designed to crush ice.

No device in this world, except for an ice machine, will make water maintain its structure. Ice crystals are not water. Photos of these do not state anything about the quality of the water.

A similar, pretty swirl could also be magically created in the water with your electric whisk. In essence the swirlers mix air into the water, it adds something to the water. If the air is clean, then this doesn’t harm, yet comes to no use to us because we are not fish. We need oxygen gas in our lungs, not in our stomach.

Now there are contemporaries that sell water ionizers and recommend to the clients, as an accessory, a type of swirler attached to the outlet for alkaline activated water. The sensible ones have quickly dismissed this concept, since they realised that the —> redox potential deteriorates, it becomes more positive. This signals a loss of electrons, which leads some people back to believing that the swirler parts are made of stainless steel and apparently conduct the electrons. The Twister runs with batteries without electromagnetic smog and the swirling screw is made of synthetic materials. No conduction takes place.

It lies with the swirling itself, since the kinetic energy destroys the delicate framework of hydroxide ions and hydrogen in activated water. This can be shown with the help of a Twister, if it is filled with alkaline activated water with -204 mV (CSE): After 2 minutes of “Twisting” we have lost 228 mV of the negative redox potential.


  • Additionally the minerals fall out —> calcium and magnesium of the activated water and the water becomes softer. This can be seen in the picture below: on the left side are 4 hardness indicator fields, measured in alkaline activated water before twisting. On the right side 2 hardness indicator fields are lost after twisting. So the water has lost half of its original calcium content.

Twister Härte

The twister cannot land in the residual waste bin, it must be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Anyway, it’s better to drink water from a twister than drinking no water because the blood viscosity is improved. Because too many people are not sufficiently hydrated.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016

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Daniela G.: I read in Dietmar Fergers book “Jungbrunnenwasser” (Fountain of Youth Water) that it is not recommended “to drink alkaline activated water at the beginning of a pregnancy, as it can possibly lead to acid surges in the body from the detoxification effect which can harm the foetus”. On the other hand, it is “ideal if a pregnant woman begins at least 6 months before her pregnancy to drink alkaline activated water for the health of the adolescent foetus”.


Amalgam poisoning

Again and again alkaline activated water is brought in connection with the subject of detoxifying. There however, this connection should not be made and you should not be surprised if experts shake their heads at alkaline activated water to which such absurd effects are attributed.

Dietmar Ferger is an author who has written a long time about activated water. Next to Dr. Walter Irlacher and myself is he a coauthor of the first edition of the 2008 published book “Drink Yourself Alkaline”. The there worded statements I can sign today. On this issue however, I have a different opinion.

Many websites and books falsely claim that toxins can be flushed out by bases as well as acids. But for example, highly toxic heavy metals are even so called base builders. They can by no means be released with the help of alkali, but rather require special acids, so-called chelating agents such as EDTA or DMPS, which make heavy metals soluble in water and can be excreted in urine.


Alkaline water can, with the scope of its mineral buffering – deacidify. It cannot detoxify in the toxicological sense, unless there are poisons that are acidic in nature. These would be everyday toxins such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The topic detoxification is nowadays a playground on the Internet for amateurs who can not distinguish a poisoning from acidosis and recommend deacidification agents for detoxification.

Mercury, one of the worst poisons lurking in amalgam dental fillings slowly seeps out as a cation through acidic saliva and acidic foods. Amalgam also passes through the air, due to smoking and by improper drilling out of amalgam fillings through the intestines and the olfactory nerve to the brain.

Toxicology is a clear matter in medicine. That within this field charlatans can romp around is because very few people are actually poisoned, it is only suggested to them. Such “imaginary invalids” are also very easy to detoxify, if they take a Cat’s claw remedy, administer electric shocks or they can swallow anything magical.

Particularly popular are bio-resonance or the kinesiological box of tricks with which you can apparently documenting every healing, especially with burdens which by the same method were used before to convince the patient of being ill.

The widespread internet claims about the detoxification effect of chlorella algae are well known to me. I wonder why a living being that – as we are, unfortunately – absorb heavy metals, should also do this with a powdered preserve? Is there not rather a risk that it is contaminated precisely because it also absorbs?
Heavy metals after the uptake phase are stored in target organs and play a very minor part in the metabolism. Heavy metals are even stored in hair. The elimination there is so low that the half-life of the expulsion takes decades. I am not familiar with an investigation in which a hair analysis or a tissue sample from target organs would have improved the alleged detoxification effect by taking algae preparations or other oral agents.

About Hulda Clark’s methods of detoxification: Her basic theses of parasitism in her thick books are more than questionable. Dr. W. Irlacher does per year, more than 1,000 vital blood tests and finds more than 30-40 with parasite infections, as shown below. Mrs Clark claims the fact that almost everyone is affected. I think that is targeted scaremongering.
Nevertheless, we continue to find numerous “detoxification testimonials” in the reports of active water drinkers, which in my opinion materialised because the producers of water ionizers in their manuals suggest these as potential reactions (placebo effect).


Parasite infection blood cells

An example of such a reaction: “It looks as if an extreme detox started, even more strongly than I have experienced it when I switched to raw food years ago.” Obviously alkaline activated water has a certain “raw food” effect, because it rejuvenates aged or denatured foods.
This is not a detoxifying effect in the true sense, but the experience of converting to, because of hydrogen, an electron rich and alkaline rich intake which these water dispensers offer: Those who deacidify and energize can cope much more easily with a detoxification!
Fergers statement “that this can lead to acid flooding” when drinking alkaline activated water is likely to be more of an advertising ploy in favour of water ionizers. From the technical perspective it is in fact illogical: How should an alkaline trigger an acid tide? An alkaline can always mobilize only as many acids as it can neutralize.
Due to the low buffering of alkaline activated water no alkaline flooding in the body is to be expected, even if – what is not to be expected – all acids were neutralized, which is impossible.

Breast feeding

Now to the strange statement that one should not start by drinking alkaline activated water during pregnancy: It is known and evident that pregnant women with the additional metabolism of the foetus have a significantly higher acid load than non pregnant women. Finally, the acid residues of two organ systems must be discharged by a single disposal system. That is why it can be very useful in my opinion, even during pregnancy to begin drinking alkaline activated water. Of course, also applied here is the Drinking Water Ordinance with a maximum pH value of 9.5 (in some countries, pH 9) as the measure of all things, which should also apply in pregnancy.
It can be assumed that the electron excess of the alkaline activated water affects pregnant women and foetuses more positively than negatively. Most other drinks are oxidative and may increase in pregnant women the already existing oxidative stress.


What I can report from my own experiments is a transfer of a negative redox potential, so antioxidant hydrogen, after birth to the mother’s milk. I measured breastmilk with values between -5 mV and -70 mV. When I gave a breastfeeding mother 2 liters of alkaline activated water (pH 9.5, ORP -280 mV), the negative redox potential of her breastmilk doubled within 24 hours. More electrons for the baby!

By storing breast milk in a breast pump it loses its negative redox potential. After keeping it for about 12 hours it has the same values as baby milk powder and becomes oxidative.

Baby milk powder can have almost the same values as high quality breast milk if mixed with fresh, alkaline activated water. Read more under the heading: milk.

In terms of food quality, according to Prof. Hoffmann this could be interpreted as improving product quality. Because of my small database, these tests would have to be reviewed by a university research institute for the methodology and reproducibility and I would, at most, currently voice a private recommendation.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Friday, 29. April 2016

Rolf G.: My doctor told me after a blood gas analysis, my blood buffer would be perfectly fine, I was not in the slightest over acidic and would not need to drink alkaline water.


Blood buffer oxygen pressure

Then your doctor probably measured your standard content of bicarbonate in the blood, which should be for a man from 22.5 to 26.9 mmol / L. Bicarbonate or hydrogen carbonate, HCO3 is the most important buffer to maintain the pH level of the blood. If the measured value is below standard, the doctor would certainly not give you alkaline water to drink, but a blood buffer solution as an intravenous drip to stabilize acidosis.
Alkaline activated water is not drunk in order to combat an already present acidosis in the blood, it would not be strongly buffered enough, even if it were made of very mineral rich water. After all, an adult has about 5 liters of blood in circulation – if these 5 liters were acidic, you would need to drink a tremendous amount to correct that. Alkaline activated water you drink best with a “subclinical” acidosis, so before serious incidents occur.
The alkaline characteristic of alkaline activated water is used, with a phrase coined by Dr. Walter Irlacher, as a “Perpetuum Mobile for deacidification”. He means of course, only in a figurative sense. The many bases in the water when consumed regularly, especially in the tissue fluid, ensure that no acidification can build up which is in the end strong enough to acidify 5 liters of blood. As an emergency medicine for hyperacidity is alkaline activated water unsuitable. Yet it is the ideal replacement for acidic beverages.


Especially with high standard bicarbonate values one should check whether perhaps there is a chronic tissue hyperacidity. Sometimes the blood “hoards” buffer substances in order to be prepared for strong acid attacks, such as extreme binge drinking.

Interesting for your doctor may be to do a comparative blood gas analysis before and 45 minutes after drinking 1 liter of alkaline activated water. In my experience, this improves regularly some core values which your doctor can see in the example above. Perhaps this will convince your doctor of the effect and recommends this to one or the other patient, which more and more doctors do worldwide.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Saturday, 30. April 2016

Hildgard F.-K.: I want two weeks of fasting for purification. As well as alkaline water should I also take Glauber’s salt or any dietary supplement?


You should check with the doctor or therapist who monitors your fasting period. Only he or she can tell you whether laxatives such as Glauber’s salt or food supplements are useful for you, if you want to detoxify. I can only give you general advice here.

The term “detox” is a broad term used by experts which can be quite probably controversial. Some mean a colon cleansing, others include, for example, a haemodialysis as a dialysis, others even consider it esoteric nonsense (See

The fasting Doctor Buchinger introduced the term whilst fasting. He probably came into connection with alkaline activated water with Dietmar Fergers translation of Sang Whangs book “Reverse Aging”, in German “Der Weg zurück in die Jugend”. Ferger translates the term “acidic waste” to “acidic slags”.

In our joint book “Drink Yourself Alkaline” (with to Eng. Dietmar Ferger and co-author Dr. Walter Irlacher) we have in the chapter “From acidosis to slagging” coined the term “De-acidification waste” which to me still appears to be the best term because Whang’s term “acidic waste” actually doesn’t means acid, but a more or less a neutral salt which is an acid that has arisen from a buffered alkaline. However, we also expect a uric acid crystal which has arisen from a mineral buffering of uric acid, or an atherosclerotic plaque in which amino acids and fatty acids have combined with calcium to form a solid structure this also belongs to de-acidification waste. Even stone formations such as kidney, bladder, gall bladder or faecal stones can be expected depending on their composition for this de-acidification waste.

Following the lack of food intake during fasting, the low sugar supplies of the liver are rapidly depleted. After that, necessary calories for the functioning of the body are obtained by from combusting body substance, i.e.: from muscles and the fat supply. As early as the second day of fasting is fat combustion outweighed.

By abundant drinking of alkaline activated water is the degradation of acids generally supported. We have documented in “Drink Yourself Alkaline” why there are fewer “fasting crises”.

If you have generated with Glauber’s salt, enemas and similar procedures an artificial diarrhea, you have probably lost not only a lot of water, but also a large part of your friendly roommate in the intestine . Since these “good” bacteria of the colon appreciate a low redox potential, is the drinking of alkaline activated water along with a balanced intestinal flora an excellent starting point for their resettlement and the development of a healthy immune system. At least in my laboratory experiments these cheap, intestinal Omniflora cultures grew in alkaline activated water much faster than in normal tap water. If these thereby survive the passage through the stomach better, is still to be researched.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Saturday, 30. April 2016

Andrea W.: When I told my doctor that I now take alkaline activated water against my hyperacidity, he literally laughed at me. If I was too acidic, he would long ago have admitted me to hospital, and with water one can not de-acidify at all, since it is not buffered, so water ionizers are completely worthless and just used for profiteering. Now I’m totally confused.


Even doctors do not always agree. When Dr. Walter Irlacher in “Service Manual for People” calls alkaline activated water as the “Perpetuum Mobile for de-acidification”, he wanted to surely not call for its use in emergency medicine for acute acidosis, meaning if 5 liters of blood in the body are already so acidic that it cannot carry enough oxygen. In such a case, highly buffered alkaline solutions must be introduced directly into the blood cycle. Above all, the emergency patients will get to breathe pure oxygen. There, alkaline activated water would be far too late and could not be administered in required amounts in order to level several liters of blood out of hyperacidity.

Even in conventional medicine one distinguishes different types of acidity (acidosis) as acute, chronic, metabolic and respiratory. Also, the location of acidosis (blood, lymph, saliva, urine, cells …) plays a role in their medical judgment. In the stomach no reasonable person would speak of acidosis at very low pH levels, but many complain of an “over acidified stomach”, which in reality is perceived as gastric juice being pressed up into the oesophagus which is not adapted to withstand such strong acids. This is often done by fermentation processes with flatulence in the intestine or in pregnancies that lead to an elevated diaphragm which thus pushes the stomach upward.

Now we come to the buffer argument, which you will always find in articles that position themselves against alkaline activated water. It is always repeated that water is an unbuffered substance which every chemist knows.
This ignores that, unlike pure water which the chemists talk about, alkaline activated water is highly buffered. It not only contains a high number of free OH – ions corresponding to its pH level, but also even compared to the original tap water, a significantly increased number of cations, i.e.: minerals which can form alkali, in short, buffer substances.

You can definitely agree with your doctor that the lung is by far the most important de-acidification organ of humans, which is why respiratory failure leads to death by acidosis within a few minutes. In the documentary “Drink Yourself Alkaline” we demonstrate how 0.2 liters of alkaline activated water with pH 9.5 for a full minute buffers the acid load of the air exhaled by an adult man.
Maybe your doctor can hold his breath for a full minute to break down carbon dioxide in the body. But if he is not a trained diver, he will breath out as soon as possible so as not to lose consciousness. The buffer capacity of alkaline activated water is by no means as low as that of chemically pure water or water from a reverse osmosis system!

When mineralized water is alkaline, one can unequivocally assume that it can also neutralize acids. However, the pH value is a pure ratio value. One can nicely illustrate in a car race, where two vehicles of the same design and horsepower, driving in the opposite direction on a circular racetrack cruise at full speed. At first you will meet always in the same place. But at some point one of the cars will stop, namely the one with a lower tank capacity. Until the tank is empty, the vehicles are traveling at the same speed. A 0.2 liter glass of alkaline activated water is a small tank for over 5 liters of blood in the body. After 1 minute, it is empty, as we have seen. So for example, to neutralize a glass of coke with pH 2.5, you need 15-30 glasses of alkaline activated water with a pH 9.5. It depends on how many mineral buffers the activated water contains. Adding calcium to soft water increases the buffering of activated water, something which already occurrs in modern water ionizers mostly from the filters.

For example, stomach acid is strongly buffered and a glass of alkaline activated water with pH 9.5 would hardly influences this. Nevertheless, many advertising messages place the “alkaline force” of activated water in the foreground, which compared to other effects is only secondary.

You can not also de-acidify your body by suppressing an acid production pharmacologically: Just as the lung regulates the blood pH, each organ system has its own pH window. If the proton pump produces hydrochloric acid (HCl) from common salt (NaCl) and water for the acidic gastric juice, at the other end alkaline bicarbonate is transferred to the pancreas and blood. If I take a proton pump inhibitor, I therefore block the production of alkaline pancreatic secretions, especially after prolonged use. If you were to take sodium bicarbonate, there is an acidic-rebound effect, i.e.: the stomach buffers the invasive sodium bicarbonate in the wrong place with an increased acid production whilst simultaneously the pancreas increases its own production of sodium bicarbonate. This can eventually lead to total exhaustion of both organs.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Wednesday, 4. May 2016

Marianne S.: The people of Hunza are ancient – though they almost exclusively drink mineral poor glacier water. Do you really believe that mineral rich alkaline activated water is better?



Yes, because I stick to the facts.

Nowhere has the high average age of the Pakistani Hunza people been documented. The myth comes from the son of the Swiss Muesli inventor Bircher in an ancient book entitled: “Hunza – The people that knows no disease”.

In fact, there exists a rather early mortality rate. Infant mortality is extremely high, with a mortality rate of 30% before the age of 10, 10% of adults die before the age of 40. (Source: Ensminger, A., Concise Encyclopaedia of Foods and Nutrition, 2nd ed 1995, p. 619).

Just because the Hunza at 2500 m above sea level do not have a good mineral-rich water, but mainly meltwater, they have become known for their relatively high-quality Himalayan Crystal Salt, which they themselves consume with this water to survive. Since this consists mainly of common salt (sodium chloride) and trace elements, minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium are missing. Perhaps one reason for the low life expectancy.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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Richard T.: Although I have drunk daily 2 liters of alkaline activated water for a year and my diet is healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, my body analysis scale always shows me to be below 55% of body water. Do I need to drink more water?


Body water

The World Health Organisation indicates 60 – 65% body water for men, for women 50 – 55%, for children 60 – 75%. Now apparently due to the measurement with bio impedance scales, or a body fat meter, you suspect to be dehydrated. I think this is very unlikely, since these scales are usually very inaccurate. Talk to your doctor about this suspicion, he can tell you shortly without scales if you are not supplied with enough water.

If you actually are, he will not necessarily advise you to drink more. Perhaps he has prescribed, because of high blood pressure or heart failure, diuretic medication to keep the body water deliberately low. Maybe you have more of a female body with more fat tissue, where 50 – 55% is optimal. Or you are overweight.

Sometimes a vegetarian diet is so low in salt that your body cannot hold water. Then a pinch of salt in your water is sufficient to improve this deficiency. Already Batmanghelidj has recommended this kind of water drinking.

All these questions can be briefly cleared by your doctor. I can only say that you definitely do not drink too little alkaline activated water. Either, you don’t have a problem, or the problem has a different cause.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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Posted by Karl Heinz Asenbaum on Tuesday, 10. May 2016

Joachim M.: How big are the water clusters in the individual water ionizers recommended by you?


Water cluster

In the electrolytic cell of each water ionizer large and small water clusters are torn by the prevailing forces inevitably apart, because only individual water molecules and not clusters participate in electrolysis. Individual water molecules are torn out of existing hydrogen bonds when they come into the vicinity of the cathode. The overall analysis for residual water in the electrolytic cell thanks to the magnetic resonance representation can ascertain that the overall cluster size is reduced when the water comes out of the electrolytic cell. When water runs out of the outlet of the ionizer do the normal rules apply: Immediately after electrolysis can mostly smaller clusters be measured, because the bigger ones still need to form. But larger ones form in a fraction of a second, before you can drink the water. Because the changing in teraseconds of the cluster structure of water molecules depends primarily on the temperature. The warmer you are when you drink alkaline activated water, the bigger the water clusters become inside you. For only you determine, because of your thermal energy, the size of the water clusters you have drunk.


What occurred in the water ionizer and is depicted in the photos or graphics of the manufacturer, took only a terasecond and is long gone when you drink the water. It’s easy: with increasing temperature, the water clusters are getting bigger, until they disintegrate into their component parts during evaporation. Conversely, this means that up to the freezing point, they are smaller and stop at the well-known hexagonal shape of snowflakes and ice crystals.

Of course I know that you ask me this because a water ionizer salesperson told you the ionizer would provide particularly small water clusters and this water would be good for you because it can be absorbed better. I regret to say that this seller is completely incompetent, because the smaller cluster size of water molecules would reduce the absorption of water more.
It is not so, as Dr. Robert Young, an American de-acidification author has stated: “The smaller the cluster, the better they can slip into the cells.” The opposite is the case! That is why our body functions at an operating temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius. Only at the prevailing higher temperature do large water clusters ensure a good water supply to the body. I still reproach this today, that I have so uncritically cited Dr. Young’s completely false statements in the book: “Drink Yourself Alkaline”. Here Dr. Young is unfortunately, completely wrong. The still not eradicated statement, that small water clusters are one reason for the positive effect of alkaline activated water, is in scientific terms still far below the statement that the earth is flat. Why?

The best water cluster reduction machine is working constantly in every one of your body’s cells. Please look up the keyword: Aquaporins.

Aquaporins are the sluice systems that transport water exclusively as a single molecule, and never as a chunk (cluster), to the cells of our body. Why should aquaporins take water molecules from small water clusters, if very large and loose water clusters at higher temperatures are available, which require less of a force to extract individual molecules?
This is simple physics! With larger water clusters less energy is required to detach a single water molecule. Smaller water clusters, that due to the laws of nature would not find their way from the ionizer to the body anyway, would be highly unbeneficial for hydrogenation.

That alkaline activated water hydrogenates cells better, is not yet a proven fact. I could thermographically show that it promotes better blood circulation compared to an excellent mineral water, but an increased blood flow does not mean better hydrogenation of cells outside of the blood. But very plausible theories could be set up:

1. First: cluster sizes play no role in the absorption of water into the blood, since prior to absorption by the blood the temperature is increased to body temperature and thus the clusters also have a temperature-dependent identical cluster structure.

2. Alkaline activated water is better absorbed by the blood compared to other aqueous solutions because it is more alkaline than blood and thus the blood and the whole organism welcomes it. It can push minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium to the impoverished organs. An argument against that, that the mineral buffering of alkaline activated water is relatively low. But it is at least twice as high as that of tap water with a total hardness of dH 16, as I was also able to show in experiments.

3. Alkaline activated water is absorbed so much better than any other aqueous solutions because the redox potential is much closer to blood (-5 to -120 mV (CSE) according to our measurements from the vein) than any other beverage. In general, the redox potential of alkaline activated water is even 100 to 300 mV lower than that of the absorbing blood. It brings a significant electron asset with it.

4. Alkaline activated water carries dissolved hydrogen gas with it. This is the absolutely indisputable minimum consensus. Japanese researchers around S. Shirahata also postulate even the existence of atomic hydrogen. Both are maximum effective antioxidants, which the body has a constant need of due to its aerobic metabolism, which is not adequately covered in many health crises and diseases.

Point 4 does not mean that water penetrates faster into the cells. For “carried on” hydrogen is much faster than the aqueous solution, to which it hangs on to in a very volatile adhesion, according to current theories of Shirahata (“Mineral colloids”). It rushes through the body much faster than water itself, which in this case one should correctly name: “waste alkaline water” because it has lost its “active component”. After all, this “residue”, which consists of an excess of hydroxide ions in the body, is more welcome than any acidic aqueous solution, which is the standard model of our current world-wide drinking culture.


Chart alkaline ionized water for water clusters

Therefore, I oppose both convincing studies discussing hydrogen supplements from the molecular-hydrogen-foundation:

1. H2 enriched saline solutions for infusion, as discussed by the, since 2007, published  work on “Hydrogen as a healing gas”. They bring no alkaline advantage and are therefore of limited use.

2. H2 inhalation applications. Because the lung is a major excretory organ for non-consumed hydrogen, as it is exhaled especially by anaerobic bacteria excess in the colon (immune system). The lung is less geared to take in hydrogen. The intestine can achieve much more here. Therefore, hydrogen-rich water is more useful there than in the lungs.

I want to again express my very important answer to your question.

More detailed: Water clusters (water molecule chunks, heaps, ordered collections) thanks to hydrogen bonds are geometrically ordered water molecule associations. Hydrogen bonds need about a trillionth of a second.


Therefore, measurements of cluster sizes are only snapshots without any kind of claim of a different kind of hydrogenation, which can be naively imagined with smaller clusters.

Alkaline activated water pouring from a water ionizer is still subject to numerous relaxation processes in which i.e.: Hydrogen gas escapes. These turbulent swirls may contribute to alkaline activated water vibrating in lower frequencies than normal water in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Stable or even useful cluster structures are not derivable.

Hydrogenation of cells does not take place because of water clusters, but because of individual water molecules passing through aquaporins. Merely freezing water leads to a permanent snapshot of water clusters, which is why every snowflake looks different. But since frozen water has no physiological occurrence, the structure of ice crystals may also not have a physiological effect or even a “memory” of water. Water, to use a statement from an earlier presentation of mine, is: “the whore of the universe”, having imposed on every event in the Milky Way. With the help of electrolysis we can force water to stay on Earth.

That’s just a picture, and some will not like it. But before I continue to reflect alone for another 12 years on how to improve this world with water, I prefer to find provocative statements. If you think something is wrong with my theory: I would love to go into detail. Here you can reach me.


Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
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