How to disinfect my water ionizer

How to disinfect my water ionizer

Disinfection is usually not necessary. In some applications, e.g. in the commercial sector, it is advisable to disinfect the outlet hose with a disinfectant spray and wipe it with a 10% hydrogen peroxide solution. Like this any germs are eliminated, which can be transmitted by touching the spout with bare hands. For especially effective cleaning / disinfecting a complete rinsing of the equipment with a 10% hydrogen peroxide solution is recommended. These are available at the pharmacy.

How is it done:

Approximately pour 300 to 500 ml of 10% hydrogen peroxide solution in a beaker.

Turn off the device at the main switch (on the side) or pull the power plug.

Connect the pump to the acidic water outlet hose. Turn the Auslaufarm for active water on the cup, so that the operation of the pump, the solution can be circulated. Place ionized water hose into the solution and let water flow in.

During decalcification turn the rotary controller to OFF.

Place the flow regulator of the pump to maximum.

Plug in the pump to the wall socket. Please note: it may take a while for the solution, after switching on the pump, to flow from the ionized water hose! Occasionally, air bubbles form that impede the flow of water. It helps if you switch the pump off and on.

Run the pump for about 30 minutes. Ensure that no drops of this solution land on clothing etc., the solution is a strong bleach! (Formerly also used for bleaching.) Avoid contact with eyes.

Disconnect the pump from the unit and refit the gray drain hose for acidic water.

Turn the rotary switch from off to on. Allow water to flow through for a few minutes to rinse the device. Then stop the water supply.

Now switch the device on and let water flow through the device – done!

Rinse the pump well after disinfecting with running water. If the pump is not working properly, simply remove the front part of the pump and flush the wing wheel well with water.