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  • 100 printable pages, Karl Heinz Asenbaum’s fourth, best and most comprehensive book about alkaline activated water
  • Limited contingency of the full book secured for limited time, cost free to download
  • This book finally clears up all of the fairy tales, myths, half truths and lies about water treatment.
  • Anti aging call: the Redox revolution, which we also call the Hydrogen Revolution
  • SW10178
ebook (PDF version) | 100 pages Karl Heinz Asenbaum’s fourth book, so far his best and...
Produktinformationen "e-Book | ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИ-АКТИВИРОВАННАЯ-ВОДА | 100 p."

ebook (PDF version) | 100 pages

Karl Heinz Asenbaum’s fourth book, so far his best and most comprehensive book about alkaline activated water. Electrically Activated Water | An invention with extraordinary potential.


For a short time: Free of charge download

Aquacentrum has secured a limited contingent of the ebook Electrically Activated Water. This allows us to offer it for a limited time to the fastest customers and interested people as a download free of charge.

Why does Aquacentrum offer this to you at no extra cost?

This book finally clears up all of the fairy tales, myths, half truths and lies about water treatment. Because this book already on the sixth page gives you a complete overview about everything. Facts that have been discovered by scientists and doctors in Germany, Japan, Russia and Korea in over 1000 thesis and thousands of scientific studies and articles.


Karl Heinz Asenbaum looks back on 12 years experience with over 3000 people that use a water ionizer. He knows and describes the problems and errors of these when being used.

In addition Karl Heinz Asenbaum combines the findings of different fields with a unique anti aging call:

The Redox revolution, which we like to call the Hydrogen Revolution. The dissolved hydrogen in alkaline activated water can not only be drunk but can also be used to eliminate oxidation damage outside of the body, with our foods in which hydrogen is transferred into our daily food.

By simply laying foods in alkaline activated water, or by diluting concentrates with it, even though they have been through long, global transport routes, we gain from foods the original freshness back. As if freshly picked.

Asenbaum’s discovery goes far beyond a drinking revolution. This book is certainly worth it.
Therefore we want to give it to you. Because of the situation with our food do we not have time for a slow revolution.

These 5,7MB will change the nutritional awareness of the world. Download and read! There is only a limited contingent.

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> Υπεύθυνος Προϊόντων: Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich
> Συχνές Ερωτήσεις: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Συγγραφέας & Ερευνητής




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