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Phone: +49 89 41611799-7
Mobile: +49 179 2166231

Email: akguen@aquacentrum.de
Skype: aquacentrum


1. Münchener Str. 4 A, 85478 Garching b. Munich

2 Friedelstr. 26, 12047 Berlin

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CV | Yasin Akgün, Dipl. Ing. TU Munich, owner Aquacentrum since 2006

Yasin Akgün, of Turkish origin, was born in Munich on 22 May 1977. After graduating from the Lion-Feuchtwanger-Gymnasium, he studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). His specialisations were integrated product development with Prof. Lindemann and information technology with Prof. Bender.

He completed his first semester thesis at BMW in cooperation with the chair of ergonomics, where he also stayed as a working student until he was allowed to start his studies abroad; first in San Sebastian (Universidad de Navarra) and then in Barcelona (Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya), where he not only attended subjects relevant to his studies but also wrote a very interesting semester thesis about the tanker catastrophe "Prestige", which he witnessed at the same time.

At the end of his studies he analyzed the small hydropower plant potentials of the island in Sri Lanka at the University of Moratuwa for his diploma thesis, until the big "hydropower plant", the tsunami catastrophe at the end of 2004 which brought him back to Germany. He and his girlfriend barely got away with their lives, others unfortunately did not have this luck.

After handing in his diploma thesis at the thermodynamics chair of the TUM under Dr. Jürgen Blumenberg and Dr. Ing. Markus Spinnler, he experienced his short but exciting career as a substructure developer through their recommendation at the company Gehrlicher Umweltschonende Energiesysteme. However, after the first implemented project it became clear that tracking systems for PV modules are not really promising, not with the rising metal prices and the rapidly falling photovoltaic module prices.


Takeover of former waterworks in Munich in December 2006

As he has been running his own development and trading business with his magnets since 2004, he entered the water industry as an independent trading partner in mid-2006 and in December 2006 he took over the former Munich waterworks just in time for Christmas.

The most important milestone in Aquacentrum's history was the beginning of the cooperation with Karl Heinz Asenbaum. He is one of the 5 worldwide experts in the field of alkaline hydrogen water and contributes a lot, not only in the German-speaking area but also through his English contributions, to the fact that the topic of hydrogen water and hydrogen therapy has become known from a factual, only provable point of view. Karl Heinz Asenbaum and Yasin Akgün complement each other brilliantly and have become best friends. How nice is that?


2018: Move after 12 years in the inner courtyard of Fraunhoferstr. 13 in Munich to Garching near Munich

In 2018 we moved the over 30 years old Aquacentrum to Garching near Munich, and we are now closer to the airport. In retrospect, we can say that the house here in Garching is a very positive change for everyone and we are very happy about the sudden move from Fraunhoferstr. 13 in Munich. In the countryside it is more interesting, be it the chirping of the birds or the peace and quiet…


Personal details of Yasin Akgün and Outlook

I am really very grateful for the way my life has gone so far. Even though at the moment I am in a very exciting phase of my life, and even though I am happier than ever before, I still long for my dream city, Donostia or San Sebastian in Spain, in the Basque Country. When I was allowed to study there in the TECNUN, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, my whole life started to become and stay exciting.

Because of the now six languages (as of 2019), which I speak and write fluently, thanks to my studies abroad in Spain, an international orientation with numerous video blog entries in these six languages is now probably necessary: German, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Portuguese. A seventh language has already been decided: Mandarin (Chinese), who would have thought it?

Work has also been underway for several years on the multilingual website www.aquacentrum.com. This year (2019) up to 9 different languages should be available on the website.

Dubai 2016 | Why you should drink alkaline, hydrogen rich water?


The www.aquacentrum.com website is a major project and will probably never be finished. The amount of content and also the partly weekly news in the field of hydrogen therapy and also the hydrogen products will keep us busy for the next few years.

Also in the future we will probably move more and more towards hydrogen storage systems. From small systems for inhaling H2 gas or generating hydrogen water to large storage systems for the energy industry, because this has a real future. We would like to combine hydrogen therapy and hydrogen energy in one overall concept.

The experiments have been going on for several months. A lot of knowledge has been accumulated, but the new concepts and the products still to be developed are currently still too innovative. Thanks to the many ideas with Karl Heinz Asenbaum and the developed prototypes, we have already exhausted the maximum possibilities that are physically possible and now we know how to do it.

Now we have to implement them step by step over the coming years.


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