H2-News - Super Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW)


The Trusii H2 Experience 

Please enjoy the testimonials collected in these videos.

They are astounding reports on what a difference these magnesium pills make and how potent Hydrogen Rich Water is for your body, health and mind. Not something to miss, especially if you are suffering from pain.

We have collected the best testimonials from our USA colleagues, the brand Trusii in the USA that professionally sells hydrogen rich water products.


This is very exciting news for us 

Please take a look at all these videos. It is a lot of information and gives a very good overview of what these pills are capable of.



About Yasin Akgün

Yasin Akgün, German of Turkish descent, was born in Munich on the 22 May 1977. After completing his European Baccalaureate he continued with his degree on engineering at Munich’s TUM University. Since 2006 he is the shop owner of the “Wasserstelle München” (Water Point Munich), which was established in the inner courtyard of Fraunhoferstreet 13 in 1987. Since 2009 the main point is alkaline ionized hydrogenous water produced with water ionizers. (Water-electrolysis device). >More about Yasin Akgün

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