Aquaphor Modern replacement cartridges

Aquaphor Modern replacement cartridges
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  • 2 piece set for the Aquaphor® Modern countertop filter
  • Filter cartridge set with 2 Aqualen® active carbon filters
  • Easy to exchange cartridges
  • Very hygienic and practical
  • Only available as active carbon filter medium (B200)
  • Or also with active carbon and ion exchange granules (B200-H). This will make your water softer, yet also slightly acidic. The filtered water will drop about 1 pH. Therefor we recommend this additional product


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  • B200
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Operating instructions Aquaphor Modern countertop filter

The AQUAPHOR® Modern countertop filter is made up of 2 parallel active carbon filter cartridges. These are placed above and below. The AQUAPHOR filter cartridge contains an innovative filter medium made of activa carbon with AQUALEN®, a unique, modified fibre additive which has been patented by Aquaphor. These fibres remove a wide spectrum of contaminants which could be present your water.

An example of these contaminants which are successfully removed are heavy metal ions, for example; lead which is customary to have in the waterpipe installation of a household and is found in the drinking water.

To this group of substances you also include iron, copper, cadmium and nickel. Taste impairing substances, such as chlorine, if applicable, are also removed. The high efficiency of the filter is also reached by avoiding the creation of canals (so called canal effect due to loose granules in the filter).


The percentage of the following substances are removed:

Chlorine: 100%

Organic materials: 98%

Phenol: 99%

Pesticides: 95%

Heavy metals: 98%

The producer AQUAPHOR is a leader in filter and casing manufacturer for the American, Asian and European market for POU and POE systems.

Not only for households but also for commercial and industrial application.

The special quality is founded by more than 30 international patents, which have been developed by a team of scientists with their own chemical and micro biological laboratory facilities.

For quality assurance, control procedures are available (Protokoll NSF 42, NSF 53 and EPA Microbiology).

Water filters are offered as OEM products for international device manufacturers.

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