Aquavolta® Contragion® Generator | HOCl-Producing water disinfectant

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  • Contragion® is a trademarked biocide for combating infectious germs using active chlorine.
  • Filling quantity of water: 300 ml
  • Filling quantity of salt: up to 22.5 g
  • Production time: 8 minutes
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 275 mm
  • Voltage/power: 5V / 1A Capacity
  • Power consumption: 7 W
Instructions | Aquavolta® Contragion® Generator | HOCl-Producing water disinfectant from salt water & electricity.pdf
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Aquavolta® Contragion® Generator | HOCl-Producing water disinfectant from salt water &... altro
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Aquavolta® Contragion® Generator | HOCl-Producing water disinfectant from salt water & electricity


The application time of the Contragion® disinfectant is 3 - 5 minutes with a degree of disinfection of 99.99 %. It has a bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and limited virucidal effect.

For better distribution it is recommended to wipe it after spraying.

It is suitable for household and office items, bathrooms and toilets, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, floors, windows and doors, vehicles, schools, beauty salons, pets and toys.

If it is to be used on objects such as fruit, vegetables, dishes or cutlery, these should be rinsed with clear, clean tap water after the exposure time.

For skin disinfection, you can dilute the product up to 5 times in case of sensitivity.



Effective disinfection on the natural basis of water, salt and electricity through electro-chemical water activation (ECA).


Aquavolta | What is Aquavolta® ECA?

The brand name Aquavolta® is composed of the Latin term for water (Aqua) and the name of the inventor of the battery, Alessandro Volta.
ECA stands for electrochemically activated water. This water is obtained by direct current electrolysis.

Brief explanation of the production process:

Electrolysis at the negative terminal reduces the water and enriches it with highly volatile hydrogen. In contrast, the water is oxidized at the positive pole and thus becomes rich in oxygen, ozone and oxygen radicals, resulting in an oxidizing and germ-hostile character. This already happens during simple electrolysis. The addition of salt in the form of our Contragion® electrolyte solution results in the electrochemical activation of the water and a strongly positive redox potential. In this highly effective solution, hypochlorite ions (OCl or chlorine bleach) and hypochlorous acid (HOCl) are formed as germicidal agents in a ratio that depends on the pH value. Acidity regulators in the Contragion® electrolyte solution adjust the pH value of the water to pH 6.5 so that the disinfectant consists almost exclusively of the more skin-friendly active ingredient hypochlorous acid HOCl.


HOCl is a natural active ingredient of our body's immune system. Unlike OCl, it is not electrically charged and can therefore easily penetrate the membrane barrier of germs. Most chlorine based ready-to-use disinfectants, on the other hand, contain more OCl- and are only of limited use.



  1. Pour 300 ml of tap water into the bottle. If your water is hard (> 1.78 mmol/l CaCO3 or >10 dH0) dilute it up to 100% with deionized water, distilled water or reverse osmosis water.
  2. Pour edible salt into the water and add different amounts of salt according to the concentration required (low concentration 7.5/g about half a spoon, medium concentration 15g / 1 spoon, high concentration 22.5 g/ about 1 spoon and a half) and cover the spray head.
  3. Connect the generator to the power supply and the power indicator light will turn on. Touch the button to activate the generator.
  4. Do not tighten the cap during the production of the disinfectant so as to prevent gas from rushing out.
  5. The disinfectant can be used after the production is completed.
  6. The production process stops automatically with 3 beeps.
  7. The now produced disinfectant can be distributed by turning the spray nozzle to the ON position using the spray lever.
Please note:

Do not use the disinfectant on wool, nylon, leather or works of art. Do not use it on objects made of aluminium, copper, carbon steel. Application on stainless steel is possible. Do not use it simultaneously with other cleaning agents. If you have not used up the produced disinfectant during one day, transfer it to a bottle for storage and rinse the bottle with water. Use the produced disinfectant within two weeks.

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