AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Alternative Kangen Water ionizer

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  • Multifunctional ionizer: water ionizer and ECA device (Electro-chemically Activated) all in one
  • Salt dosage from sole tank and dosage pump for producing anolyte and catholyte water (ECA water), salt container visible to the eye
  • 2 separate hoses, one for drinking and one for strong acidic or strong alkaline water (salt injected)
  • Each with a water cell with 5 and 7 plate platinum coated titanium electrodes, total of 12 plates
  • Installation possibilities: either to the faucet with the delivered diverter valve and regulator/shut off valve
  • or with the delivered 3/8″ T-piece to the cold water mains
  • Continuous Reverse Polarity Cleaning system
  • SMPS with MAX 400 Watt for 2 water cells (electrode plates)
  • 5 years full guarantee. Release year 2016
  • Double filter system, second filter includes Hollow Fiber Membrane (filtration of bacteria)
  • Manual ECA Plus Water Tractor – Water ionizer with salt injection

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        AquaVolta ® Water Tractor | Professional water filter... altro
Informazione prodotto "AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Alternative Kangen Water ionizer"

AquaVolta ® Water Tractor | Professional water filter with electric and chemical water ionization (ECA device)

Multifunctional Water Ionizer | AquaVolta ® Water Tractor


The AquaVolta ® Water Tractor is a multifunctional water filter with two high performance physical filters, two large, independent electrolysis chambers and an electrochemical dosing unit.

It offers significantly more options for water treatment than a normal water ionizer for the household.
This also makes it suitable for professional use, e.g. for doctors, naturopaths, for catering, agriculture and other uses with high hygiene needs.

To maximize the hydrogen capacity of alkaline water and when on the go you can get on request an  Aquacentrum Highdrogen Age2 Go Booster. Please note the selection window above.


In the following video, among other things is the salt tank inside the ECA water ionizer, designed by Yasin Akgün, introduced. This automatically activates the optional production of functional water as soon as the user has selected the respective level.


AquaVolta® ECA | Anolyte and catholyte for therapists

AquaVolta® ECA Plus | Water ionizer & ECA system for anolyte & catholyte water

The expansion of possibilities is made possible by the optional supply of salt water via a brine tank, as known from the widely used Kangen® water devices of the Japanese company Enagic®.

With the help of the experienced manufacturer Ionia® in Seoul / Korea, the Munich-based company Aquacentrum and AquaVolta® have now succeeded in developing an even more powerful device, which is completely adapted to European conditions, which place special demands on the technology due to the usually very high water hardness.

The strict separation of the electrical and electrochemical device to protect the consumer and increase the longevity of the device has given rise to a larger device than the popular Kangen® water devices.
Nevertheless, the IONIA® design fulfills European tastes better. The AquaVolta® Water Tractor® fits easily into a designer kitchen.


Overview and specifications for the AquaVolta ECA plus

  • Installation possibilities: To the cold water mains and to the tap
  • Electrodes: In total 12 electrodes. 7 in one shaft and 5 in the other. Titanium plated in white gold
  • Amount of filter cartridges: 2 cartridges for double filtration. First filter contains activated carbon granules. Second filter contains a calcium acid, hollow fiber membrane
  • Decalcifying mechanism: Continuous Reverse Polarity Cleaning system
  • Indication data: ionization, current flow, filter life indicator for filter 1 and 2, pH value and running time
  • Ionized Water Output Rate: 2.5L-3L/min (Alkaline + Acidic water)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 376 x 185 x 435 mm
  • The water flow can be reduced with the provided input valve
  • Ionized water output rate: 2.5L-3L/min (Alkaline + Acidic water)
  • Strong alkaline water or Strong acidic water: 0.6~1.5L/min
  • Overheating protection: Built-in fuse

About the Electro-Chemical Water Treatment (ECA) – ECA-Enabled Water Ionizers | More than drinking water ionizers

On this page we introduce drinking water ionizers with an additional electrochemical function.

These devices offer an option to also produce functional water for disinfecting and cleaning.

Functional water is not drinking water. Russian researchers discovered in the 1970s that the extraordinary properties of electrolyzed water can be significantly enhanced by the addition of salt.

Salt is a mixture of sodium and chloride, ie table salt, similar to unrefined crystal salt, e.g. Himalayan salt.

This is an unrefined rock salt that consists of 97 to 98 percent sodium chloride, ie sodium and chloride.

During electrolysis, the sodium ion determines the lye character (fat solution) of the recovered alkaline water (catholyte), while the chloride improves the properties of the acidic activated water (anolyte) in terms of its disinfecting ability, especially by the formation of hypochlorous acid.


ECA ionizer for the household

Until 2016, the traditional Japanese company EnagicTM (Kangen Wasser®) was the only manufacturer to offer household water ionizers with additional ECA functionality. Typical of these devices is a built-in brine tank that is added to the water prior to electrolysis.
In the video shown here you can see the fantastic possibilities the user has of changing the various functionalities as desired:

  • Filter reset after changing the filter (s)
  • Minimum flow input water
  • Minimum flow rate automatic
  • Maximum flow
  • Maximum flow shutdown
  • Alteration of the duration of the respective filter
  • Time-date setting
  • Display time and date at standby

Platinum coated Titanium Mesh Electrodes

  • Large 5 and 7 platinum coated mesh titanium electrodes
  • Electrolysis Method: Continuous Electrolysis
  • Electrolysis strength: 4 main levels and 8 levels for Alkaline water and Acidic water
  • Electrode Materials: 5 and 7 plates (total 12 plates) Platinum and Titanium
  • A Japanese collaboration to produce the finest system of polymer bonded platinum coated titanium plates
  • When a cross section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very distinct points and grooves. This greatly increases the surface area without having to increase the size
  • This coated electrode enhances the lifespan of the electrolytic cell compared to dipping it in platinum

2 water outlets

There are two separate hoses for the water to flow out of.

One hose for alkaline, hydrogen rich water (HRW) and acidic water and the other hose for strong, salt injected alkaline and acidic water.

It is safer to keep them separate to avoid people accidentally drinking the strong acidic or strong alkaline water.

Besides, both water chambers are developed for their specific purpose, one for ordinary tap water, the other one for salt injected water.

Automatic draining system

In stand-by mode water in the electrolytic cell is drained automatically. You will always have a drink of fresh water when you need it. It will expand the lifespan of the electrolytic cell because no water remains in the cell.
Descaling is necessary with every single ionizer. The harder the water, the stronger you ionize and the slower the water flows through, the more often you have to descale. A rule of thumb is to descale every two to 12 months.

Saline solution container

Provides a saline solution container for generating strong alkaline water and strong acidic water for disinfecting purposes. It is visible so that you know when to refill it.


LCD Display

  1. General operation indicator LED – LED is lit when the function is selected
  2. “Strong” indicator LED – LED is lit when the function is selected
  3. Primary filter indicator – Primary filter level indicator
  4. Secondary filter indicator – Secondary filter level indicator
  5. Selected function display – Indicate the steps of alkali / acid, and purified water
  6. Water inflow level display – Indicate the total inflowing water volume per minute

Control buttons

  • Alkaline water select button – Button to select alkaline water
  • Acidic water select button – Button to select acidic water
  • Purified water button – Button to select purified water
  • Strong alkaline water/strong acid water select button – Button to select strong alkaline water / strong acidic water
  • Melody button – Button to control the sound volume of melody which rings each time of operation (alkaline, acidic, and purified water)
  • Voice button – Button to set and save each function

Producing water through the water flow regulator

Water will be supplied by turning the water valve ON in standby mode.Pushing the alkaline water selection button, the text showing the alkaline water and stage number will flash, and the alkaline water stage will be announced.Pushing the acid water selection button, the text showing the acid water and stage number will flash, and the acid water stage will be announced.Pushing the purified water selection button, the text showing the purified water will be displayed, and oral notification “it is purified water” will be announced. Turning the water supply valve to OFF direction will stop the water supply and switch to stand-by mode.


The AquaVolta ECA Plus Water Ionizer also has these features:

  • Continuous removal of calcium: The device cleans the machine internally whenever you turn it on and you don’t even realize it. It increases the lifespan of the electrolytic cell.
  • No wait for drinking alkaline water. You can always drink alkaline water because there is no extra cleaning time.
  • No waste of water. The machine does not waste water because it is not necessary to have extra cleaning time.

  • Safety: Automatic turn-on/shut-off according to inflow of water. Alarm signal in case of low water pressure.
  • Overheating prevention and automatic hot water shut off. An alarm sounds and the ionizer is disabled in case of hot water inflow.
  • Melody: A voice indicator alerts you of your selection of alkaline, acidic or purified water. You can adjust the volume level (0-10 levels) including mute with the SET button.

Improved measured values

We have compared the performance of the two available ECA devices on the market with tap water from Munich. The Leveluk® SD 501 or other Kangen Enagic water ionizers is clearly inferior compared to the AquaVolta® ECA Tractor in all measured parameters (pH value, ORP, dissolved hydrogen) for drinking water treatment.



Leveluk® SD 501 drinking water ionizer with the lowest possible water flow and the highest electrolysis level:

  • pH: 9,45
  • ORP: -434 mV (CSE)
  • Dissolved hydrogen: 872 ppb (0,882 ppm)
The ECA mode of the Kangen Leveluk® SD 501 was not performed because it lacks a flow through indicator and the mechanical dosage pump is unreliable. It is not safe to use this mode.


AquaVolta® ECA Tractor drinking water ionizer with a flow of 1,5l/min and highest electrolysis level:

  • pH: 10,9
  • ORP: -737 mV (CSE)
  • Dissolved hydrogen: 1594 ppb (1,594 ppm)
Also in the ECA mode does the AquaVolta® ECA Tractor deliver outstanding test results with Munich tap water
  • Anolyte: pH 2,4 ORP + 1076 mV (CSE)
  • Catholyte: pH 11.8 ORP -808 mV (CSE) dissolved hydrogen: 1720 ppb (1,72 ppm)

Use of anolyte water

Disinfect dishcloths, chopping boards, knives, pots, pans, fridges and other kitchen utensils that come into contact with germs.

  • Impure skin
  • Mouthwash
  • Deodorant spray
  • Use anolyte to clean your bathroom

Disinfect meat, fish and eggs.

It is environmentally friendly for combating bacteria, viruses and fungus in foods.

Within 5 minutes is an almost complete sterility achieved. Afterwards place foods in alkaline activated water to refresh.

Use of catholyte water

  • Skin cleansing
  • Remove fatty stains
  • Oven cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly. Can be poured down the sink
  • Bath additive. If you wish to bathe in catholyte water or use as a bath additive then bathing time is strictly limited to 10 minutes


Experience and professional usage recommendations for anolyte and catholyte in farming, industry, animal breeding and livestock.pdf

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> FAQ's: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Author & Researcher




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