Dimisulf Propolis Organic | Propolis extract in a DMSO solution

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  • Perfect for skin and oral care
  • Propolis is extremely rich in organic effective substances 1 heaped measuring spoon a day is ideal for harmonic digestion
  • DMSO has the unique effect of transporting the contents of Propolis through the skin
  • Easy to dose with the included pipette
  • Content 100 ml
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Dimisulf Propolis | Organic Propolis extract in a DMSO solution

Perfect for oral and skin care. Mildly disinfecting.
The perfect marriage between a natural substance and a carrier. Propolis is a real natural product from the beehive. Propolis is extremely rich in biologically active substances. It has been used for a long time in cosmetics and even as a medicine. It helps the bees to defend themselves against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
We have thought about how to make such a high quality natural product even better.
Propolis is a solid wax. For example, to apply it to the skin, it must be dissolved in alcohol. Propolis is dissolved in alcohol for cosmetic and medical use. Not everyone likes or can do this. We have therefore found a procedure in which the alcohol is reduced to over 90%.
Almost similar to alcohol-free beer, the alcohol is largely evaporated. We then dissolve the propolis in our dimisulf. Dimisulf is DMSO of pharmaceutical grade. DMSO has the unique effect of transporting the ingredients of the propolis through the skin.

Of course we only use propolis from organic beekeeping. Our propolis comes from the European Union.
Easy to dispense with the supplied pipette. Store upright, dry and at room temperature.








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