Hydrogen Water Pitcher HB08 with SPE and PEM Technology

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  • similar to a kettle, but produces hydrogen-rich water
  • Connection to the socket (no battery operation)
  • Maximum capacity: 1.5 liters
  • produces only pure hydrogen water, the interfering oxygen and ozone are transported under the device through an SPE PEM water cell.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Manual for Hydrogen Water Pitcher Generator HB H08
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  Product Parameters Voltage DC5V/2A Power ≤10W H2... altro
Informazione prodotto "Hydrogen Water Pitcher HB08 with SPE and PEM Technology"

Product Parameters

Voltage DC5V/2A
Power ≤10W
H2 Concentration >1000ppb
ORP -450mV~-650mV
Capacity <1500ml
Size Φ137*280mm
Water required All drinkable water is acceptable
Water Temperature 0~60°C
Container Weight 480g


Hydrogen Water Pitcher | Hydrogen-water generator

Advantages of SPE and PEM

  • Distilled water, purified water, Reverse Osmosis water are all acceptable.
  • Produces pure hydrogen water without ozone and chlorine.
  • High H2 concentration and ORP
  • H2: 0.8 to 1.6ppm ORP: -450 to -650mv
  • Separates hydrogen and oxygen
  • Long working life


Product Diagram

Method of use

Fill pitcher with warm water, soak 10~30mins before first use so that the electrode can be activated for best working conditions.

  1. Fill pitcher with drinkable water, cover with the cap.
  2. Connect USB cable to power adapter and charge port located on the power supply base. Plug power adapter into wall.
  3. Put the pitcher on the power supply base to start process. The buzzer will get a “DI~~” alarm and colorful indicator light will flash. Device has started working. Process will run for 1 hour with the first 15 minutes being a strong electrolysis mode which will produce high H2 concentrated water. The last 45 minutes is a weaker electrolysis which keep H2 in the water.
  4. When the device not in use, unplug the adapter from the electric socket, or remove pitcher from power supply base


Container cleaning method

In order to prolong the device life, regular cleaning is required.

Please wipe with a soft wet cotton cloth or sponge, for deeper cleaning use a neutral detergent. Wipe and clean with water.

After long periods of use there will be some scale incrustation on the electrolytic plate. Although it is harmless to human health, it may influence hydrogen production. The hydrogen generator needs to be cleaned regularly. For methods of cleaning the electrolytic plate please refer to the instructions.


For many years it was irrefutable that activated water keeps its negative redox potential and therefore its electron abundance for just a few hours or days.
Yet when it was discovered that dissolved hydrogen is the deciding factor for the antioxidant effect was an industry developed that presses hydrogen under high pressure into multilayered water bags, where the positive qualities were able to be kept for some months. This creates big waste problems and is very expensive.

Hydrogen rich water was formerly only produced by stationary electric water ionizers. But one does also want to drink fresh activated water with dissolved molecular Hydrogen when on the go.

That is exactly what a Highdrogen® Age2 Go does.

It works with a PEM-cell that releases the excess oxygen through a tiny exhaust air hole. Result: Hydrogen Rich water

Technical description of the water cell: Proton-exchange cell (PEM) with Solid Polymer Membrane (SPE) from Nafion, made by Dupont, USA. So the membrane itself is not from Korea.


Not only through multiple production cycles in a row, (maximum 30 minutes at a time), can the achievable hydrogen content can be increased. Namely, what reduces the power of the hydrogen-water generator is the gas content of the water before production. These are mainly the atmospheric gases oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which according to Henry’s Law always dissolve in proportion to the composition of the atmosphere in the water. Put simply, these gases must first be expelled from the water so that the hydrogen in it is better saturated.

Highdrogen Age2 Go Hydrogen Generator increase hydrogen content

  1. Fill the water without the inner lid to the rim, but leave the lid open so that the air gases expelled by the hydrogen can escape.
  2. Press the action button once when the display is lit to activate the 3-minute phase (operating mode 1).
  3. After the announcement: “Generating hydrogen water completed”, screw the lid tightly shut.
  4. Press the action button twice while the display is lit to activate the 5-minute phase (operating mode 2). As the gas bubble above the water now contains almost pure H2 , more hydrogen in the water dissolves itself.

From the ORP to measuring dissolved hydrogen in activated water

Previously only the ORP was measured, to determine the antioxidant effect of activated water.

Yet this is very inaccurate and a relative value, because the ORP is influenced not only by the dissolved hydrogen, but also from the different ORPs of the different materials dissolved in the water, e.g. minerals.

After the role of hydrogen was recognised as being important, Japan produced the first pseudo-measuring-device on the market. The Trustlex ENH 1000, which wanted to differentiate a content of dissolved hydrogen with the measured ORP over an experience based conversion factor of ca. (-)2,14.
This factor was severely criticised by experts in Japan and the U.S. and Trustlex has admitted that the device does not work properly.

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