Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 | Used

Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 | Used
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Tempi di consegna circa 5 giorni lavorativi

  • 7 platinum coated titanium electrodes (135x75mm each), Total electrode area: 1417.5 cm²
  • For the production of alkaline water up to pH 10,5 and acidic water up to pH 5
  • Including the possibility of salt addition so as to produce strongly acidic,salt-containing anolyte with pH 1.5 to pH 2.5 or strongly alkaline,salt-containing catholyte with pH 11.5
  • Incl. John Guest T-piece (DVGW-tested) to permanently install the Kangen® and in addition to the plastic change-over valve ex works also a small change-over valve with pressure hose and flow control valve to adjust the flow to your water
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 264mm x 338mm x 171mm
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • We currently offer only one variant: used Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501, as we have exchanged it for an under the counter AquaVolta® Elégance water ionizer with the customer. The device is about 2 years old, but it had been only used for about 9 months
  • Original price of the Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 is approx. € 3570 incl. 19% VAT (€ 3000 net)
  • 5 year warranty on components and function
  • Currently it’s a last used Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501


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Leveluk Enagic® Kangen SD 501 Water Ionizer

The Kangen Enagic LeveLuk SD 501 is the most popular and most sold water ionizer model from Enagic®. As a flagship from the Leveluk models, it has seven titanium electrodes which are platinum coated. Yet don’t be mistaken, just because it is so well known, and is the most expensive water ionizer, it is, in fact, technology from the year 2003.


Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 | Used (about 9 months, more like new)


Kangen® Water and activated water – what is the difference?

Excerpt from the book “Karl Heinz Asenbaum: Electrically activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.”
Copyright 2016 www.euromultimedia.de

Kangen Water® is the registered brand description for activated water of the Japanese traditional company EnagicTM, existing since 2005, which is produced by an ionizer device made by this company. In Europe, for example, these devices under the description LevelukTM offered by multi level marketing companies are similar to other devices in the assembly and the electrolysis performance. The description Kangen® Water in the operating instructions is only used for activated alkaline water with a pH 8,5, pH 9, pH 9,5 and pH 11. Filtered and acidic water is not described as Kangen® Water. Kangen® Water is high quality alkaline activated water.

pH 11 water is no drinking water. Therefore “Strong Kangen® Water” (>pH 11) has a warning sign not to drink it. One can remove persistent, greasy stains with it, rinse fish, meat and vegetables with it and use it to clean the floor.

There is a special feature to the LevelukTM devices: To create “Strong Acidic Water” (Anolyte) and “Strong Kangen® Water” (Catholyte), these devices are equipped with a liquid tank which has an „Electrolysis Enhancer for producing strong Acidic Water“ made exclusively by the Enagic Osaka Factory, which upon choosing the operating level will mix the correct dosage of water to it.

This liquid electrolysis enhancer differentiates itself from a usual saline solution (NaCl) in water due to the fact that it also contains sodium hypochlorite (NaClO – hypochlorite acid or also „Eau de Labarraque“). Sodium hypochlorite is, for example, the active component of disinfecting and bleaching household cleaning agents and is also promoted as “active chlorine”.

I cannot detect a necessity for this supplement, since mixing common salt to any water ionizer through the supply pipe for salt crystals anyhow creates big amounts of hypochlorite acids in the anode chamber. Hypochlorite acid is the decisive active agent of anolyte, in terms of disinfection power of oxidative water. I presume, that hypochlorite additives in the “Electrolysis Enhancer” are especially used for the saline solution to keep it stable in a germ free condition. The small bottles also have no sell-by date.
Also industrial devices used to create anolyte work with liquid salt (Sole), since it can be dosed more accurately with a so called “Venturi-pump” compared to the addition of salt crystals, which dissolve in varying amounts and varying speeds in water.

As distinguished from industrial devices, which have an exact flow rate control of the feedwater at their disposal, the LevelukTM devices cannot regulate the water flow rate exactly, since a real-time display is missing.

So you have to guesstimate with the water tap, since the device can only be connected with the diverter faucet.

The problem can be solved with an alternative water connection, which is in exact alignment with the flow rate and therefore guarantees constant results.

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Le FAQ più importanti

Postato da Karl Heinz Asenbaum venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

Il trasferimento di idrogeno sul cibo invecchiato

Bere acqua. Eppure può anche essere evitato se si condividesse l'opinione di Heinz Erhard. Uno dovrebbe anche avere uno ionizzatore d'acqua. 

Una caratteristica importante dell'acqua attivata alcalina è il suo alto contenuto di idrogeno gassoso dH2. Con un buon ionizzatore d'acqua a flusso continuo questo ha un valore di pH di 9 e a temperatura ambiente tra 1200 e 1300 microgrammi / l. Dovresti bere quest'acqua con un valore di pH fino a 9,5, il che significa, a seconda dello ionizzatore, da 1250 a 1450 microgrammi / l. Se lo ionizzatore d'acqua può raggiungere valori di pH più elevati, ad esempio pH 11, che non deve essere bevuto a lungo termine, è possibile anche un valore dH2 di 1800 microgrammi (1,8 mg). Questo può essere utilizzato solo per il trasferimento di idrogeno ad altri alimenti. 

Poiché l'idrogeno è molto disposto a liberare i suoi elettroni, si verifica una riduzione dell'ORP, che segnala un aumento della disponibilità di elettroni.



di Karl Heinz Asenbaum martedì, 8 marzo 2016


Hermann K .: Acqua alcalina, acqua alcalina attivata, acqua ionizzata, acqua 

potabile elettroattivata, acqua elettrolitica, acqua ricca di idrogeno…. piano piano non conosco la mia strada. Quale acqua mi consigliate e che cos'è?

Domande generali | acqua

Postato da Karl Heinz Asenbaum giovedì 3 marzo 2016

Ulrich K .: Gli ionizzatori giapponesi sono generalmente molto più costosi di quelli coreani o cinesi. Stanno meglio, perché i giapponesi hanno molta più esperienza nella produzione di ionizzatori d'acqua?

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Installation altro

Installation of the Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 water ionizer


Three installation options: at the tap, on the cold water line and as an under the counter ionizer

Three different installation options are offered by the Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 and give you maximum flexibility during installation. So you will definitely find the suitable solution for your ionizer:

1. Simple: The Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 ionizer installed directly to the tap

The Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 can – like all flow through water ionizers – be installed directly to the tap. A very small and very robust diverter valve is included. Three adapters for rarer tap thread sizes are also supplied.

The supplied water flow rate regulating valve will be installed at the tap. It adjusts the water flow to the water inlet hose for the ionizer. With it you will be able to adjust the amount of water flowing.  It replaces the knobs of Dion Family or of other water ionizers with rotary knob (eg.B. Aquion 2000, Aquion 3000).

Umschaltventil Wasserhahn-Installation Adapter Wasserfilter Wasserionisierer

2. Comfortable: The Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 installed to the cold water pipe

The other way to connect the ionizer is to the fixed water mains (also often called the fixed installation).

For this purpose, a supplied> T (3/8 ‘inch screw, Fig. Right) needs to be installed after the angle valve and the cold water hose of your faucet under your sink.

From here, the direct connection can be made with a supplied 1/4 ‘hose.

To perform the (6.25mm) 1/4 ‘hose upwards to the water ionizer, a 6.5 mm hole has to be drilled with a drill.

The Kangen® Enagic® is then turned on and off via the flow regulator, which is mounted in front of the ionizer on the inlet hose.



3. Unique and visually appealing: TheKangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 as an under the counter ionizer

We can even offer you an under the counter installation for the Kangen® Enagic® Leveluk SD 501 and for other Kangen devices worldwide as well. This is not necessarily recommended as there are under the counter water ionizers designed for this purpose, but if you really want it, we will be happy to assist you with your needs.

The existing faucet will not be replaced. The additional safety faucet is installed at your sink with a 12 mm drill and houses the outlet for the alkaline activated water. The wastewater is discharged under the sink via an adapter into the existing sewage pipe. The descaling is carried out via a service pipe, which we also thought of.

Further information about the installation of a table water system can be found here.



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> FAQ's: Karl Heinz Asenbaum, Author & Researcher




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