Replacement filter No.1 EOS Genesis & EOS Revelation

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  • Filter 1 (pre-filter), durability up to 4000 liters, ca. 1.2 cents / liter filtered water
  • Contains various filter fleeces, activated charcoal, activated carbon and calcium silberbedampfte and bioceramics for optimal water preparation

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Informazione prodotto "Replacement filter No.1 EOS Genesis & EOS Revelation"

Replacement filter No.1 EOS Genesis & EOS Revelation

In the EOS Genesis and Revelation there are 2 independent filters, which manage an average of 33% more content than conventional filters that size. With this assembly the water is pre-cleaned (removal of heavy metals, pesticides and microbes), enriched for additional mineralization with calcium and then ennobled by bioceramics. This can be tasted immediately. The long filter life also allows you to save costs. 

Filter composition of the replacement filter No.1 EOS Genesis & EOS Revelation

6 stage multi-stage filter (sediment filters, polypropylene membrane, antibacterial high-performance activated carbon granules of new coal (no charcoal Regenerate) filter fleeces. The materials provide a uniform, permanent filtration and removal of chlorine and organic substances such as drug residues, hormones, pesticides, and toxic heavy metals.

Filter capacity: 4,000 liters or 6 months in operation (DIN standard)



The device already comes with a standard filter already built in. A replacement filter is only needed after the supplied filter is used up.
To save shipping costs, we recommend ordering replacement filters when you buy the water ionizer.

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