Kangen Enagic® SD 501 from Leveluk is now optimized


Leveluk Enagic® Kangen SD 501 Water Ionizer

The Kangen Enagic LeveLuk SD 501 is the most popular and most sold water ionizer model from Enagic®. As a flagship from the Leveluk models, it has seven titanium electrodes which are platinum coated. Yet don’t be mistaken, just because it is so well known, and is the most expensive water ionizer, it is, in fact, technology from the year 2003.

In our opinion we can honestly admit that the Kangen SD 501 water ionizer is overpriced. We would like to offer you the possibility of testing our 2 used Kangen Enagic Leveluk SD 501 water ionizers. Such a device can be tested for 2 weeks for free to help you reach a decision. In our opinion is the Kangen Enagic quite dated and not very user friendly. It can only be installed to the tap and the Kangen Enagic does not have a flow rate display, like almost all modern water ionizers. …continue reading on the German website

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