Lecture Dr. Robert Young in Munich

Over the past three decades, Dr. Robert O. Young has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the World in nutritional microbiology, hematology, cancer and diabetes research and non-invasive nutritional treatment protocols.

Dr. Young is the author of numerous articles (Herbal Nutrition 1988) and author and co-author of many health and nutritional books including: Herbal Nutritional Medications (1988), One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment (1992), Sick and Tired (Woodland Publishing, 1995), Back to the House of Health (Woodland Publishing, 1999), The pH Miracle (Warner Books, 2002), The pH Miracle for Diabetes, (Warner Books,2003), Back to the House of Health Books 1 and 2, (Woodland Books, 2003), The pH Miracle for Weight Loss (Warner Books, 2004), The pH Miracle revised and updated book 2 (Hachett Books 2010), The Cure for Type I and Type II Diabetes (Hikari Media 2013), Reverse Cancer Now (Hikari Media, 2014), The pH Miracle for Cancer (Hachett Books 2015) and The pH Miracle for Heart Disease.

Lecture Dr. Robert Young | MSc., D.Sc., Ph.D. and Author

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