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"Service Manual man" by Karlheinz Asenbaum and Dr. med.
Walter Irlacher

We have in this category mainly produces videos for you and delivered to you.
The main work on the subject is the human service manual, which represent the two authors us for a short time free to spread available.
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The most important videos are listed as follows with a direct link to the respective page:

  1. Lecture Karlheinz Asenbaum about the history and backgrounds alkaline water and water ionizer

Thats it for now. We’ll add more later on.

After you have seen these two lectures, you should have accumulated enough knowledge and safety.
For more videos about the latest research by Karl Heinz Asenbaum follow later this winter.

To go even deeper, it really is advisable to request Ebook as PDF “Service Manual man” and also to read.