Philosophy of Electro-Activated Alkaline water | 2015 Christmas Special from Dubai


So far this is our best video!

Karl Heinz Asenbaum is the author of 4 German books about reduced water: “Service Manual Human”, “Drink yourself basic”, “Basic active water of A-Z”, “Electroactivated water – an invention with extraordinary potential” he comes to the conclusion, that alkaline activated water is going to become a revolution of the drinking culture.

Both Karl Heinz Asenbaum and Yasin Akgün were in Dubai over Christmas for work and to continue establishing Aquacentrum Middle East. This video is a Christmas Speech, a true message on the philosophy of the new, up and coming, drinking culture and the benefits of alkaline activated water.

We hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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Yasin Akgün, of Turkish origin, was born in Munich on 22 May 1977. After completing his high school diploma he completed his studies of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich. Since 2006, he is the proud owner of the Munich watering place, which was in the inner courtyard of Fraunhoferstr. 13 from 1987 until 2018.
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