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Update 2023 on hydrogen inhalation by Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Hydrogen therapy with H2 inhalation – an experience report (audio book)

There is no such thing as too much. Hydrogen that is not needed is excreted a few minutes after ingestion, primarily through breathing. A key difference between inhaling and drinking hydrogen water is the different routes of absorption.

Here is one great experience report about H2 inhalation from TinaHappy.de

When you drink, most of the hydrogen is transported into the body along with the water from the small intestine via blood and interstitial fluid. During this process, the lungs are at the end of the hydrogen cycle through the body and excrete the hydrogen that was not used along the way through exhalation.

When inhaling, the nasal cavity with the olfactory nerve and its direct connection to the brain is at the beginning of the hydrogen cycle. The bronchial passage is just as important before the blood absorbs the hydrogen and passes it on primarily to the liver, heart and brain.

Both methods of hydrogen absorption complement each other ideally.

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