Hydrogen Rich Water

Aquacentrum Blue 700® | Hydrogen Water Maker (HRW)

Electrolytic drinking water device with hydrogen and oxygen, plus a silicon ceramic filter. This is our bestseller when it comes to portable devices.

This water treatment technology was first described in Germany in the 1930’s (Electrolyte water Hydropuryl N) and is continually developed since the 1980’s.

In particular, since 2007 is the healing capacity of dissolved hydrogen investigated and the water treatment industry turned to increasingly developing cost effective devices to make hydrogen rich water available to everyone.

And now we have the pleasure of offering you easy to use devices that fir into your pocket or handbag.

In our point of view, the best one of all is the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster. See the measurement-video, it reaches up to 5400 ppb molecular hydrogen content, but you need to ionize 60 Minutes for that. Usually 20 minutes is enough, to get a very soft water.

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