Industrial Water Ionizers (ECA)

You want to have, for example disinfecting as well as drinking water in your company?

From your tap water we are able to produce a water for you that is tailor measured to your specific demands.

And that with 40 Liters/Hour with the smallest ECA system and 4000 Liters/Hour with the biggest, industrial ionizer.

The produced concentrate is typically mixed at a ratio of 1:500 or 1:1000 to the prepared water.

Like this you can produce on site this “high performance disinfectant” with just water, table salt or natural salt and a direct current.

An English summary about acidic and neutral anolyte you will find here. It is information I have compiled from the CEO of Envirolyte, Valeri Iltsenko.

The following interview with Valeri Iltsenko in this video is very informative.

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